The Average World of Tanks Player

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Source: QuickyBaby

Meet Jetamakul, the average player, who is going to have a VERY above average of World of Tanks!



  1. this is the earliest ive ever been here damn

  2. QB thanks for all the feed back!!!

  3. I wonder what this will be about, interesting .

  4. i have just 2 pool-medals, but one them was earned on this map. if the rng is on your side and u have a performance-high, u can do an awesome game on this map.

    respect for this commander, extrem awesome round.

  5. Just awesome

  6. That Leopard was a legend

  7. Finally, a video of my kind.

  8. Come on mate… He’s not average with 2 gunmarks in T10 tank

  9. Is he having his server reticle on? His aim is funny

  10. Every tomato has their day

  11. 2 minutes in and i can tell you this guy is NOT a 49%er

  12. Good game

  13. Yeah,I think we need more people like this dude in the game.Just look how he ran to save that leopard! If more people help their teammates they win better, coz if you help they’ll try to keep up.

  14. 2 marked 277 but 49% wr?
    Kinda suspicious

    • @leserdemun ehh, seeing his stats, apparently he has 3k wn8 at tier 8, 9 and 10
      Yet his recent tier 5-7 games are 600 wn8.

      So you tell me how someone could be that bad at tiers its even easier to be good at.
      And it cant be stock tanks considering he has tier 8 and 9 too

    • @IMMA world of tanks in a nutshell haha

    • @IMMA perhaps he played those years ago and learned a lot in the mean time through QB videos ;D

    • @leserdemun S.Hellcat avg dmg 637
      Rhm B avg dmg 2k
      Su 100Y avg dmg 480
      Obj 277 avg dmg 3k

      Laat 1000 battles, he has only sucked in anything below Tier 8.
      Tier 8+ is 2k+ wn8 with Kran and Em 2 having 3k+ wn8.

      260 games in 277 and 60% win rate.

      Come on mate, this is clearly either sold account or paid to get better stats

    • @Khazrak nope, last 1000 battles

  15. Play on ps4 and my biggest game was in my Foch 155 at just over 7k damage

  16. Really nice to see a result like this in a 277 rather than in an OP reward tank.

  17. poor tortose, his whole thing is having heavy armor, and he’s getting no benefit from it

  18. i just want to point out that this account has a very strange history. A very mediocre overall. but recently pulls 3000 wn8. playes their t10 very good. i have about the same games played, and i can tell with having a less than mediocre first 5k games, improving so much is very good. if that is truly him hatsoff to you my friend. GG

  19. Only have 20k games after 10 years of play. Had a 48% at one point and I am reaching 53% WR soon.

  20. 10 kills and he still got over 88%dmg/shot.
    I rarely get 88% without kills. RNG is not the same for everyone.

  21. Edvardas Jakutavicius

    Amazing gam, congrats man!

  22. Obj 705a is mine with 9.2k 7 kills and had shit teammates so it was a loss

  23. So if I hire a power leveling service I can get my replay on quickie babies channel?
    I’m just being cynical. I have an outstanding game myself every now and then. Not like this, but….

  24. I don’t care what the win ratio says, that dude was not “average”. He angled, he baited, he had map awareness and he was bold when he could. Hats off!

  25. I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again. A top tier somewhat broken tank churning through tier 8s with prem ammo isnt exactly a good game is it? Show me sametier people doing well.

  26. 4:39 Says a dude with one of the most dodgy aims ever, bro QB, lower your sens as well.

  27. noone cares about a 49% tomato penetrating all of his shots and bouncing every enemy shot cause rng wants to keep him playing this game. If some 55% + win rate player goes there to fight he will die in an instant.

  28. 2 marks on 277 it’s not an avarage imo xD His win ratio maybe it’s because he grinds stock tanks like a lot of f2p

  29. Deathstar, aka FV215b (183), still holds my best damage at 8.9k… someday it’ll change 🙂

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