The BEST Active Scout in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks EBR 105. Update 1.4 has arrived with wheeled light tanks and with them a new contender for best scout!


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  1. I love how wg destroy this game every patch more and more. This patch is just end of the end game. Im not alone, who thinking wot are dead now. ?

  2. WG Why you do this! Not just is it turning way to good in travel mode, it should also not be possible repairing a wheel whilst on the move! How would they do it irl! And the enhanced Auto-Aim should not be a thing! GG

  3. Just wanted to see the tears of people in chat.

  4. All these salty *** in the comments here. I hope you all stop playing after this patch. Your whining is the toxic of this game.

  5. if you think Arty has a negative effect on the game just wait until these bullshit things appear, the new battle lines will all be at the back of the map.

  6. What did you mean by prepurchasing premium rounds?

  7. reason: A tank is an armoured fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat, with heavy firepower, strong armour, tracks and a powerful engine providing good battlefield maneuverability. ( So no im not a fan of these vehicles, whats next armoured motorbikes??

  8. good luck with more than 2s aiming time guns to hit it.

  9. it indeed kills the game….i tried FV4005 in the test server, in several games flooded with EBR105 driven by lunatics gone amok. I basically just busy hiding near base line, not even “camping”..and for the first time in my years playing WOT, it is my honor to have a grand battle which ended in less than 6 minutes.

    Most people playing WOT are people who enjoy a “slow” game. With this roach vehicles, it kills the game.

    And i was so frustrated in test server, i basically stopped playing for days….

    With the official 1.4,..think it is time to leave this game…..

  10. This could kill camping and arty, or force people to hang back to keep out of their way until they’re taken out. So good or bad, depending on what you like to play, but what I don’t like is that they will dominate when they are in the hands of skilled gamers. Ordinary Joes will suffer at the hands of these, they’re just too quick…

  11. They aren’t that good. They’re ok. Not terrible, but not great. After a month they’ll be all but forgotten.

    When players start to expect an early rush or fast attack it won’t work any more. And how do you think they’ll do on city maps?

  12. For every like I wont fap for a day

  13. Totally gonna ruined more games than ever.

  14. How much for this thing? 200$ ? this is bad idea to have thoes things + ripped battles. Why this vehicle do not roll over when landing sideways?

  15. This tank will just cause more people to use illegal mods to be able to destroy it.

  16. Amber van der Helm

    This tank will break the game, thanks to this tank other lights will be irrelevant and end up camping bush, what has already happened with heavies and meds. Congratz Wargaming

  17. I wonder if this will mess up the game like the Aircraft Carrier update did to World of Warships? I’m not looking forward to it. I play wot because I like the slower game play style.

  18. “It has been nerfed before it left the test server…” How can you nerf something that’s not in the game?

  19. this wount be wot anny more. this time wg realy f*cked it up

  20. I hate Captain map clicker’

  21. I wouldn’t call this a scout tank. All you have to do is drive in circles around enemies and nobody will be able to hit you. Rip wot

  22. Now tanks as the vk100.01 are really dead. Too many tier 10 matches and this slow tanks will be scouted and slaughtered before there reach a save place

  23. Aleksejs Dudarjonoks

    m8, this shit is dumb as fuck. That fucking boost shit from 0-95km/h in 2s is retarded, how the fuck a TANK is faster than a TESLA

  24. I think this will brake the game

  25. yolo and circle mode i would say 😛

  26. They should nerf asap the maneuverability. It should not be able to make a circle at 95 km per hour. Should slow down or even drift a bit. I am afraid my lights are gonna be useless in wot now…

  27. QB…you aint told them thet athe CAMO/hie ability ais GRATE…..means youa re not saying much..

  28. this tank is os unfare to Arty, Plus do to the types of tanks in the field dont match date and time of battles.

  29. I’ve maintained this all along, WG has now ruined (tracked) Light Tanks as a class. Why? They can’t snipe, they can’t (now) get to advance scouting spots first without the risk of being beaten to the draw by a wheeled vehicle (who will be far harder for your team to hit than you will be for the enemy). That leaves them with passive scouting (as you point out), well mediums can get better view ranges by mounting the same equipment you do and you will be in effect competing against the active scouts and adventurous mediums for any assist damage. If you try and brawl one of these wheeled vehicles then they have easier auto-aim than you and can dance rings around everything else, even a light. Thx WG for pissing on a hell of a lot of the investment I’ve made in the game in an attempt to appeal to the sub 5 second attention span audience.

  30. Amazing active scouting. This could be a tank to accomplish personal missions for scouting now

  31. Talks are they OP entire game…
    Goes 90 out of 95 km/h uphill

  32. Lol look at this 1:26

  33. Just a little bit of server spike and you’re doomed. Try to hit that

  34. trash tank, fucking stupid animal wg. they all shit

  35. Looking forward. Hoply my strv 103B finaly gets targets to shoot at 😛

  36. he has spotdamage but he has no damage in the second battle, then you have nothing.

  37. QB, thanks so much for the content. Really appreciated this video as it advised me with gameplay strategy for these new lights. I recognise that creating new content constantly must be hard, but we all love you for it. Thanks man!

  38. 2:42 75 wasn’t the limit, pz i c could/can still go 79 km/h

  39. How about the premium EBR 75 ? Did they remove boost feature too?

  40. Ran into your channel last week and decided to get back into the game. Holy hell has it changed since I last played. Fun, but some of the changes are weird.

  41. Looks broken as fuck. Always the same story — ‘This looks great and interesting’ like with the E25, with the changes to armour, with the Kranvagn, with the artillery, and more. And then within a month to three it’s something bad and overpowered.

  42. Nice hole, are you OK QB? You look like ISU152 hit you

  43. Wargaming tries to conceal the real problems with their game by simply introducing new extensive content
    -> Bread and circuses always work

  44. Fucking stupid WG shit again.

  45. They should nerf the view range of the tier 10 wheeled LT, so that it can never reach 445m view range.

  46. All I want to know is How Do I Kill It?

  47. My only issue with these vehicles is that people with high ping (like myself) having between 250 ms and 300 + ms ping are going to have an immensely hard time hitting them which to me breaks the game slightly. Why should people in less fortunate locations around the world be punished even further for having “bad” ping. I have just under 8000 games in wot and an average player according to XVM WN8 and i already have only a 65 % hit ratio because of ping issues. I personally foresee further aim-bots in the game just to try and deal with shooting these vehicles on the move.

  48. Yeah I really care when General dickface tells me stop camping.

  49. Who wants a WoT Classics server? Without all the autoloaders and all the premium tanks. Just the US, Russia, France, Germany.

  50. Looks wqild hgonestly ! But today i go start grind this line and see it from my own expereince ! Wheeled vehicles are fire but i dont think they go ruin game so badly. Use HE on them and slow them fuk out 😉

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