The Art Of The Tiger | Masterclass Episode 3 – “SNEAK”

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The Art Of The Tiger | Masterclass Episode 3 – “SNEAK”

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  1. *Okay everyone! Thanks for coming to my Master Class. Hope you enjoyed and after this video please send me your tuition checks for the education you have received.*

  2. I love these instructional videos – maybe a series on map positions (best places/strategies )


  4. Do the next class for the kingtiger

  5. Phly’s kid after logging into his account and reading “itsmeboburmomsbf”: dad who’s bob?

  6. I think we should make an obligatory joke about Phly’s singing.

  7. sir i want to learn more skills from you, make a video on tiger e also sir. phly

  8. how do you do the looking around without the turret moving? have been trying to find out how and cannot

  9. I left a mean comment on your world of warship videos the Yamato first time playing. Wanted to Apologies for that. I love your humor and what you sayNd how you react. Think the internet breads some legit ppl. After the toxic side is gone.

  10. Hey phly could you do separate videos for light, medium, heavy, tank destroyers, and AA tanks please

  11. I need an M8 AGS how to vid PLZ! Thanks Phly <3.

  12. red panzer hell


  13. Hey phly you will probably never see this but you make my grampa play warthunder and with we watch you love your content keep up the good work

  14. Do a week of M4’s from 75s to 76s to Jumbos?

  15. Day 77: play shermen at high br and pretend to be a destroyed shermen

  16. Michael Berglund

    do the Panther D next!

  17. Anyone else not play war thunder but still watch phlydaily

  18. The intro lied to me. I expected ambushes etc and not gameplay like Vid 1 and 2 🙁

  19. eh I don’t know, I don’t know, there was a significant lack of sneaking

  20. Please how to play Britain lol

  21. Tigor on Tiger lol

  22. Hey phly can you do a fw190 masterclass too

  23. Caspar Bergmann

    Masterclass with the Panther would be nice ;-;

  24. M4a3e8 sherman!!

  25. RU251 Masterclass pls^^ For the lols!

  26. I would love to see such a series about the Shturm-S 😀

  27. Gee thanks Phly now all the Wheraboos will actually know how to play, rip free wins as allies.

  28. mr. white gibus

    hey m18 had an update it is a light tank now wannna make a video bout that?

  29. 2:49
    where’s the heugh?

  30. Hazwan Hashim Hj Ibrahim

    Map knowledge thnx

  31. Remember guys, Phly only uses good games for footage!

  32. i wish camo would work that way in the game like in the intro 😀

  33. do a object 120 master class

  34. I’m not funny in the slightest

    Phly!!!! P L E A S E do one of these for the jumbo!!!! You have no idea how much I suck at- I mean work I need to do to get better at it!

  35. Nicholas Bryant

    How about a series on the M-18 (now it is a light tank) ?

  36. NCISTonyDiNozzo

    Very cool Mini-Series. Thx for it 🙂

  37. Hopefully these 3 videos gonna reach those young Wittman’s out there! Amen!

  38. Gaijin should just pay Phly to make their teaser trailers, they’re so much higher quality than their own

  39. Game 1: Phly enters the Matrix

  40. Rolf Tschochohei

    Phly, I bought your decal and little Tigor! Greetings from Germany!

  41. I have a tip for german players. You usually have the best armor and gun at your br. But how about you stop relying on your armor completely and then thinking the tank is bad when someone kills it. Use your very good gun, pen almost every tank, then do good in almost every game. Its what I do, pretty easy if you ask me.

  42. Yoo you killed everyone of my friends and I! we were Corserr, nightwolf, bob. and johhnyboy! i love you videos! keep up the good work! wasnt kind to shoot me in my m16 just trying to get plane kills

  43. Hayden Rasmussen

    Day 1 of asking for a Sherman master class

  44. ASU master class when?

  45. Giorgo Fotopoulo

    Dude i hope you don’t get discouraged with the views . And keep Vladimir Putin these masterclasses out.

  46. @PhlyDaily I get that this is fun but what I miss here, and in some of your recent videos is information such as: Why this position? What can be done on this map? Tiger vs possible enemies comparison, a bit of a weakspot guide for uptiers. Honestly, while long time players see the whats and ifs a newbie looking for a proper tutorial will be still left clueless after watching “Mater Class”.

  47. Do a master class on the M4A3E2 76W 6.0

  48. Taneya Das Mandal

    I am one month old to pc games and 70 hrs old to war thunder
    I have the tiger and I play very defensive
    I get a few captured and 4-5 kills and 0 death
    I only have one rank 3 tank so I have to play defensive
    I am loving the the tiger a lot

  49. Very cool! Keep them coming. Thanks bro.

  50. Love the series. Hate that I’m going to see 528,3861,487.18 Tigers in game now.

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