The AMX CDC Is A Very Good Buy At 7500 Gold — If You’re a “Good Player”

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. I remember this game on the stream, you literally said at the time this was going in your review, and here it is…

  2. i have the cdc and 1 marker. its not the tank where i iam th best in it butt i like it and have fun in it shome times iam 2 agresiff and some times 2 poesy xD. but i dont care i like the tank . nice video please do a bc 25t gg and go one 😀

  3. CDC is great, my setup is very close but I always get screwed over by RNG in the worst and best moments so I can’t pull stuff like this.

  4. nice vid as usual lemming….. is Battle-of-glory just EU?

  5. And wow that was Thunder at 5:49 ?

  6. I watched that whole 3 minute kia commercial for you lemming

  7. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    I’m exceptionally good in the CDC and even I wouldn’t recommend this to good players. Reason is that it’s just not exactly very fun to play for dozens of games like a Skorp with 490 alpha, the comfortable turret and gun of a Patriot, a Chrysler etc.

  8. Is it just me or do LR and Neebs sound exactly the same when they’re advertising something?

    (Neebs from Doraleous and associates)

  9. so thats where our thunder went to. had plenty of Lightning not so much thunder. Supprised you get a storm like that up there honestly.

  10. Christopher Estes

    Hey LR, i was the Caer Caer :/ ign: Vidicus NA server.
    I should not have left that ditch. that is all.

  11. I heard Kim Jong Un has a 100% win rate, infinite WN8, and gets 1 kill per battle; 15 enemies and 14 teammates.

  12. Is the cdc better than the sta2? I have the sta2 and do ok in it. Should I get the cdc?

  13. That thunder must’ve been pretty close to be picked up by the mic haha

    Nice review, how would you recommend versus a tank like the Mutz?

  14. Hey Lemming, have you ever done a video on map tactics for Live Oaks? Does leaving the rail side undefended usually work? Sure, there are always a few that go there, but which is more important to win? It seems like the rail side is more crucial.

  15. 14:16 “upyky odm wrr wajag”
    What the fuck were you smoking

  16. Lemming, hearing you talk about the heavies going to H2 on Swamp makes me curious. Where would you suggest taking a heavy on Swamp? Would you take one to the north? I’m one of the many players who take their heavies to the castle. Any input or thoughts from a player like yourself would be well appreciated.

  17. CDC got reckt with the arty change cause of more precision artys.

  18. Ay a new vid! <3

  19. I am a good player, but not a great one.  I know that I won’t do well with the CDC, but I sure respect players who can do well with it.  Same goes for the Leopard PTA and Leopard I.  For everyone but the great players, the T26E4 Super Pershing, Obj. 262U Defender, AMX M4 mle. 49 all are good choices, and the recently buffed Lowe would be OK too.

  20. Not gonna lie, I shit myself at 5:50….

  21. I bought it a while back, but I’m leery about running it. Back when I had XVM, it seemed like mostly blue and purples were running the CDC in platoons and kicking ass, so I feel like I’m a let-down for my team in it. I’ve been playing for a long while, but I’ve just had too many bad games, so I think my stats are pretty much beyond repair 🙁

  22. Poor coyote, I’m just kidding around dude I really did only have 900 wn8 when I marked & at that time my recent wn8 was 2100, & now my overall after 16k game wn8 is 1.5, but my recent is 3.8. & I have 3 tier ten three marks & 22 overall 3 marked tanks

  23. I really didn’t like the cdc, and sold it. I’m playing better now but still think something like an STA2 is better, if I were to compare to something relatively similar. The reason is gun handling and perhaps tank size.

  24. Question @ Lemming: That special Clan Wars Rewards camouflage can be applied to any and all tanks? How does it work? Is it unlocked as a secret set of camouflage for your account with gold (similar to regular camouflage patterns) or is it free to apply???

