The BALANCED 10.0 Meta has Returned – T-80B – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

With the recent BR changes mostly affecting Top Tier, the 10.0 enviornment has been refreshed, making it a very well rounded high tier yet not so top tier area to play in!

00:00 – Balans Comrade
00:33 – What happened?
05:36 – Alaska CQB'ish
09:41 – ALL THE LAVS!!
13:52 – Balance by Default
17: – 10.0 LIVES AGAIN!!
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  1. I feel like now I can actually enjoy playing 10.0 and I rarely get uptiered after the br changes.

  2. They need to change the whole rank system! Not necessarily the Br but the whole classification. A MAUS is a WW2 tank and a Tiger 2 should not be going against a Leo 1. Not too mention the bs with putting older tanks against modern tanks. This going against tanks with thermals and night vision is darn right outrageous!

    • Super Heavys should be treated like the nukes give them a high Spawn cost and only one can be spawned per team they can be counter by CAS both the Maus and T95 are bomb magnets.

  3. I now want to play my russia 10.0 lineup, but I’m not dealing with drones and jets

  4. Did anyone else lately got shot by a guy who’s gunbarrel was facing another way?

  5. there are no 10.3 mbt’s so 9.3 never sees a full uptier. there are some aa that are 10.3 but not many people would use aa as their top BR vehicle

  6. Tank BRs should always follow the aircraft ones, at least for the MBTs. I know CAS is pretty insufferable at the moment but it doesn’t make much sense to leave 11.7+ aircraft without a ground lineup imo. To fix CAS at the higher tiers, maybe different BRs for aircraft in ground RB would help, or being forced to spawn on the airfield, or having (destructible) AI AA units around the map…

    But idk, maybe expanding the ground BRs to 12.0 could also help a bit with decompression as well…

  7. “imagine not fighting russia” – every other nation

  8. 10.0 Russia line up is just incredible now. T-64B, 2 T72B, 1 T-80B, all very competitive tanks, add BMP-2M for SPAA duty and you are good. It’s just fun to play 10.0 now

  9. 1,000 subs no videos

    I still don’t get why gaijin gave the T-80B thermals when irl, it never had them.

  10. russia suffering? thats a hilarious joke. i’ve been playing 10.0 constantly lately and russia has been winning almost every game.

  11. Will we see the t90m or Leo 2a7 which may be a thing for this later


    The old south flank Jungle used to have that didn’t even look into spawn: blocked off and not allowed

    Northern flank of fields of Normandy that can look into spawn: allowed and abused

  13. 9.7 is also getting constant downtiers now, since 10.7 is pretty much nonexistent now

  14. I love this tank, i usually take off the addon armor to confuse the enemy as the tank without it looks like t72a or t64b

  15. Wow, I should actually start playing Italy 10.0 then. Ariete Preserie, both Dardos, and the SIDAM Mistral, and I can finally use my A129 International.

    Had the lineup good to go for a while now, just refused to suffer against top-tier constantly.

  16. Russian armor is so damn ridiculous. The amount of shots you took in this video is absolutely wild. Aids to my frustration when I shoot t series mbts with dm53 and rarely find success doing so. Literally stopped playing my only top tier country because of Russian tanks

    • The problem is gaijin putting their modern modifications like the BVM in game is from 2014 or 18 cant remember but related to what other nations have in game now…just wait a little more NATO will still have its glory in WT

  17. Thank you 🙂

  18. 10.0 br is actually incredibly fun right now, the highest br you would see is 10.7.

  19. I peffer the moderna. We have a bmp2 for free to attack.

  20. I love my 10.7 american lineup, m1a1, IPM1, merkava mk3d. Then my A-10 Late. I would want top tier america to have the minimum Sep V2 and then V3 since most other nations have their modern day tanks or close to it.

  21. Strela vid?

  22. Could you do a revisit on the original ztz96 since it’s at 9.3?

  23. No solid shot no me i only play the brits and swedes heat cant do shit

  24. yes that balance map

  25. Justin, from your point of view
    What are the best tanks at top-tier?
    USA or Russia
    What should I grind after i finished Germany?

    • Russia. Bvm. Play the shit out of your Leo 2a6 when/if you have it and you’ll see why. It’s the only tank I don’t like facing, even if I have dm53’s.

  26. Allied engines are definitely louder. I can hear a teammate’s engine as if it was on the other side of a building while they are two blocks away.

  27. I love this thing tbh

  28. 10.0 being a thing again makes 9.0-9.3 really painful, especially with the helicopter/drone/premium spam

  29. Jeah I have also the problem that i dont hear the enemy and have a really good head set in other games i hear everything

  30. Leo 2A4/Strv 121 is at the same BR and is better in literally every single way

  31. ppl still play this bias ass game?

  32. The 10.0 abrams is really good I recommend that beast

  33. Andrew Fitzsimmons-Evans

    Play the M1 Abrams, I think it could use the M833 round. What do you think?

  34. Trust me when I say this as an American Main who firs the Silver bullet more often than not in to the front area of the T-80… That “KONTAKT” armor, no matter what grade, for some reason stops all APFSDS rounds. It shouldnt be, but it does. While better Explosive-Reactive-Armor on other nation tanks it does jack shit.

    So yes, there is definetly a strong hint of Russian bias with these tanks.

    Also, more often than not, the caroussel rack which has all the ammo… I’ve shot it so many times and it didnt do shit. Make 3 shells black “nope”. Tank turns around and kills me in one shot. Sure Gaijin. My “gaijin bullshit” saved clips folder is overflowing with nonsense like that.

  35. Yeah I’ve noticed that too justin..friendly tanks are louder than enemy

  36. All T series should be upped by 0.3 to 0.7 BR

  37. you should play the merkava mk4M again, its been a while since the last video and its gotten a few updates. Plus with the possible addition of south korea as a sub tree, now would be the perfect time.

  38. T-80B, 2S25M are doing so well. I’m loving 10.0 Russia.

  39. 9.7/10.0 bracket, I call the premium bracket. It’s just festered with premiums!
    Which makes it horrendous to play, purely on the basis of new players coming in with one vehicle and leaving. On top of that, because they have one vehicle there’s a massive overuse of drones compared to 11.3. Then you get the ka50 downtier and there’s hardly any AA at that BR that can match the range if the KA stays at 10km. It’s basically a cluster fuck!



  42. Ariete same BR as this btw.

  43. t90a is 10.0 now,you schould make a video for the motherland

  44. I just got the abrams at 10.0, wild br lmao, and why is the abrams ammo so meh?

  45. 10.0 has been the most fun br for me to play in. No problem with facing anything that’s 11.0 and any form of downtier is welcome.

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