The Art Of The Tiger | Masterclass Episode 1 – BRUTE

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Art Of The Tiger | Masterclass Episode 1 – BRUTE

Video edited by – WEBE show him some love! –
Car Channel –
Game Channel –

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6:31 Game 1
14:27 Game 2
21:08 Game 3
27:42 (BYE)


    Hope ya’ll enjoyed episode 1 🙂

  2. Capitan of Freddy Army

    My grandpa was tiger tank commander

  3. Neptune Planeptune

    How do you turn off the Engines ??

  4. CanadianLumberJack

    KV220 spit on tiger

  5. PL4Y_Purplehaze

    My head when I saw the Africa into:

    „I am Peter Müller. Commander of the Tiger 237 and I was there“

  6. tiger

  7. 14:51 – 15:00 is missing audio

  8. How can you NOT love the Tiger

  9. next tiger e and
    its capabilities.

  10. Would love to see a Masterclass series covering different tanks!

  11. 18:55 “vadim blyat!” XDXDXD

  12. Tigor guide, the thing we all wanted but we never knew we did. Phly has got our back

  13. Just shoot the cupola if a Tiger angles on you. It’s huge and is guaranteed to kill the gunner.

  14. IcyUncleChris 76

    day 3: play the battle of berlin mode in enlisted

  15. i like how phly can see tanks in thicc bushes from 700+ meters but cant see a simplet 34 85 rushing him….

  16. Russia is in Europe

  17. I love your Intros!!! They are awesome in every video!!!

  18. Tiger 1 or Tiger 131

  19. The american 76 has more punch than the russian 85, like has 3 or 4 more mm of pen. I can deal with the t3485 much more easily than the sherman 76’s

  20. Ohhhh shit

    masterclass time

  21. Sound cut off at 14:51 anyone else have this problem

  22. Man I so wanted that BT-5 to get the kill

  23. The Russkinator

    How many masterclasses will there be?

  24. Nicolas Kielblock

    Make a video about m18 cuz its terrible play with it at 5.7 vs tiger 2 and panther A that u cant pen from front

  25. Gideon Schröder

    Why are your enemys completely morons who play like they dont even know what theyre doing and my enemys are playing like theyre professional trained Tank drivers who can one shot kill you all across every map as soon as they see one single Pixel of you? XD

  26. Day 23: play the Rbt-5 at top tier

  27. How to play tiger H:
    1)Start the game.
    2)Angle your armor.
    3)Die to cupola shot.
    4)Pay for repairs.
    5)Repeat till tableflip.

  28. now with the Tiger II 😀

  29. *me an intellectual who plays British 17 pounders* Yes only Yes feed me more Tiger players.

  30. im coming father!

  31. 18:56 VADIM BLYAT!

  32. wait until they drop it to 5.0 🙂

  33. Watching to utilize this masterclass in War Thunder and of course IL2 :3

  34. that’s gotta be one of the best username in the game

  35. yep, i dont even play ground and i will watch tiger video

  36. Elemental Sheep

    WeBe’s editing style is top notch. Been watching his car build series and the quality is just as good.

  37. Is it bad that I’ve got an XFX Custom RX580 GTR 8gb that produces graphics just like you’re showing? Lmao

  38. İlker Eryılmaz

    How to kill any German tank? Just shoot the cupola with APHE. Simple…

  39. 11:30 strong angle right,? no its just pay2win ladies and gentlemen.

  40. at 4.3 the kv-1 is my fave, at 5.3 it’s definitely tiger 🙂

  41. Hey Phly, its not big of a deal but theres some audio missing from 14:50 about 10 seconds, just letting you know

  42. im commenting this right as i start the video, i already like it

  43. The intro was hella good

  44. I love the what you did with the bt-7

  45. Anyone wanna join a discord or party and play 🤷🏼‍♂️

  46. What going on with 2 tank in intro? Argument between 2 commanders or just commander grilling their crews?

  47. you forgot to mention the cupola which is a 75mm Jumbo’s best friend

  48. Devill Mershmello 24

    can you show your setiing control at your tank and plane control

  49. CoH2, ver good

  50. Евгений Бибиков

    В этой игре дурят игроков. Тут мало что зависит от рук.

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