The Automatic Tank Destroyer

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Source: Spookston

The Swedish L- ANTI II is supposed to be an SPAA vehicle, but with its autocannon at a rating of 2.7, it's an amazing TD.

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The Automatic Tank Destroyer


  1. Can you play with btr 80A?

  2. Day 32 of asking Spookston to play sd.kfz 251/22

  3. this is why you dont let a dog drive and shoot tanks
    He will dominate the entire battlefield

  4. Alexander Mihaylov

    What do yall think ab researching helis with tanks?

  5. Day 2 of asking Spookston to play the M3 Stuart against tanks fielded in the 1970s, in honor of it’s time in service in the Brazillian army (1942-1978)

  6. Can you play the bt42 next

  7. Avocado's Constant

    And its tier 3, so you can do any spaa tasks or challenges at 2.7 lol

  8. Maybe you could try the flakpanzer 1 some day?

  9. day 53: asking spookston to play type-10

  10. Day 42: Play the Japanese Type 89 please

  11. Try tortoise next time,i heard you enjoy playing big boi tank😂😂😂

  12. “I’m still using non-verbal signals to get a point across.”
    Spookston vtuber. I’ll see myself out.

  13. The absurd thing is that Italy is forced to use SPAA to destroy only aircraft due to the fact that Italian vehicles all suffer from overBR, while the Russians, Germaniae and Sweden use SPAA as the destroyer of everything.

  14. the Medals lmao

  15. day 7 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  16. Where is the audio at 3:10 from?

  17. Day 75 asking for cruader 3

  18. Ponkington Heights

    The L-62 is one of my favorite members of the Swedish lineup, so happy to see you play it 🙂


  19. Gaijin gave this thing better shell performance than the British early and late APDS… What a great time to play War Thunder.

  20. 3:05
    bro made girls und panzer kuome reference

  21. Marcus Halberstam

    If you want absolute swedish gremlin low tier experience use the pbil m40, an armored car with 6 people in it, two way gearbox, an autocannon and it can go like 80kmh, and its on 1.7. Absolute gremlin of a tank at that rank

  22. Day 78 of asking @Spookston to play the Type 93 :=)

  23. Unless this tank is firing uranium rounds, you can’t explain to me the one shots

  24. obviously you are on the premium accounts team, cause on mine are 9/10 all oblivious players!..
    even free players get 1 free immunity shot the second time!..

  25. Lucy The Velociraptor

    You should try all CV90s in one lineup, you get one 30mm bushmaster, a 40mm for each of the CV9040s (9040B, 9040C, Lvkv 90C, 9056 BILL), two 105mms that both can fire ATGMs, one on wheels and one with tracks, and eventually a 120mm autoloading cannon with 600mm+ pen APFSDS

  26. Day 60: play the m22

  27. This is the only tank ive gotten god mode with (never tried with anything else and wasnt trying when i got with this one). was a beautiful save of my friend too

  28. At least when I want to be a gremlin in low tier I use Britain and the Staghound AA

  29. That Panzer used to be a tank, until it took an arrow to the knee.

  30. ItalianStarAnimations

    I give up on the AMX-13

  31. Please dont nerf this Gaijin 🙂 we need it

  32. “Sweden isn’t handheld”(((((((((((

  33. That was DISGUSTING. I need to take a shower after watching something so dirty

  34. Sry I am late on the comment but day 23 of asking for the t32

  35. Saruman the stupid!
    Saruman the silly!
    Saruman the wrinkly!
    *Saruman the stinky!*

  36. 猎猎粉蛆的妈

    can you play leopard1,spookston?

  37. it would be pretty cool if you played all the russian t-34’s from oldest model to newest.

    (day 18)

  38. So this is why this has been spammed out recently RIP my British low tier 🥹

  39. yeah this tank needs to go up in BR. imagine the Russian T-60 with the 37mm autocannon, but better in every way

  40. Swedish tanks in War Thunder are either ridiculously OP or basically useless, but either way they’re always entertaining 😂

  41. Crusader 40mm is also pretty fun 2, you get hat extra 10mm of pen and great mobility at the expense of survivability

  42. Oliver Østergaard

    As a danish man i dont know alot about fighting in a war but i do know how too surrender

  43. vytautas tatarunas

    Ayy we cant lie German teamates sucks

  44. 29th time asking Spookston to play the Tortoise 🙏

  45. your friendly neighborhood computer

    That poor panzer 3 m

  46. Hello guys please subscribe my channel for war thunder gameplay videos.

  47. That panzer 3 made me so emotional… fly high 🕊 🕊

  48. L-62 is like Thanos to light vehicle I like to Japan alot and Japan has light armored tanks so my heart skip a beat when i see this thing in the chat.

  49. One hundred fifty seventh video asking for the Spj fm 43 44

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