The Best American Heavy Tank

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Source: Spookston

The T26E5 is one the most fun heavy tanks in the US tech tree. It's very similar to the M4A3E2 Jumbo, which is pretty infamous in the War Thunder community.

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The Best


  1. hope you guys like this, I had a blast with it


  3. Just a simple gamer

    4:35 imagine how the Sturmtiger felt when he saw that blew up….

  4. Fun Fact: I only bring 15 rounds on all tanks except when I use two different rounds or a tank that has two guns

  5. Jajjaja i love your edits xd

  6. can you play jagdpanther

  7. Spookston is developing all of those bomb antibodies

  8. I can’t believe you didn’t die to any hull MG shots. I mainly play 7.0 russia and whenever I see a jumbo Pershing, I ALWAYS go for the MG shot. I have enough APHE to obliterate everything in one shot so it’s very good.

    You get rid of it just the same as you get rid of a Sherman jumbo.

  9. My god, Spookston really is immune to bombs.

  10. 7:00 yeah man so relatable 😂

  11. Spookston in his beastmode

  12. Renet Basmen and a stinkball player in real life’s

    Could you play the T26E1-1😊

  13. 2:52 the smartest tiger players.

  14. This weekend the dispersion was bad. I was being one shotted all weekend but it took me 3 hits to knock people out. So frustrating

  15. Meme on the USH, that thing is meant to hunt. Love it for the aggressive little honey badger it is.

  16. Spookstoon: multiple kills in one match. Me: one kill one assist and one cap and three deaths

  17. I heard the snippets from Violent Crimes lol

  18. I dislike this tank because of the weird bullet drop off, it feels like the shots should be faster and in uptiers only apcr is able to pen some of the russian bias

  19. Got to be the most animated I’ve ever heard you in a video lmao it’s great

  20. 12:00 had me dead 🤣

  21. I am impressed how you can link engine sounds to a specific tank, impressive.

  22. Could you pls play the ASU-85?

  23. I need help trying to get the decals

  24. Play the M48 Patton, one bazillion dead soyviets

  25. day 2 of asking spookston to play the t95

  26. 6:18 – thank guy -exploded-

  27. play the M3 next, preferably the soviet one if you can

  28. Could you play the t29/t34

  29. to infinity and beyond.79

    Cool little tank but was a complete fail because they beefed up the armor but did nothing to the engine or suspension other than putting lower gear ratio which lead to complete suspension failure and engine overheating problems and transmission failure all due to excessive weight.

  30. Can you play the t92 or m18 next please

  31. the T26E5 should be 6.3 it’s a fair match for the Tiger 2P

  32. Get pershed but the Pershing

  33. Day 2 of Conway

  34. “Get absolutely clowned on”

    Lmao, love it

  35. the T29 intensely looking at you in the corner

  36. I like how spookston is now. If you watch some of his earlier videos where he just started with actual WT gameplay you can hear him being rather quiet and serious, now he sounds way more confident and open, cracking jokes every now and then.

  37. American 6.7 is an absolute terror, US 7.0 is killer too, but the constant uptier really makes that range such a grind.

  38. naaaaah t32 is way better. This tank is very underwhelming. t32 is this tank but better.

  39. 23rd time asking Spookston to play the Tortoise 🙏

  40. it would be pretty cool if you played all the russian t-34’s from oldest model to newest.

    (day 12)

  41. The best Thing about full uptiers in 6.3 Germany right now is: Germany can’t hold against that. Apart from the Ru, there are no German tanks you could have in your team to counter the likes of IS-3 or IS-6

  42. I had no idea you could shoot a Sturmtiger’s shell mid-flight that’s so cool!

  43. Bro has in game ptsd

  44. I love it how he can just move all over the map like he’s a ghost. 🎉

  45. I survive retarded amounts of bomb explosions in tigers

  46. Nice when you get a tank that works.

  47. “There’s a T-54?!”

  48. wait do you also use spacebar for shooting main gun?

  49. I was watching pz II H video then my coke bottle tapped this video

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