THE BEAST is here | M1A1 120mm SmoothBore Gun (War Thunder 1.87 Gameplay)

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THE BEAST is here | M1A1 120mm SmoothBore Gun (War Thunder 1.7 Gameplay)

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  1. first map looks like came from a C&C battle map

  2. Test the T80U if you can

  3. Heyo @Phly! Implied (German youtuber) made a livestream showing Leopard 2 A5 with new Shell… it might be better than American One ^^

  4. M41A1 big bro confirmed

  5. did i heard


  6. Very cool map, going all Red Dawn in an American city.

  7. Comes new USA Flak ?

  8. I think a New York map with times square and/or central park would be a really good tank rb map

  9. We get odd numbers when we start discussing sabot rounds, as NATO APFSDS was generally better shaped to deal with the extreme degree of slope on Soviet tank designs, and Soviet APFSDS was designed to stay more stable and penetrate further through flatter armour blocks, like Chobham for example as the Cold War progressed.

  10. Hiss after shot could be the smoke arrester. Maybe?

  11. Phly, play the SU-85A please

  12. Why didn’t see Leopard 2a5?

  13. Vega_Security .Bishop

    No new top tier for the germany ? Where is my fucking leo 2a5 !? Where is he !? GAIJIN !!!

  14. @Phly Daily:
    Those phonebooths need a Sailor, and a Hooker in each, showwhat they were *_REALLY_* used for! *_Screwbooths! :D_*

  15. Try out the challenger 2 pls!

  16. Existential Crisis

    The “Pssssss” sound is just a crew member opening a can of cola.

  17. Mause gameplay plssssss

  18. Mause gameplay please


  20. The hiss the bore evacuator on the main gun

  21. The t 80U still have a armour that the m1a1 abrams would sruggle

  22. Loving the unloved: play ze marder 3H one of my phavorites! Attempt #30

  23. Charles Cockburn

    Pls play the hampden at 9.0 attempt 11

  24. modern tanks need New UI ! this should be the next thing !

  25. 8:10 it’s the bore evacuator.

  26. karolus maximillian

    i played for 2 years until now i never reach tier 4

  27. This map reminds me of battlefield 5 tank gameplay, really enjoying the modern eras

  28. now watch gajoobles nerf it when they see ru tanks getting obliterated by it. but nonetheless ty gajoobles for the gift

  29. Attempt #58, play the Churchill black prince. Drink tea when you driving into battle

  30. War Thunder add T14 armata

  31. Ruskii9000 little brother


  32. Moisesezequiel Gutierrez

    *_Love the smell of 120mm Smoothbore of freedom in the morning!_*

  33. Phly is actually phillipino

  34. Still really curious as to why they decided to portray Alaska like this. As a current residemt I can instantly point out a dozen or so flaws. It looks great, nonetheless, just not really Alaskan.

  35. Anyone else getting a World in Conflict vibe?

  36. Phly plz panther F try no. 5

  37. Celestial Seraphim

    This map is gorgeous. Perfect for High-Pen Low-Armor tanks at low BR. Espectially the Breda for the Italian tank tree. Great for that close-range “shotgun” into the side of enemy tanks. 🙂

  38. Dev server or not the reload is too fast and the weight is too light ( for all abrams, not just the m1a1)

  39. “when I first started playing war thunder, the highest tier was like the Maus”
    When I first started, there weren’t even any tanks in the game yet. They hadn’t even announced tanks yet.
    I just played for the planes, and now I hardly ever touch planes. Times change man.

  40. Wonder if it will get a tusk upgrade package too…

  41. Ah finally the Americans get the glory of the Glattrohrkannone 120mm . The m256 is the licence version produced by general dynamics. The shell tho… oufff

  42. “Wow that sounded really good, didn’t it?”

    No, not past your loud-ass, audio boosted voice for your obnoxious inability to express enthusiasm without drowning out the things you comment on.

  43. I’m waiting for the moment, when the Panzerhaubitze 2000 or the Leopard 2 A7 comes to the game. We will have a lot of FUN.

    Eurofighter and F-22: Yes, we will

    Northrop B-2: Indeed

  44. The road signs are abit off. But my favourite is still “Achtung panzer!”

  45. They got the armor wrong it actually had uranium back plating

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