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  1. politically inaccurate toaster

    I saw a post with you on reddit recording this, it was from a fan

  2. The T series of American tanks. What a pain to deal with, making destroying them even more satisfying

  3. You do realize you spawned another Phly right?

  4. Hi, dad.

  5. I missed the chance to get this tank. I wanted it. I loved it in WOT.

  6. hi daddy

  7. Makes me a happy viewer hearing how happy you are about your kid phly. Been a fun ride so far. Thank you for all you do

  8. Alexandru Popescu

    Repeat after me: There is no such thing as an overkill

  9. 4:11 that’s cause Jesus Christ is my

  10. Banks phairchild

  11. 3:15 never forget maths.. Minus and Minus is plus!!! Slow rld and slow rld = autoloader

  12. My heartiest congratulations to you Phly on the birth of your child. Enjoy every minute…they grow up too fast. My oldest daughter I swear came home from the hospital after being born last week. She just got her driver’s license this week.

  13. Face reveal? ???

  14. I’ve listened to you once a day every day for years.

  15. hey that tiger was me

  16. Siegethebattlefield 3

    Is hull break and over pressure in realistic (mode) cause never seen it in Arcade

  17. That tiger missed your nipple… a nipple shot at that range would have been instantly kill

  18. I wonder where they got the overpressure idea…i bet wikipedia or smth. If it were a thing why all the tanks are not 1-shotted irl like in this game??

    • Local drug seller

      My man tanks that get hit by 155mm high explosive shells do get 1 shotted. An ISU-152 HE shell has enough power to knock over a tiger 1. People downplay how strong explosives are.

  19. 10:44 “Put the round in the chamber!!”

  20. metric pls^^

  21. I swear the atgm machines are awful. Sturm, krizetama, raktenjadgd and IT-1 are all horrible offenders of this

  22. My Gf broke up with me

  23. SvenandBex Ericksen

    Sounds like someone has been practicing their lullaby singing voice 😌

  24. Day 55 Play the IS-2 with He

  25. You said that to your wife aswell, that your good at puttings things in a hole? 🤣

  26. Stop taking out one tank and leaving after one death

  27. at 0:27 nah fam shooting a L3/33 CC with he by a kv2 now thats overkill xD

  28. Banks is measured in explosive mass

  29. sup daddy

  30. HE Soviet gameplay is the only fun I have left in War Thunder.

  31. DatBoi TheGudBIAS

    phly discovered wat i suffer every day with usa tree by watching celebrant, lukly i perform much better in ussr

  32. DatBoi TheGudBIAS

    poor phly, target of a me 262

  33. Average Tiger H1 Enjoyer

    How Phly is gonna explain reproduction to his son: “Humans are really good on stickin’ things in holes”.

  34. Hallo Phly

    how to get the tank ?

  35. thats why its so manny of us XD haha

  36. nice and red hahah

  37. Day 229: Play the J7E or the Q-5A

  38. Second try: is It BANKS or BENKS? I really don’t know…

  39. What’s a good plane to run with that tank I’m starting to get into tanks after 6 or 7 years of playing and don’t know much about ground RB

  40. PhlyDaily 2021: humans are very good at sticking things into holes


  41. video idea how about let your baby choose what u do in warthunder 🙂

  42. I hope there’ll be another opportunity to get this tank

  43. Thanks for the update, Poppa

  44. 18:40 I cackled

  45. 7:50 “27 seconds is a little bit too long”
    meanwhile players that don’t have lvl 150 crew with 60 second repair times: bruh

  46. Phly I had a little girl 2 months ago, she was 10.1lbs! Super tall. All the best to you and your family, exciting times.

  47. AVRE laughs at the wimpy explosive mass of your puny HE shell

  48. Day 3 of asking Phly to do Wellington barrel nuke

  49. Hope u have a great time as a father phly

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