THE AMERICAN SLUGGER – Loving The Unloved #2 (War Thunder Tanks)

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THE AMERICAN SLUGGER – Loving The Unloved #2 (War Thunder Tanks)


  1. Transport fever

  2. Take out the M4 Sherman

  3. Love you

  4. hey phly can you play the game Birds Of Steel if you have an xbox 360. it’s made by gajin just like war thunder and be great phisics. it’s basically war thunder for consel. minus tanks. and it still has multiplayer. please consider playing this game. also it may be a great new please play the game.Birds Of Steel.

  5. Mum, PhlyDaily won’t play the Ro-Go tell him he has to..

  6. Does anyone else hate the massive inaccuracy which is the OP rockets? It’s kept me off the game for a while now…

  7. You should play the M41A1 Walker Bulldog

  8. That gun is BEASTLY


  10. De Pizza Planes are coming

  11. Play the ru 251 and the ju 87 r-2 in battle rating 8 and if your gud like me you can kill a jet with a 1000 LB bomb in air

  12. Francesco Salem

    Love you man, keep it up!

  13. try the KV-85

  14. Congrats on the house Phly!!!

  15. British ATGM PLEASE

  16. you should play the Leopard 2A6HEL

  17. MaNiPuLaTedFuZe

    Loving the Unloved; in fact the hated:
    Take out the T25 and the F6F-5N for support.

    Good luck… You’ll need it.

    Attempt #1.

    Also I’ve checked and I’m pretty sure the M36 GMC was nicknamed the “Jackson”.

  18. Seamangifted Jr.

    Fridge tank with a toothpick! “Kv 2 zis 6”

  19. Hoe bout de su100y nerval veshel goounn????? ??, please?

  20. jap reserve with r2y2 ?

  21. can you play the panzerbefehlswagen 6 P? almost nobody plays it

  22. hay phly were are you from what country

  23. Richard Goodall

    That photo of the Estate Agents was rude, offensive inventive, libellous and just what I would expect from a 20 something man with a video game obsession. And why buy your own house?. The snuggle den at your moms house is just fine.

  24. T-34-57 mod 43?

  25. phly italian planes are comeing watch slick bee video

  26. Stickmanwithamoustache Withoutasurname

    For loving the unloved how about the Ju88 C-6?

  27. How about almost all of the Japanese GF tree?

  28. and this is why I hate APHE shells
    they’re modelled incorrect

  29. Play il-2 sturmovik bos in VR, get your cheeto cover d mouse off the table 😉
    upvotes for this awsome sim Boys, horrido!

  30. Play the churchill III whit your favorit plane

  31. RTB5 is coming close to 2 years

  32. show us some actual skill and play the carnarven or centurion mk1-3,all this point and click explosive kills are boring,show us some solid shot kills with a tank with no armour

  33. reinanda chrysilla

    Aye, You are the best man.

  34. The Fighter Royal

    Phly i’d never seen on your channel Chariotter mk VII gameplay. Maybe you can make video about it?

  35. Loving the unloved: T-50 Russian light tank

  36. “Now i am going to play serius” (bad english sorry) he and that su are having a stardown

  37. Oh Phly you r getting so sentimental XD

  38. can u play airport madness

  39. Yo phly can you do a house tour when you are ready?

  40. Type 3 Chi-Nu 2, yep the premium Chi-Nu.
    Possibly on of the best tanks in game since it had it’s BR lowered one of the best guns in game.

  41. Brett Laufenberg

    phly take out the mighty Tiger I

  42. you should play ARMOR CLASH 2

  43. less talking more gameplay please!!!!!!

  44. angel assassin14

    j7w1 very rare aircraft

  45. weird combo the maus and the ho 229

  46. PhlyDaily, do the American M-10

  47. or the M8

  48. Loving the Unloved #3: Neubaufahrzeug! The German multiple turret beast!

  49. Elemental Sheep


  50. you haven’t played The heavy tank no.6 japanese tiger tank

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