  25. Marshall Allshouse

    Fantastic video, both battles were very expressive of the tank and the plays 😀
    I will say, however, lemming made a play in the battle on live oaks that I disagree with.
    In my experience across 6k something battles, I find that td players love to sit in the same spot all game.
    Ive played many a battle where I lose to a td, expecting hes moved from the spot that he got spotted in, 2 minutes into the battle, but hasnt
    That skorpion could easily have stayed in the same spot, not paying attention to anything but what was around his cursor.
    Just my thoughts, you may disagree 😀

  26. This was from a livestream if I remember right, hype as fuck match.

  27. CDC is a great tank I have it also I’m gonna do world of tanks reviews and funny WoT vids

  28. funny thing is that i still never pen any cdc with arty…

  29. that alberta thunder is a hell of a lot more scary and loud than what we get in ontario haha

  30. so i play the test server when its out. and i love playing the leopard 1 because i do really well in it. even on the test server with the max crew skills and gold spam i still average 4.5k dmg in 78 games. i really want to go for the leopard 1 on live server but im a slow tank grinder because i get bored of games quick nowadays

  31. @lemmingrush , Hey just wondering where are your old music that you’ve made, i’m trying to find music to listen when i’m playing wot.

  32. One pair of french twin sisters in one tank isn’t enough for Lemming, he needs two pairs, what a lady’s man 🙂

  33. Great stuff. I think tanks like the CDC and Leopard 1 work so well for more experienced players because they allow you to put your thoughts into action really quickly. If you have enough situational awareness to see what’s about to happen before it happens, a highly mobile tank lets you react to those situations and be more effective. I also think this is the reason why more experienced players tend to gravitate towards Medium tanks sooner or later. 🙂

  34. Make a setup video

  35. Filipe Simões Correa Alves

    I would like to know what would you do as a heavy on swamp north spawn.

  36. can't decide on name

    Bought this tank mere hours before you posted this and felt like shit playing it but right now after a few dozen games i’m doing fairly well. your video helped a lot -SEA shit player

  37. A good video based on good ideas.

    Reading your take on the “Tank review+game play” format is refreshing. The strategic aspect of your play shines through in a good way.

    I like the idea of a tank review combined with annotated game play describing why you are playing the tank the way you do.

    Your use of the word “bad player” is interesting.

    I’m not just a bad player, I’m a horrible player by my stats, but I’m a gaming god compared to the player I was two-thousand games ago.

    About a lifetime ago, I played chess in tournaments and our names for bad players and weak moves were divided into two broad categories:

    1. Words like, “Fish,” and “Patzer,” that you would only use when discussing the player or his games with your friends.

    2. Words, like, “Weak,” “less than optimal.” and “Not the strongest move,” that you used because chess involves your sitting within arm’s length of your opponent and dentistry is *expensive.*

    WOT suffers from a toxic culture of blame that XVM makes possible. Maybe some of it would be just a little better if “bad” players were “weak.”

  38. So the real question becomes: is it possible to win games with the CDC?

  39. I loved this tank when maps were more “open” and you had a lot more options to shift on the maps and when there weren’t any super heavies on enemy team as pen is lackluster and of course 3/5/7…

  40. great review, thx 🙂

  41. Sold soul

  42. Not even if you’re a good player…You can be an absolute BOSS. if your gun doesnt hit what you point at, the tank is bad. The soft stats of that gun mean half your crap hits the dirt. And its not even the best crew trainer or money maker now. If you are going up the AMX line, the Rev fits the crews perfect, and has much better money making potential. The Lorraine fits the Batchat crew perfectly, makes…OK money and is one of the few premium autoloaders.

  43. Lol. I was like, “I don’t remember there being thunder on this map.”

  44. How does he get that camo?

  45. M4 revo is more powerful in normal battle. CDC is fun, If your play style is Dark templar

    8 Tier MTs damage don’t have enough firepower in decent WOT. That’s why it have to be burfed.

  46. irakli Pasikashvili

    Hey Lemm! Are you Russian?

  47. Decent gun? Lemming please! The bloom is idiotic. The tank is fast and that’s all it has. It’s huge, gets penned by he and it’s the corridor meta so GTFO.

  48. Thanks for the useful video! I’m an ‘improving’ player, relatively new to higher tiers, and found the CDC to be a lot of fun, however the acceleration is a bit disappointing, so I’m also focusing on reducing ground resistances. The CDC helped change my mindset from ‘trading hits’ to handing out damage without getting hit…

  49. Please … How can you recomend cdc??? Worst soft stats of gun handling! For same amount of money sta2 is far more better tank… If you need crew trainer for french better take m4rev ! This tank is complete shit now and it has to be bufed!

  50. reverse speed and global size of the hull is too big with actual armor. Would be nice to have it balanced even if i love it due to the very hard playstyle “run& gun”

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