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Thumbnail Credit!

0:00​ INTRO
0:38 When a man loves (first game)
8:13 loves a women (second game)
14:56 jk we have no gf (third game)


  1. P-47 the best plane at any BR xd

  2. Phly I’m 453 tank RB leaderboards under 213K. What’s yours you heretic? Sorry been playin a lot of halo master chief collection.

  3. phly just saying u can machine gun the side of a hetzer
    it only has 20mm of armor there
    and even though it is slightly angled it isnt enough and 50cals will go through

  4. These rounds with Odd Benny are epic and hilarious. The McDonalds Drive thru had me rollin 🤣 maybe one day I’ll see one of y’all in a match.

  5. Doctor MicroCraft

    11:53 “scrambush” New word invented

  6. Day-122: Please play the he-112 a-0 CAS

  7. “I’m gonna get you in my second life!!”

  8. Phly u haven’t phlown the B6/R3 in tank RB at all :c

  9. The Adrenaline Shocker

    Oh okay, T30 developed the:
    Crotch GUN!!!

  10. Thank you so much

  11. Piotrek Szczepanski

    saw a t30 and flanked him in my KT. my shot to his hull side ricocheted…

  12. Why did I get an ad for Vietnamese herbal medicine????

  13. Practically Prinz

    I just started singing the same song Benny started at the exact time. Creepy.. 🤣

  14. So rocket vehicles like the calliope got rocker sights….I wanna see the calliope murder things again

  15. ‘Its like drive thru in McDonald’s’ Me wishing i could see that at my McDonald’s.

  16. Type 75 when?

  17. 14:20 the LVT still alive lul

  18. How do I even play t34 without always getting one shotted

  19. T30 HE, now that is big brain play.

  20. Phly… my friend… it isn’t “kApAlLa”… it’s coo-puh-la…

  21. Lol when a man loves

  22. Marius Catalin Popescu

    Good job phly u ruined another BR with this video.

  23. phly doesn’t know how to use mgs apparently.

  24. PhlyDaily discord when

  25. Random question but can u upload a video about enlisted. It just became free and I’d love to see you make a video on it.

  26. Benny is like Bomb magnet.
    press F for benny

  27. Is this the T-30 family?

  28. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 240 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 centuaro) that would be awesome. I’m seriously getting tired of this crap, just read the comment section. I’m stopping at 250, I’ve been at this for over a year of my

  29. Wow I’ve just been clickbaited not bad

  30. 10:25 S M A R T I L L A R Y

  31. did anyone else see the video titles in the play bar?

    When a man loves (Phirst game)
    Loves a woman (second game)
    JK we have no GF (third game)

    haha Phly

  32. I’m gonna have to ask you to play the Type 79 MLRV for Fun acquirement.

  33. This new HE mechanic actually feels like a real tank battle… One shot one kill! If u shot a tank with 155 HE verry little chance that anybody survives that inside the tank!

  34. Uwu Phly daddy please play the f82 with gunpods OwO attempt #1

  35. Thomas, The Chaos Train

    I played against TotallyLegitBTW yesterday. He oblitered us

    (for my defense, i will say that i’ve been gaijined one time, and i was playing italians at 1.7 in a 2.3 game)

  36. Day 47: Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  37. M6A2E1 90mm in Warthunder when?

  38. Day 1005: fly the zero again ok.

  39. The Camembert2guerre

    Play le ” mars 15 “

  40. So when does the T30E1 get added? It was an auto-loaded variant of the T30.

  41. All these high explosive tanks can go suck a sturmpanzer

  42. wtf is that thumbnail

    can i have it?

  43. Play Chi Ha Short Gun to nuke someone every 10 seconds

  44. 8:10
    I don’t think they are very happy with you.

  45. Nothing like watching your two favorite youtubers play with the big boys.

  46. I love when you Benny and Odd all play together!

  47. 25:31 When i was 7 years old (which was a very long time ago. I’m actually older than Phly) I said the same thing when my dad told me that tatooine was tunisia…. “why the fuck was luke skywalker in tunisia?”

  48. Day 1 of telling Phly, that his daily uploads are appreciated

  49. Day 66:
    Hey Phly! You should do a public lobby with Phriends and Phans where each team has one VTOL plane, and the rest of the planes are reserve tier I planes. The objective would be to land the VTOL plane in a cap zone (you would use a tank map with a plane spawn-point), and successfully run down the tickets of the other team. Each team’s tier 1 planes need to protect the VTOL at any cost. There should probably be a 30 second delay phor the VTOLs to take off because SPEED, but, do what ya want. Hope it’s PHUN!

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