The AMX 30B – The Forgotten Tier 10 Medium Tank

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. I love the 30B

  2. I wish the shell velocity and penetration wasn’t nerfed on that tank.

  3. cupola kill it i rember playing super pershing on hill against 30b he cant poke cupola kill it

  4. Senpai has uploaded again! Yaass

  5. What about the Chinese meds?


    Obj 430 russki bias

  6. When are we getting a cleavage cam lemming?

  7. Kristupas Gudžiauskas

    STB-1 is way more forgoten then 30b

    • Anything that isn’t soviet has been forgotten the past year or two, ever heard of the 121? No? Me neither

    • I play the Stb-1 and people have no idea it has 10° and a semi good turret, my medium jap wnr8 is shit but have a 63% on the Stb1

      I try hard on it though, please dont think it’s better than a 140 or a progetto

    • Tryand 121 was unique with 440 alpha,but guess what? They release a RUSSIAN medium with 440 alpha,better armor and somewhat better mobility. 121 is worthless to play nowadays

    • Mihael Miličević

      Kristupas Gudžiauskas No not rly 30B and Leo are memes at this point, STB is getting there…

    • Mihael Miličević

      Tryand Also not rly, AX is still good and played, M48 is just better version of AX is played a lot and it’s best t10 med next to the 430u imo. I also see a lot of TVP’s and BC’s driving around. Soon as tanks become top of the tree people will play them cuz then t8, 9 and 10 are cheaper soo u need to grind way less money in prem. T8 tanks. And we all knows how fun is that xD 😛

  8. Hobo Loves the 30B, and live game play could be live streaming :), but you forgot how to stream we know….

  9. Hello Mr. Rush ; )

  10. 300mm of heat pen is why this tank sucks, unicums can’t load heat and pen everything. this tank compared to the T-10 though, the T-10 has better pen on both standard and heat, the AMX30b is faster. I’ve often thought that the T-10 is better than the 30B, a little slower, but better turret, gun, and armor. if they were to increase speed and dpm on the T-10 it might as well be a tier 10 medium.

  11. someday when I get good, I too will make videos showing ‘smart play’ when I’m in a battle where a unicum toon slaughters a whole flank solo.. and I pick up the scraps on the enemy flank…

    • If you mean the Conq toon on Serene…you are way off. Nothing unicum about that bunch. They did go full retard and slaughtered the flank, but that’s another story.

  12. please do us all a favor.  install xvm, but turn off the player stats.  IT WOULD BE SO USEFUL TO SEE THE TEAM HEALTH BAR AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN.

  13. Forgotten tank? Hell i forget WoT itself exist sometimes:D

  14. AMX30B is very team dependent. Hard to carry with it.

  15. Not as forgotten as us by lemming ???

  16. Christiano filice

    Well I’m going to stop going for the AMX 30 B

  17. buff the gun stats, more armour on cupola…. …. i mean c’mon….. that tank is a cool looking one( at least for me)

  18. Love your work bro, keep up the good work!

  19. As usual very impressive great job. Keep up the great videos love watching you romplestomp people.

    • Tanking Trucker meanwhile i click your profile and i see arty videos.. lmao cunt got salty at Lemming’s commentary about arty’s in the vid

  20. This and the STB-1 are my favourite looking tanks in the game. Shame they both suck so hard. Criminal.
    But I think they will rise again one day. *crosses fingers*

  21. I love the live gameplay

  22. Slightly random question here. I understand that XVM is an abusive mod and can give unfair/annoying advantages, but why not use it if others will anyways?

  23. Not going to buy the 30B Love the thirty. Tier 9 is just fine.

  24. “Arty players can be stereotypically….” You can say potato’s. It’s okay. Lmao. I play Arty and I don’t go for lightly armored tanks but that’s bc I like to win, not derp trying to get one shots and lose. *Clenches for incoming arty*

  25. Why is it considered bad? I like it very much. STB-1 also.

  26. “modern” MBTs have no place in wot because of the mechanics

  27. here comes the burn on my only tier 10 😛

  28. Sergej Stevanovic

    Show some love for Leopard 1 :d

  29. @LemminRush how about the tier 9? That’s a reasonably good tank (tier for tier), right? Or should I go the Batchat route?

  30. Arty is the worst shit in this game. Unbelievable how they ruin the game. Fapping to gay midget porn from the corner of the map, ruining everyone’s game who actually press the W key.

  31. “If you are an agressive player like me” lol

  32. Mahauo got reckt by fame

  33. 10:55 “They send a … there” every time some one says this I have to giggle a bit. As if the enemy team used the 30 seconds to discuss where everyone goes.

    I really like the concept of the AMX and Leopard at tier 10. Would be my favourite tanks to play in. Unfortunate, WG decided to kill these tanks so…
    But and that is the important part. When these tanks where good and where able to play with the meta, the players cried for more amour, because ‘muh amour doesn’t matter’ and every Joe Average cried about how the good players dominated the battlefields.
    Problem is WG listened and did what they always do. Go for something nobody asked for…

  34. watch the situation means camping i guess

  35. I’d say 121 is forgotten I saw only 1 past two months

  36. What should I get stg or the mutz

  37. It's not what you think

    I feel like the worst part about this game is the shit playerbase. Not shit as in toxic, I mean shit as in a bunch of old guys that are so bad at the game that it makes most people not want to play.

  38. I came back to this game after a year and there’s no fv 183 on the tech tree and there’s a badger like wtf??

  39. Jesper Askov Møller Petersen

    Think the REAL forgotten and much older in the game tank is the Leopard 1. Who plays that one anymore? At least give it the A2 Turret with spaced armour…please

  40. 30b needs work in WoT. A lot of the French tanks do.

    War Thunder is where the French tanks are actually fun. Things like the 30B are awesome in War Thunder because of the dual 20mms complimenting the main gun. Something I doubt will ever be seen in WoT.

  41. Hey Lemming, how about you give you us live gameplay on YouTube by streaming? Again

    Nudge nudge wink wink :^)

  42. The “buff” they gave this tank made it so bad. Like waaay less accuracy and a slightly more troll gun mantlet, with way less pen and shell velocity. Ok so now it can’t snipe… but it’s still a 30b… so it’s shit at all ranges basically. At long range the effective dpm got a huge nerf, so you have to be aggressive and close to use it. Like the 30b is literally just good against iso’d players. Tbh pre “buff” 30b was way better. Effective long range dpm to snipe, with the stupid shell velocity and accuracy made this tank what it was

  43. On console I’m sticking to the AMX 30 proto. Not even going to bother with the tier 10.

  44. The forgotten tank and tanker will be forgotten no more

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