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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Gaming chair is shit

    Buy a good office chair and save your back all the pain

  2. Look at the recommended hours on a chair before you buy. It tells you about how many hours a day it is rated for, more than that and you will break the cushioning and develop problems

  3. I agree with your opinion on gaming chairs. They are a rip off for the quality you get.
    A highly configurable office chair with a moving butt rest is the best in my opinion.

    • tierfuehrer2 I e got the moving butt rest with the reclining back and adjustable handles. I didn’t realize how powerful the shock was until I got out the chair and left the armrest right under the table.
      Damn near caused my pc to fall lmao

  4. Which country is Circon from, Sweden?

  5. Best thing ever: doing self Harm Haile watching circon cause harm

  6. Circon, check the Wilkhahn On. Its a bloody brilliant office chair. Has won several awards. Its one of those expensive chairs that could last you for 20 years or more.

  7. you should give the crew barnyard sounding voices and have sixth sense go MOOOOOOO each time you are spotted

  8. I got a used office chair for €20.
    Feels good man

  9. office chairs are the best. they are comfortable and you can race with them

  10. #Circonflexes Prices in AU$ (1) VERTAGEAR Triigger 350 SE $1099 (I got this 1) ! (2) And this is what I had before Vertagear Racing S-Line SL5000 Gaming Chair Black/Red $499 Only complaint is that the armrests are a bit hard !

  11. This map is so boring to watch, everytime a replay is from this side of the spawn, you sit in this position and farm mid. all the time. /yawn

  12. I always tend to leave a like on your uploads even before I watched them

  13. Father has returned

  14. How To Defeat ISIS 101

    How memey art thou shitbarn buffs?

  15. Central Intelligence Agency

    Time to grind for the FV215B 183 people patch 9.21 is due in December (so they say) so It will be replaced.

  16. The lack of spotting in this match was driving me crazy.

  17. Glad they capped!!!

  18. Circ please, that cap was fine. Was it “possible” to find and kill those enemies in time? Yes… but with less than two minutes? What did any of your allies in the cap circle stand to gain by leaving it? It was two tanks with big guns and good camo on the west end of prokhorovka, even if your entire team was synchronized and ready to follow through anyone getting close enough to spot them (which only you and the strv had enough time to do) stood a very high chance of dying for it. And for what? _Maybe_ a single shot’s worth of damage? Definitely not enough to risk a draw for, not when that shot potentially missing could be the difference between winning and not winning.

  19. Herman Miller embody ftw. I wish…

  20. What a stupid map. WG need to take this map out.

  21. FV 4005 is quite expensive to play with the “good” ammo….but for the victims it’s much more expensive:) How many times the premium consumables go off after a hit….:)

  22. what chair are you looking to get man? 🙂 Btw really glad to see you back!

  23. Do you pay arty players not to shoot at you?

  24. Prokhorovka is the most boring map in the game. Even for light tanks it’s super boring.

  25. you don’t even have a gaming chair and you give advice about it..?

  26. world of memes

  27. Why would you upload this game? This was boring from start to finish, not cause of you, but because of the map. Come on circon you do have much better highlights!!!

  28. What song is this?

  29. That T-54…
    Was it the same one that capped to the end?

  30. Yeah well I sit on a basic office chair with the back rest taken off.

  31. The Calazone Hardy

    what is that song at 1:03?

  32. Song name???

  33. World of Chairs

  34. Yup, all I’ve got is an office chair. Admittedly, it’s made of plastic, but it’s really good plastic, with a memory foam bottom and a mesh back that’s actually got really good lumbar support.

  35. Mean while in provkerovka

  36. This tank looks like a KV-4 on anadrol and stanzolol.

  37. I’ve always been a fan of the Herman Miller Aeron chairs.

  38. Herman Miller for a chair or GTFO. Not even Hon can match them

  39. 10:31
    Parking side on to a battleship? That’s a paddlin’

  40. Always a sad game when arty survives 🙁

  41. why DA FUQ would you want to buy a race car chair……to play games in?
    if anything… remove it from its mount…. and mount it in my car

    and its not leather….. its fake leather made from plastics (like the cheap chair im using now)

    plus…. you can buy a REAL racing car chair….for less money

    • its like….designed for ADHD kids
      the same type of people who would buy a water cooled power-supply, a water cooled keyboard…..water cooled case fans….

      i cant believe that Anfield uses that chair….. but he got it for free, due to selling his body for a sponsorship…

  42. It’s astounding how the T-54 did practically nothing.

  43. Too many people buys a chair thinking of the location versus desk/tv/monitor … bad bad bad !
    Buy a living room type of chair then adjust/mold your gaming setup to fit your Godly new comfortable position .
    Circon get a real comfortable Lazy-Boy with massage rollers in the back ( rollers are wonderful to help deal with those WTF Teams ) .

  44. @circonlexes If you want a good chair get yourself an S-Class mercedes benz chair and mount it on smething to convert it in a gaming chair 😉

  45. Is that an armor effectiveness mod? Aren’t those illegal?

  46. Wow that was a slow game

  47. The barn hungers… for what? Your silver?

  48. Get a *really* good office chair, with a seat and backrest made out of fabric mesh rather than leather/plastic/fake shit. The mesh makes sure you stay cool and provides good support.

  49. Avoid any product with ‘Gaming’ in its name; speakers, headphones, chairs, rigs..anything. It’s all overpriced bs.

  50. That dude that suggested a Sparco or Momo racing seat did have a point haha. My chair is a more bigger ( buisness design ) version of a racing seat. Made by FK. Had it since 2006 and its amazing.

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