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Source: DOLLARplays

K9 VIDAR gameplay, .

VIDAR is a premium tank destroyer from “Sons of Attila” update. HE launcher with thermal and laser rangefinder at 7.7. Built in South Korea, used by Norway, sits in Swedesh tree.


Intro: Anticipation – Future Joust (slow, 80%)

Tibro Mountains – Daniel Fridell (slow, 80%)
Going Equals Winning – Magnus Ringblom

Acid Traveler – 2050

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. If AMX 30B2 BRENUS sits at 8.7, this thing will get 8.3 at some point when there’s enough “statistics” collected.
    I had very limited time to play with VIDAR, I was just getting used to it.
    Anyway, I’ll be back at home to work on the next video, so I’ll have enough time to play.

    Should I do a video on event vehicles? I still don’t have Japanese plane

  2. i see chaos here :)))

  3. NICE.

  4. @15:19 the team page sgows you earned 2701 with 0 deaths… so not sure why it didn’t give you the nuke @15:22 shows only 2138… guess that’s Gaijin math for you 🤪

  5. This thing gets taken out by a BR 3.3 German wheelie boi says it all. 8:25 Epic fail. I won’t even buy this thing if I get 50% off.

  6. One of the few tanks that truly deserves an uptier

    I find it hilarious that you face a majority of WWII tanks with this monster. I feel bad for anyone facing this thing with anything below Cold War vehicles

  7. You know what they should add now? The Israel SPG, the Soltam Sholef V2. It’s literally a stabilized SPG. It would be crazy good in this game.

  8. Kills Maus one shot, kills T95 one shot, only tracks IS-2…no russian bias, noooooope, nope… 🤣

  9. i love the editing

  10. Gotta Luv seeing enemy tanks flying in the middle of the air out of nowhere without being blown up or hit by a thing and just drive or hover across the air….. I see it many times during games in the past update

  11. schlauheit des tages

    Can you pls play itlian tech

  12. Use Fire Against Fire use H.E. against this Vidar and kiss the crew goodbye busted out the 2S3M and a ZSU 57 and 😘💋 its @$$ goodbye I think I’ve seen a TO-55 burn one up as well or a HESH round to the face takes care of the crew problem in a Vidar

  13. First time i met you ingame and then you got me at 10:13 😄, insane that the VIDAR is such a beast with all these perks.
    For that kill i shall reward you with a sub bro

    Greetings from germany

  14. Korean meme on DOLLARplesi?? It must be a dream XD

  15. that tank have to be moved to a higher BR, is OP

  16. why put macron in mignature when it’s a swedish tank 😂😂

  17. 2S3M’s cooler brother

  18. La piadina Romagnola

    Pls make a video for the Hungarian tech tree

  19. I’d love a video on the Firefly. You know, just to add more pain

  20. Kinda feel like its a cash grab kinda vehicle, comming from my perspective of having been playing the M48A1 for the past 2 or so weeks
    Glad its in the game becuase its cool but it needs to move up a bit

  21. 0:56 You think I wouldn’t notice that Deepwater Horizon reference?????

  22. I appreciate the work you put into your videos.

  23. Going to buy the T-55 with your link. Wish me luck.

  24. @DOLLARplays Please do a video on countering the Anti II. There has been a lot of it spammed at its BR lately. Anti Anti, right? The video basically writes itself.

  25. When is the next part of the life of a f2p player

  26. Not the T95!!

  27. I saw a real vidar when I was un Korea and this thing was absolutely massive

  28. I love all the slept on movie references you pull out dollar. Assassins is a fantastic movie. 🙂

  29. Work Sets You Free

    Dollar can you please do the 8.0 German experience

  30. Meanwhile T-54 sitting at 8.0

  31. I got your decal now +25mm armor protection

  32. Your Videos are great 👍 always need to laugh and ur accent is like one from Austria glorious.

  33. Beast tank

  34. as a fellow player mentioned in a match i played yesterday: “if u play the VIDAR u deserve to watch your whole family die in a fire”. This vehicle is an abomination at 7.7

  35. Hehe nice kill of ruzzian zombie

  36. He would love to play with you!❤️💙💙💙

  37. Wilde Waldbewohner

    No there was defenetly no action in this match 4:23

  38. WT sucks hard these days lol . Glad i leave few years ago this sh*tshow game. But good video man :)) first time here due youtube recommendation . Sub 🙂 !

  39. Seen him for the first time having a trash aim 😅 4:00

  40. Day 1 asking: Tigers and angle

  41. best part push R button🤣🤣🤣

  42. Any plans to get back to enlisted?

  43. I dont play wat thunder but i only enjoy waching dollarplaay , i hope i can buy my own pc and play WT 🙂

  44. Does the VT round have less HE than the standard round? Might be worth only taking VT and using it on tanks and plane’s

  45. Next patch: VIDAR is now 8.3

  46. Gustavo Lázaro Mayolis González

    Bro your voice is the same of Arnold

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