The Art Of The Tiger | Masterclass Episode 2 – RANGE

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The Art Of The Tiger | Masterclass Episode 2 – RANGE

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2:40 Game 1
11:28 Game 2
19:32 Game 3
24:54 (BYE)



  2. “Why did I spend all my day inside. Playing this game that none of my friends even play?” Are you taking to me?


    game:you have finished the research


    me:realizes i dont have enough silver lions*.

  4. You admire a tiger until he turns on you and you feel its true fawking nature!

  5. Boats?

  6. Abercrombie Blovs

    You should have changed your username to ‘Phlychael Wittmann’ or ‘Phlotto Carius’ for the series…

  7. Basically what I learned:

    If you ptfo, you win games.
    If you snipe your entire team also snipes and lose.

  8. i cant be the only one who hates tiger videos

  9. It’s day 18*

  10. happy mothers day phmom

  11. *Everybody gangsta till phly pulls up in a historically accurate Tiger H.*

  12. Love how at 8:05 that Sherman is like, “Follow me!” And his teammates are like, “STOP DON’T DO IT!”

  13. how in the hell with this game that a tiger cant threw and threw a sherman at like 700m

  14. @18:29 the shell phloops right over your teeank bud!

  15. BEST PART OF THE WHOLE THING @22:16 ahhahahaaahahhhAHAHAAHAH

  16. You’re a brave man to post on Mother’s Day (unless you taped this in advance, in which case you are a very smart man).

  17. Why don’t do is2 or is3

  18. Lets be honest
    At this point in the game new players are doomed without some insight
    And warthunder just isnt giving that to you

    Realistic has always been my gamemode
    Hate arcade
    Simulation I hate accidentally killing a team mate, as do they
    …and I like to push hard, but carefully

    New players need this

  19. Tip to playing this game
    Old as fark player

    Dont rush
    Learn to love peering over hills

    And be patient
    Patience in this game determines whether you live or die

  20. Gustave alkhoury

    Next episode is gonna be like this video is sponsored by the führer 😂

  21. the first game phly missed a lot that shouldn’t miss

  22. i wish i was even a tenth of how good you are. i cant get any kills in tanks. however…air superiority fighters i can kick some ass

  23. 6:59 “yeah the Panther should be able to go through there”
    7:06 *Panther dies*

  24. Finally i can see good teammates at 5.3? Lets hope they watch phly..

  25. 7:25
    Rule 1 of war thunder never trust teammates, the simple things are turned complex.
    Lol. Love ya phly <3

  26. NoNquality Keckop

    Try to use bad crew level

  27. How bout playing the Independent, but you can’t be within 500m of a teammate.

  28. Will the Tiger E get some love in the next video?

  29. I got the Tiger after seeing your first video…. my God is it a shitshow… I’m getting killed by KV-1 tanks from the front…. cause cupola shots at 300m…. At 500m the 88mm bounces off the front of T-34-85 tanks while they don’t even need to aim at me, even when I’m angled at 45°…. It is one of the least fun experiences I’ve had so far in the game.

  30. War thunder hatches can stop a nuke

  31. FL Studio Tutorials

    Can you do all this class videos in FULLY UPTIER? CUZ NOONE CAN PLAY IN OWN BR, THANKS GAIJIN FOR THAT. There’s allways T26E1 and T44 in my Tiger H1 gameplay. i can also crop all the uptier games from video and share it, look how good im playin. Please steve do it on Uptier.

  32. You can angle your tiger much, much more, Phly! When angling perfectly, your gun barrel is on the right/left side of the right/left corner and you get a nice 170mm on front AND side plate at a good angle!It feels very wrong at first to show your enemy your side thet much, but remember, the Tigers side is still 80mm, just 20mm less than the front. The Tiger’s crew handbook tells the commander to put his Targets “on mealtime”, meaning 10 and 2, which are the edges of the hull.

  33. Yo phly could you do a master class on the jumbo

  34. i need more of these for different tanks

  35. Is it just me or have you accidentally moved when your tank is under going a long track repair and moved at the last second.

  36. why dont you play tigerE?

  37. 15:27 This is why i like playing japanese tanks, it’s just feels great to bounce enemy bullet or the enemy somehow can’t pen when you don’t have armour

  38. Very normal channel 68

    I hope the Chinese rocket hits your yard so the Chinese gov gives you 34-9 billion $

  39. August de Lencquesaing

    phly use the other round its much better

  40. What is the intro music from it sounds so familiar

  41. Philip DeNormandie

    you have friends?

  42. Do a focus on the sky shark egor, help a brother out 😎

  43. war thunder streams

    How can you respawn twice? With 1 tank

  44. Part Two of three, also it’s late but happy post-mothers day.

    The Tiger was in production from August 1942 to August 1944, a total of 1,350 vehicles being built. It was then succeeded in production by the Tiger II or the King Tiger for which there is a separate entry. In case trials proved the VK 4501(H) a failure, a batch of 90 VK 4501(P) tanks was ordered, and these where subsequently completed as 88-mm (3.46 in) tank destroyers under the designation Panzerjager Tiger (P) Ferdinand (SdKfz 184). The vehicle was named after its designer, Dr Ferdinande Porsche.

    There where three variants of the Tiger, these being the Tiger command tank (Befehlspanzer Tiger) which was the basic gun tank with its main armament removed, but fitted with a winch but no crane, and the Sturmtiger which had a new superstructure fitted with a 38-cm (14.96 in) Type 61 rocket launcher with limited traverse; only 10 of the last where built. (Page 15)

  45. 19:26 really hit me in the feels

  46. the ad at the start of the video was a Gordon Ramsey masterclass ad

  47. do one for a Sherman!

  48. this is NOT a masterclass, its a good gameplay showcase. For real masterclass, you need to explain what you, why you do it, and what you achieve by doing it.

  49. That Churchill at the end is giving its heart out just to pen you.. Mad respect

  50. I like masterclass videos. I get much better with the Tiger! Thank you, Phly!)
    It’s be great, If you would consider continuing sharing your experience. For example I wouyld watch and like every video about the Warthunder maps.

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