The Battle for 80% Wins in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today you're joining me in one of my greatest sessions of yet with only one game between me and 80% wins after 64 games!
How many games of World of Tanks are winnable?



  1. Great stream from start to finish


    The blind shot pen on the 279E was beautiful

  3. 80% win rate. That is my daily defeat rate

  4. Rodrigo Ascencio

    Your positivity and respect for others are great character traits mr Quickybaby

  5. is3-II is my favorite tank. got a wr of 80 plus .soon get my third mark 😀
    but today uff worst wr ever under 20 ..

  6. I have not played since the war began and I will not play wot again unless they verbally and loudly condemn all of Russian actions and Belarussian collusion. And make huge donations to Ukraine relief funds

  7. Illegal Opinions

    How fitting that the 80% win session was done by the philosophy “All cap, ignore the retreating enemy”

  8. I do well to break even – random battles are an absolute lottery.

  9. Hey QB, I am enjoying your videos. Also you got me downloading the game again. Played years ago and now starting over and getting back in. Thank you for the videos and just keep it up.

  10. Man uses 13 HE on this tank. Absolute useless amount of HE

  11. Test_name Test_surname

    play some PC wot show how it is done

  12. 22 battles 90% win rate with my bisonte

  13. social3ngin33rin

    so what’s your gold fired % from all of those games? lol

  14. Well, MM likes you

  15. Wtf did i Just got a wot boosting add wtf…

  16. A Draw is always a lose for both sides and I really would wish that WG would finally remove that !

    In the end, the team with more health or more Kills should win !

  17. Honestly man i have no idea how are you doing that. Yesterday i played 70 games and got rolled over 55 times and won 3 games. Every game same ending. 5 tanks rushes you and that’s it. Dont know what im doing wrong

  18. Indy Custom Made

    Oh wow, not the Tog. I played last night and had one of the worst nights ever. I run a 67% win rate over almost 60k games. Last night I had a 30% win rate playing around 30 games maybe. I don’t know if the player base is getting so bad or maybe it’s just me. I am getting older so maybe it’s me.

    • dont blame yourself, but dont huff the copium either, we all get bad rng some(most) of the time, so dont sweat. you either win spectacularly or its not your problem 🙂

  19. Jeremiah Peisert

    I was at the last hour of this epic live-stream, and ho-ly-crap…QB was simply on fire. Several times I thought, nahh, no way they win, this is over, down by 4-5 tanks and 3k hit points… NOPE, QB made magic.

  20. Purple Speckled Apple Eater

    Those Leopard 1’s always are so sneaky.

  21. It’s sad to see that players do not often pay attention to the minimap for information. They could have so much better idea about where they are needed the most – had that lorraine moved to support the E50, had that E50 sat behind the line 0 bush (the player got killed in the open without providing any useful information at 10:42), had the three mediums pushed the one-shot batchat with only support from a leopard, the game should have ended much more quickly and convincingly. But at least they are willing to communicate and try their best to win the game, GG to them

  22. Good Job E 50

  23. World of Tanks for ever

    I have a 70% in the strv 103 B

  24. My greatest single session of World of Tanks (Console) was back in 2016 – it was only 13 games but I won all 13. It was such a good feeling. Think my worst ever losing session/streak was 24 games in a row – this was WAY back in 2015. I had only been playing for about 6 months and that summer World of Tanks Console was expanded to the Xbox One. The pure stupidity and utter noobiness that I witnessed was a sight to behold. Of course, I wasn’t a help either as I was still learning the game then, but still – it was awful.

    Sadly, it seems that it’s become much, much more difficult for the average player to come across a decent win streak as horrific losing streaks seem all the more common and are becoming the new normal as the playerbase continues to worsen.

  25. 01:24 shows yet again how broken the 279e is in this game, you cant damage it in that moment when its casualy passing by….

  26. Stat monkey wet dream, so funny

  27. VioletStetPedder -

    Who would have guessed that if you play better you win more.

  28. Just Gold spamming.

  29. With the M48 I once had a 1 vs 4 in the end and I found and killed the last enemy arty. In the last second of the match.

  30. I once won as well 50 battles out of 60-65. And once I played 100 battles in one single day but I can’t remember the win rate… aaand once I won 10 matches straight in ranked battles with the mighty 60TP. Damn, that felt good.

  31. Stupid how it is EU only, WTF WG!?

  32. So what could we learn from this video?
    *quikcybaby call himsefl “quackybaby” lol
    *spam gold for more skill
    * “look at me I am the best”
    Man you are hot on yourself, this is sickness.
    Subscribe removed

  33. amazing!!!!! what a game!!!!!!!!! this last together cap… all teamplayers.

  34. For me as a fairly average player I had a good one yesterday. Took out the T110E4 for the first time ever and managed to win 72% over 22 games, not the numbers I usually have in tier 10.

  35. Your a great player

  36. QB stat padding :DDD

  37. 79.69 % winrate is still nice. Only 69.69 could be nicer

  38. No crew skill shown again or equipment on this game poor sick showing on how to club kids

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