The AMX 30B Has 3800 DPM – Is it Worth it?

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  1. 00:14 “tier 8 medium” lol ily lemmingrush!

  2. I wonder if I should stick with the Tier 9 AMX30, as it seems better tier for tier? Used to love it as a sniper, still enjoy it now, but I dont see a huge improvement from 30 to 30B? Anyone please call me wrong…

    • vonblunder honestly, i got it like half a year before the buffs. Hated it so much I rage sold the thing.
      After the buffs I decided to buy it again. I dont feel the armor buff, occasional bounce here and there but mostly cheese. But the gun now. It was missing like hell before. It was like very accurate gun before, leopard copy. I’ll give it I have better crew now but gun now sings whole different song. I can work with 248 pen, load heat only for overbuffed superheavies.
      I have to say, I enjoy it much more after the buffs

    • i have the amx 30b, it has better dpm and reload than the tier 9, Nebojsa must not know how to use the armor effectively because i bounce a lot of rounds usually unless it has very high pen or heat rounds, you just have to keep moving and hide the hatch on top, fyi i love my 30b to death
      edit: i did not have it before the changes though so i dont know what it was like before

    • vonblunder amx 30 does well in its tier but once u get the 30b you often just get all tier x battles, and u spamming gold bcuz 248 pen lul. Meanwhile amx 30 often gets top tier or has to deal with just 3 tier x tanks.
      30b is godly tho if u spam gold 390 alpha 6.17 reload!(bia, coffee) Very mobile as well

    • unlocked the 30B over more than a year but didnt buy it for the same reason that there is no much improvement over the tier 9. and bnow after they reworked it, the penetration reduction was a deal breaker for me, i cant spam heat and 248 is garbage (less 2 pen than lS-7 that i no longer play).
      armor is nothing anyways, because tier tens got enough pen and 8-9 load gold, so the pen is the most important for me.

    • 30b is realy shitty tank now. u miss soooo many shots.. even fully aimed .. and with that paper fully aim means losing hp many times. even when u hit u never can be sure u gona pen. so best option is to snap on close range hiding all the time.
      imo if u get almost all other X meds u can buy axm30b .. other way .. i cant see any reason to do that. (even ob430 is better with his accuracy cause he has armor!)

  3. Wargaming ruined this tank to support their gold spam addiction.

  4. No snap shot on the gunner?

  5. that’s more of a realistic game play of 30b, when doing 6.6k damage ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. AHHHH THIS is why you were in a match with me and not streaming 😛 was wondering why u were playing 30B as well. good games man.

  7. 16:50 this is a great example of playing to your team I see people whining all the time about how the team didn’t support them or whatever if you’ve been playing this game any amount of time you should realize that you have to play to your team because they won’t play to you

  8. I like how you avoided last second to say ”buffed” and said changes XD Sold it for a reason 😮

  9. if you played anything other than mediums, you would know that the tortoise has the highest dpm in the game

  10. Have you considered doing E50M guide or review or something that? This was a good video, so hoping I can see a similar overview of a tank I want to get

  11. French players: “hue hue hue”

  12. How do you think this compares to the STB-1? I’ve heard many people say it replaces it. Would you recommend this over the STB-1?

  13. Existancial Goberts

    I played against him today while he was driving in this tank. my take is lemming is just good

  14. Remember, always use 1 female and the rest are male crew or 1 male and the rest are female crew for better RNG. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  15. I call this tank the “juxtapatton.” It’s the polar opposite of the Patton, seemingly good on paper but awful in play.

  16. Not even twenty seconds in and you call it a tier 8 medium.

  17. “requires heat spam””reliance on heat spam” i have this tank, it is in fact my first tier 10, i have never shot a gold round out of it and just did a 6k damage game carry today, love the vids lemming but sometimes the viewpoint from a unicum is hilariously different from mine

  18. Lemming played the same maps and used the same spots as in his last 30b review. some mad deja vu

  19. Good stuff LR, but… people with tier 10 tanks have lots of experience and thus you might find a bigger audience if you offered some tutorials for the lower tiers? Newbies are the ones who could really use some help. Maybe you could have a special channel for them.

  20. Gotta love the Cent AX for its ammo capacity, running 30-30-8 just because I can. Barely ever even need to dig into those heat rounds anyway unless enemy team is filled with the super heavies. And the gun is way better in almost every way in Cent AX, sure AMX is better brawler with dpm advantage and smaller profile but heyhoo, just my opinion. With cover both tanks work great.

    • 30-30-8?! What heresy is that?! You’re supposed to load full HESH and go wild with it:P

    • Gökalp Otlu 30 APCR, 30 HEAT and 8 HESH, regular order. I’d prolly load more HESH if it was premium ammo, but since its only 105mm pen on it its very situational, just great to have if you can flank TD’s or take shots into other mediums asses or just shoot Grille 15’s or something.

      The HESH meme works with Cent 7/1 as it has premium HESH with 210mm pen lol.

    • i was trying to be funny. sry if i wasted your time

    • Gökalp Otlu I did read your comment bit wrong/didn’t think all at first I admit that xD. I don’t know whay I tought you asked which ammo is which and forgot the HESH part while writing my answer lol. Early mornings ain’t my thing.

  21. 5:28 lemming you dont need to spend the gold to prove your point, there is a compare feature in the game so you can simulate any equip/crew skill you want…

  22. so as first french tier 10 better to go this or batchat?

    on a different note you streamed the other day right? how come its not up as a video as only saw it as i was going off 🙁

  23. 2:31 so…Lemming is saying the tank is driven by…ammo?

  24. excellent analysis again. thank u

  25. would you prefer this over an stb-1?

