THE AUCTION in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Auction in World Tanks starts tomorrow the 18th of August last until the 21st – prepare to get milked! Here's all you need to know!



  1. I have never got to buy anything from the auction. Everything is so overpriced and ridiculously at that. I don’t have time in my day to sit for hours grinding credits. I barely have enough time to play the game regularly.

  2. Ah great, can’t wait to invest my … 186k credits …

  3. Loved the thoughtful commentary at the end about being cautious with your time and money. I played the Console version of this game for 7+ years and it was with me all through my high school and college years. In fact, it was pretty much the only game I played on a Console/gaming platform that wasn’t a PC. I have spent hundreds of hours of my time throughout the years grinding tech trees and quite frankly an embarrassing amount of money on the game too, buying premium tanks, XP and silver boosts, gold, etc.

    But after witnessing the near total collapse of WoT Console over the last 4 years – especially since its devastating Update 6.0 in 2020 – I’ve come to regret a lot of the time and money that I spent on the game which I won’t ever get back. Seeing the game go downhill has hit me hard and makes me feel like I wasted all of that money on a dying, worsening product. I quit WoT Console for good last August – nearly a year ago now – and I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long, long time. I miss the game terribly (more so for what it USED to be) but all good things must come to closure.

  4. i wanna talk about actions overall. i’m bidding on auctions for one old car parts. 20years old this car had so bad reputation that people basically gave this car parts away for free. now most of the parts are sold on auction platform. but imo age doesn’t still make this car any better so i will not put stupid amount of money into these parts. so i always have quite low bidding limit. most of the people will bid like 10mins before the auction end. so always monitor it before the end. luckily most of the auctions i bid are ones that im the only one or im only one monitoring it in last 10mins so the bid wont go high.
    with wot i can’t even look pass the point the stupid amount of money so i haven’t even checked the auctions cuz i know that things will be too expensive.

  5. Okay, hold up. Wait a minute. What is going on with QB’s hair?

  6. I’m enjoying you not the rare tanks ! I can watch you play with the t95 and still not get bored because is you that I like not the tanks ! Miss the old days when you and Jingles are making tank reviews and play 3-4 battles per video and detailing the specifications … from you I’ve learned how to play properly this game. You are making these videos interesting and not the rare tanks wich I cant buy because I work 8-11 hours a day and come home, pour some whiskey in a glass and play 2 hours World of Tanks ! Dont be so frighten you will lose your bread because we love you and we’ll still watch your videos !

  7. I’ve been playing since the beginning of WOT as QB has, but I never spend more than I feel comfortable with. QB does this for a living and brings reviews on items etc for the public. What you have to remember is WOT is a business and need to make a profit on this business. I never fall for the sales regardless how WOT disguise them to be. WOT want your money and are clever at making you spend it.. Please don’t get pulled in and spend what you don’t have, remember this is only a game. QB respect to you for what you bring to the platform and your honesty.

  8. WG abusing their children playing this game. No one with an decent amount of intelligence would spent any money on their games.

  9. Bring back the days when you just needed to log in for 20 days out of the next 25 to get a free SU100Y.

  10. True I dont always agree with QB but he is right we own none of this stuff we are throwing money away really but I also love the game . I made huge mistakes with this game it was first ever online game where i could spend money past the purchase price of the game . This will be the last of these kind of events i will be able to take part in minus things for credits bc i can grind them for free. I wont be refilling my gold after this and im sure my free xp will never recover . They need to keep these events to twice a year and let us recover from each one for a few months . I once had 250 million credits after selling all the stuff i saved up now im at 14 million after grind for the last month and having to spend a few million on clan wars gold ammo and repairs . Yea im hoping they will still do these events just less .

  11. Every auction in the game should be an open auction as they call it . I spent a crazy amount of gold on the AMBT like 30000 bc i had no idea how much it would cost it went for like 8k gold . Also i bid for a Chieftain 60000 bonds and it went for 16000 this is crazy and im sure has caused people to just give up on the game . Wargaming at some point you need to give a crap about your players base you earn a ton of money as it you wont lose much by giving a medium bid on it . Im sure you will have a lot more happy people at the end of the event willing to spend more money on the game in the long run . Almost always after these events all i hear is how people hate wargaming for how greedy they are . This just causes people to burn out even faster on the game that many of us love . Its so true its an addiction and almost feel like they should make laws to protect the buyer . Like you must give a medium bid .

