The AUTO LOADING Little DEVIL – T114 TD (War Thunder Tanks)

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  1. well it still doesn’t beat the obj 120 APFSDS shell or the HEAT-FS shell. but people say the obj 120 is broken, but its not. I was in it one night and I seen a T114 and shot it in the front and it no lie bounced a 405 & 480 mm rounds

  2. Thanks Phly! I always wondered how to properly range find in War Thunder

  3. Avro Lancaster in RB, get one kill and at any point attempt and succeed in doing a corkscrew. Try not to fling any crew members of this time… Attempt #1

  4. thats what happen to chi-ri II to be debuff like that, while people say that is op but never play it, RETARD GAIJIN

  5. Nobody commented that his name is Steve????

  6. I do the same stuff in my Panzer II xD

  7. When I saw this in battle for my first time, I thought it was a Russian tank because of its look

  8. Looks like the fucking Scorpion from Halo

  9. first 30 seconds up, thumbs up.. everytime

  10. where is the fff tuan.all the single dog rise up !Fire Fire Fire┗|`O′|┛

  11. phly play the jpz 4 5

  12. Play the Cromwell! It’s never been shown on youtube! LovingTheUnloved!

  13. that was cool

    PhlyDaily can you please hear this song <3

  15. Sheran firefly, come on phly have a little bit o’ fun eh

  16. Phly did i hear you say : Tabarnak !?!?

  17. Phly, please take out the t-34-57 or the Stug A. Both of these are wonderful little tanks

  18. #LovingTheUnloved
    Take out the Do 217 N-2 with the StuH 42 G ^^

  19. I think for your next video you should take out the FV4202, now that it has had its repair cost brought down to normal levels (7.5k to 4.5kish in RB).

    Or potentially the Carnarvon.

  20. Are u interested in the new Spintires?

  21. This thing needs to be uptiered to 7.7. Anything can kill it and it can kill anything

  22. The T114 Floats too!!!

  23. Take out the E-100!! 🙂

  24. Wait phlys name is Steven

  25. 5:00 M8 IM FILMING A VID

  26. Just turned 14 today! I have a request for the Ru251 , get 5 kills in a tank rb with this scout car. #Attempt 1

  27. Alittlegecko Gamer

    Lol I have Skype on my iPad and I thought I was getting called, TWICE

  28. This thing is pretty sweet but I don’t play USA

  29. Bring back the brummbar challenge
    using only HE shells, you become your own Artillery strike.
    Attempt #1

  30. I love the T114, got it myself complete with special Camo. XD Its nice to have something I can have that will counter the impressive IS6. ^^

  31. Phly please show me how to play the American T34!

  32. i thought i heard skype

  33. The T114 was supposed to fit the requirements of the competition thing which the Leo1 won. The T114 was too advanced so it didn’t make it. Hope this fun fact was useful!

  34. I really want to see the Tiger-2 H Sla again. It looks so cool and beautiful    :]

  35. Another great video, That SU100P bit made me laugh haha!

  36. Why is that abortion of an abomination so effective? it hurts my eyes to look at it….


  38. Delusional M-113.

  39. You should take out the ChiRi with autoloading 😀 😀 😀

  40. Try Chieftain

  41. If war thunder added French tank it will change game forever

  42. WTF Youtube!? I get commercials and when I click to skip it I get another one? Youtube turning into regular TV. FU
    (Also for those who will be saying, just use ad-blocker. I cannot on my work machine)

  43. The wivern called

  44. Lol, this thing meet tiger 2… What a great balance!

  45. Can u take tu4

  46. 5:00 fack u i thought my skype went on

  47. British tier 6 ATGM please ?

  48. Can anyone help me out on how to get lots of silver lions as i dont have premium i earn little lions im trying to buy the tiger

  49. No Wonder the japanese lost the war

  50. i kill this thing with arti no need to waste bullets

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