  26. He’s not kidding about it taking skill to miss the 30b’s cupola, by the way. I took a snapshot at one with a derp T49 with the sight actually above the turret, and watched in utter disbelief as the shell went screaming straight into the commander’s hatch for over 1k damage. Do not trust it to bounce anything at close range.

  27. Why don’t you use smooth ride or snap shot…?

  28. WAITWhat happened to selling that thing
    I thought it was a good idea
    I did it cause I got the Patton and was like “why is this tank in my garage” so I sold the 30b and kept the amx 30 prot

  29. Well, i was disappointed that u didnt sell it at the end

  30. i miss the old 30b. hate these changes.

  31. I own a T62A, an M48 and an STB1…working on to get the E50M and the Obj 140…next to those tanks the Cent AX and AMX30B are like jack of all trades…meaning they are crap. The Cent AX is crap, I tried it.

  32. How did you get that camo?

  33. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    Surprise surprise, of course when you take 20mm of pen, 400 mps shell speed and .05 accuracy away from a tank and give it some “on paper” DPM, it is not a DPM buff. The tank needed some love, instead it got raped. And people be like “yo why do you play Weak 50, soo low DPM”. Ditched the 30B line the moment they announced the… let’s politely call it a “rework”.

  34. Welcome to World of Med Tanks. Heavies don’t mean shit. If you don’t play a Russian Med you don’t mean shit.

  35. This is super lucky, spent most of HEAT, nearly die and still make credit 🙁

  36. >penetration can low roll to 190 with -25% rng
    batchat rolls 194 , huge difference

  37. Holly smokes: that was brutal. Nice position and well played.

  38. I like how both games ended with you beeing shot in the ass by a team mate and bouncing both shots. 😀
    Good video lemming.
    I really wanted to get the 30b back in the day but stopped playing. Planning to come back now but kinda sad how they now made it kinda play out like the stb when it came out. both have like some turret armor that cant be relied on and the guns are just sooo derpy despite their stats. Way to ruin fun tanks. This whole accuracy thing where you hit so many derp gun shots on the move but cant hit shots from a statisticly accurate gun, is just frustrating. Dont get why they still havent adressed it. Especially with those hidden traverse stats etc.

  39. AMX 30 and 30B are soooo fucking GOOD! Yet nobody plays them…
    I wonder why

  40. 121 and wz-120 review next?

  41. Have not done scientific (lol) research, but I have feeling that now days gold ammo is more accurate than normal ammo. At least playing 103B to get 260 td mission where u have to kill tanks without being spotted and kill tanks outside 300m I have feeling that my normal ammo miss 25% more than gold ammo. Sure it can be, that I’m cheap (right word?) like Scrooge McDonald and I aim more carefully because gold ammo is so expensive. But yesterday I kept missing several shots and when I change to gold all ammo hitting / going where I aim. Sure not always penning, but that hey what can u do when u shoot to well angled Maus side.

    But I have the AMX30b and I love it. Well I love all tanks which are nimble and can move with ease, like lights (33% of my 27k games). Good video again and I agree totally what u told on the video. AMX not being excellent, but good and u have to know what u are doing with it. Sure it brakes a lot, but now days all tanks brake a lot more since they introduced re-useable (is that even English word?) repair packs and medkits. (All conspiracy theories going on my tinfoilhat what WG has done to get more money. 🙂 )

  42. HitlerSaurus Christ

    Since the 30B gets set on fire a lot, what would your opinion be for getting preventive maintenance?
    (i.e replace Camo for it)

  43. >still laughing with my 4000 dpm on my su152 on console. No idea if that last gun was reworked…

    But still, 390 alpha in under 6 seconds at tier vii is very balanced

    • Colonizer-Chan Slow, bad armour, worse pen tier for tier, bad aiming time, bad accuracy, bad shell velocity, and no turret.

  44. Pretty similar to your TD (Grille 15) video 😉
    Naaah, very good vid, thanks Lemming.

  45. If you have everything in game (and god nows how with a real life) it’s a good tank,but you will have to spam a lot of gold and run food…facepalm… Edit Forgot to tell it burns like a crisp if damaged anywhere!

  46. AMX30b before ‘buff’: fast, paper with v.good gun and great accuracy ( that tank hit and pen so many, many, many snap shots before changes..)

    AMX30B after ‘buff’: fast, paper with same weak hatch, low pen, terrible accuracy.

    It never was easy tank.. now its crap ..

    OK – Leming u can do awesome games with it, but u probably can do it even if bike with a golden shovel instead of gun was available in the game.

    But the real qeustion is: Why try to play a shitty tank to prove that you can, if you can play good one, not counting on luck as much as u have to with tanks like that amx ?
    (hard version: 1. how many 30b did we see on battlefield in Gambit oper ? 2. seeing amx as an opponent do you rate it is as a difficult target? 😉 )

    • ok maybe that about gambit is stupid.. but when we se 30b as enemy – easy peasy ….

    • maly xx
      Unless you are in a 907/430 or a stb1 he will eat you alive in close range and now you can actually bounce off its turret.
      It’s a dpm machine but you need to put it in a position to use the dpm, that’s it.
      It’s very similar to the stb1 post-rework.

  47. Did u mean to edit out 18:10

  48. Brawling close range tank, don’t try to snip with this thing, you will get frustrated 😀 I have the AMX30 and I didn’t buy the 30B because of the gun is too potato, I played it again after the buff, but it’s doesn’t change a lot, because you don’t have always the opportunity to brawl each map, and snip is so frustrating when you need it…

  49. E50m. Brawler please ?

  50. Please do the Leopard Prototype and Leopard, Lemming they seem hard to play due to the lack of Armor, they also have slow aim time

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