  12. Do y’all think winter showdown could come back as an event?

  13. Im guessing one of the new premiums like the Russian tier 8 260 lookalike . Chieftain prototype is the one i want . Kv 4 ktts is almost for sure . The ts 54 might be one . I hope not the 113 -II is so boring its a copy and past tank . The caliban single shot tank might be one . I hoping maybe if i can get one the new Italian td tier 8 . Then you have the t 44 122 that just got tested and now is ready for release . You also have the jtiger prototype but i doubt that is one . You have the new tier 9 td auto loading TL 7 would be awesome to get . I hope i can get all the items but judging by my gold credits and free xp amounts i highly doubt i will . There is also the Vz. 55 Gothic Warrior i really hope they dont ask us to pay for a copy and paste tank and its Chinese server only tank . Imagine they finally did the MK 6 Chieftain or the wt e 100 those would be amazing but highly unlikely . Also have the k 91 2 witch is ready for release .

  14. The only thing I’d be willing to buy is either a cheap premium for credits or the Deathstar.
    That’s it. And I seriously doubt this Auction event is going to be as regular player friendly as Black Market. As one comment stated on the WoT channel, “They need money.”

  15. Jimbo's Armored Division

    Wow QB. You opened my eyes. Thank you

  16. Just another money grab from WG because god knows they dont have enough after years of extorting the big wallet warriors that still pour tons of money into the game every event like this

  17. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    I just spent 12 million credits on equipment…

  18. mehmet yurduseven


  19. These auctions and events look trash… Nuff said really

  20. A shit game with another shit event. Lol this game is not gonna be around much longer. Wargaming is like the failed version of Activision

  21. Once again the new(er) players get fricked because they don’t have free XP or credits to spend on this.

  22. New methods for wg to suck money.

  23. Obj 268 V5 was reported on multiple servers now so this may be what comes up in all servers day one. strv k might be another.

  24. What do you mean, QB? I just went to shop and won my bread, I’m confused when you say I didn’t win :~

  25. Is this only a pc thing or is it on console?

  26. Great Vid QB, calling WG out on these things. WG always screws the players wether trading in or in the numerous auctions well done

  27. QB dont look at the first auction because u will be very angry and upset because its the OBJ 268/5 OOOOF, Sorry to disappoint u.

  28. meanwhile WoWs is like;

    “here is a supercontainer, have a free premium tier 7 ship”

  29. It kinda looks like QuickyBaby is spreading anti-wargaming propaganda XD

  30. cant even open the store -.-

  31. Fair comments.

  32. For me its not even worth looking at it dont even have 3mil credits

  33. I wonder really why CC need too buy all the tanks. I will save my free XP for the Italian TD:s.

  34. QB , man up, dont participate grow a pair, If it isnt worth it dont purchase it!

  35. Can I turn free XP into gold?? I dont think i can

  36. good I have nothing to spend lol

  37. I really hope an event comes again with the 780 with the skin – numbers, for those of us who actually have a life, and couldnt make it in time 🙂

  38. I am embarissed over the money I spent following you top content streamers, always thinking the next tank would be different.

  39. QB, I completely understand that you may do things on this game because it is your job. If it wasn’t your work, you might do otherwise, and much respect to you for discussing it. WE all do things in our jobs we don’t agree with, but do it to “pay the bill’s” thanks for always having our back! Caution is required with these marketing events. That said, WG has been handing out lots of credits and are simply trying to get some back. Let the buyer beware

  40. What rare Vehicles is their one

  41. What 3am for me not you

  42. Keeping mine for new line TD remember

  43. Very fair, sobering review, thank you

  44. Hence the term “breadwinner”

  45. They’re only appealing to the whales… Casual players like me and many others always miss out sadly…

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