The Best AMERICAN HEAVY TANK? Long SHLONG & Extreme Armor (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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The Best ? Long SHLONG & Extreme Armor (War Thunder Tanks)


  1. You saw his name, report it

  2. Tetrahydrocannibinol

    Hey Phly, I think you should do two t shirts every three months

  3. just bought a black T-Shirt, gets the emblems to stand out. Much love from Australia mate!

  4. How about Artillery only?

  5. Tank daily all daily

  6. Spermdaily please

  7. Mother love me long time long time sucky sucky fucky fucky wonton Hong Kong Hong Kong wonton Hong Kong one time one time wonton love me long time feed on my long schlong go back to Hong Kong Gong I’ll send u back to Hong Kong pair wonton wonton

  8. CaptainDaily


  10. SaylDaily is fun, but where’s my damned DyveDaily??

  11. Seemandayly

  12. yo i was in a squad with you the other night, but you must have left the game 🙁

  13. Must be nice to be rich. Ass

  14. M18 Black Cat and M4 Cobra King with historical information please Phly because my over 30 attempts for an I-16 type 10 with historical information seemed to not go let’s try another video. Maybe do the Firefly plane

  15. Object 120 deserved it simply because it exists


  17. But Phly, you can’t be SemenDaily until December!!!!!

  18. Herrman Thee German

    so phly what changes did they do to the tiger to make em a one shot

  19. Hi Phily no disrespect I think It a piece of crap the m46 or tiger m46 has a better shell m348 shells and faster reloads 6.5 reload time and artillery. I get Into more trouble because of my reload Its so slow 14.5 seconds ace crew in that tank It moves very slow. The shells don’t cut It In this game some of the time they flat let you down a lot If you like trading shots this Is the tank to get…….What I don’t f%%%%%g understand why a heavy weight tank gets bullcrap shells and the light weight tanks get better disabling  shells with 300 plus pen more pen to be honest I think thats bulls$%^  do you REALLY think heavy weight tanks In real war have shells that cant destroy better than  light weight tanks and same goes for the t-29 shells they are just as bad. It those two tanks had the m348 shells the tank your using In the video t32 and the t-29 would be on par for there 7.0 rating great against other tanks that’s not going to happen . The t-32 needs support because of a long reload , or stay at a distance or near cover waiting on your reload, hey I don’t mind the reload time but the shells have let me down time and time again until a better shell performance comes along this tank will never be used In my game………..

  20. Play the T-26-E1 and determine whether or not that machine is truly overpowered.

    It never bounces the hull of my IS-2 1944, and i can never seem to kill them from the front with any other 6.3 vehicles (the long 88 seems to be the best for neck shots, but those are pretty iffy in my experience)

  21. HelicopterDaily

  22. T32 is good if you like getting you gun mantle penetrated By HEAT

  23. op america bias

  24. The shot trap on the T32 is incredibly consistent and lethal.

  25. Seaman daily for sure ?

  26. Hi PhlyDaily can you bring out the sherman tank

  27. I’ve never seen america space out that beautifully before. Only ever when I play Russia does that happen, with just an unstoppable wave of KV-85s and IS-1s

  28. *Semen*Daily

  29. Colonel PhlyDaily, Stalin wants you to take the RBT-5 out to face 9.0 and 10.0 tanks.
    Good luck comrade.
    And MiG for air support.

    Attempt #1.

  30. Top 10 anime betrayals

  31. Phly, would you ever do a video with BoTime gaming?

  32. SemenDaily? Pog? Gachibass.

  33. Semen daily ❤

  34. seaman daily

  35. Show the Italian tanks some love and take the P40 Liancelo,The IAR81C and The captured Spitfire.

  36. PLAY THE T-34-747 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Has the jumbo been nerfed?

    even a t35-85 can penetrate it nowadays

  38. yea you should change name to PhlyMonthly and not daily…

  39. In regards to feminization… Oops, autocorrect.

    In regards to * demonetisation*, YouTube has become a cancer unto itself. It will kill itself in the years to come.

    Hopefully you won’t stop and find a new domain to share and upload, because I plan to support you for many years to come, Phly. Your content is my mainstream entertainment. All I watch is some of my political podcasts, wows contributor streams, PC Tech channels, and you.
    Haha. Dont change buddy. Keep the memeful merchandise coming too.

  40. oh and the penetration is shown compare to shot coming from the camera angle, you just lied to yourself and us

  41. Hey Phly, I think you forgot about that weak spot on the tank where the 2 armour plates meet, there is a flat spot that reduces armour effectiveness, great video though. =)

  42. I cri evrytim

  43. Play the Panther II at top tier and kill two or more Abrams, it can be done! the Reich will live on for 1000 years my comrades!

    Attempt #15

  44. *Seamen Daily?* …..are we sure about that Phly?!?
    Also Im am *utterly livid* with the shot on the Tiger II holy sheet.

  45. Comrade you must play out the stronk t 44 122

  46. How to kill
    T32 Bowgunner
    T32E1 Trap shot

  47. This “best” tank is trash, terrible gun and 17+ sec reload LOL.
    As soon as a soviet op IS-tank approaches, the only thing you can do is pling his armor until he kills you

  48. I like how phly always gets tank requests but never plays them

  49. ShipSaily is my suggestion for your third personality

  50. 16:50 Tha’s why you gotta empty it manually

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