The Best Anti-Tank Weapon System In The Entire Game (L:-62 ANTI II)

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Best Anti-Tank Weapon System In The Entire Game (L:-62 ANTI II)



  2. Top 3 mysteries of the world.
    1. Illuminati
    2. Atlantis
    3. What the hell Gaijin was thinking when they added Sweden to war thunder

  3. Day 11 of asking Phly to take out the N.C.223.3 again but with it’s 4791 kilograms bombs (200 kg x15 100 kg x12) into ground RB with friends for maximum rolling thunder

  4. high velocity, small caliber. sounds like it’s acting like a light sabot round.

  5. I was getting into the game & it’s these tanks that makes the playing experience terrible. Hence I stopped

  6. Day 31 of asking for the A.C IV

  7. Sensation of Licking

    finnish power! PERKELE!

  8. I don’t get the “Attack the D Point” radio call. Someone help me out I just started playing a month ago lol. Is it a meme or something?

  9. Beat anti air gun
    Only been shooting tank
    Hmmm u meant tank destroyer

  10. This thing is the best vehicle for grinding the battle pass since it’s rank 3 but is only 2.7. fucking busted.

  11. Steve. We have to break up. There’s someone else. They’re funnier than you. Yes it’s dollarplays. And he doesn’t use meme vehicles to be funny.

  12. mister moon

  13. Another OP Swedish vehicle. Apparently, if they had entered WWII, they could have conquered the world and we’d all be talking Swedish by now.

  14. Probably Gajin who forgot to tick the “explosive filler nerf” checkbox for the round. Like how MK108 rounds are actually just massive slugs and 100mm + APHE rounds actually just pack a roman candle’s worth of explosives inside.

    Idk man, if you’re in a 1-2m3 enclosed space and 3-400g, nevermind multiple kg’s worth of HE blows up inside, you’re paste.

  15. How does it feel to know that the great phly killed you …

  16. now i know how you control distance
    Controls-Ground Vehicle-Miscellaneous-Sight distance control: edit axis: increase value: E (that’s what i set it to)
    decrease value: Q (that’s what i set it to)
    Reset Axis value: F2 (Otional and i use this cuz i’m to lazy to bring it all the way down)
    use test drive to test

  17. Yo you finally made a video on this thing! I thought you were gonna make a vid on it when it was added, but I can wait for 2 more years until you make a vid on it….

  18. I swear that you tubers get better shell performance

  19. Rear shots doesnt count !

  20. I used the ASAP on the Swedish truck AA, and it was the most fun I ever had. I could just click on them and they would die.

  21. Lol there’s probably a clan that clicks the standard 40/60 dislikes every vid hahaha

  22. Hey phly you havent posted a video of the amx 13 ss11 yet (day 55)

  23. Can you do brumbar next?

  24. Can you play the su 85a

  25. 04:37 something spinning

  26. Day 224: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  27. Got 11 kills with the AB 41 yesterday, can you beat that?

  28. isn’t the best is tunguska?

  29. Meanwhile, the American spaas: 😶

  30. Yaaaaaay the next patch they will prob up br this thing or nerf the explosive mass which is when i will get it yaaaaaaaay. ._.

  31. I killed 12 tanks on this AA in the first battle(16 kills in total)

  32. I do belive that this SAP round is actually Molotov Cocktails fitted inside a normal AP round

  33. Nothing unusual. They used to kill tanks with 20mm rifles on east front . Tbats why BR 4.0 germans get skirts

  34. This is exactly how Finland bullied Russia in the Winter and Continuation War.

  35. 3 years of requesting please Phly. I-16 type 10. Thank you

  36. Phly- (french good vehicule) ‘it’s too op it should be upBR.
    Phly-(any good vehicule of other nation) wOw iT’s aWeSoMe.

  37. I feel like Sweden always have good cannons or at least their shells and their pen for what gun they have are just disgustingly good for their BR
    also *Angry AA noises REEEEEE*

  38. This is a tank killer in disguise as it is useless in it’s intended role.
    The gun handling is ABYSMAL for an anti aircraft gun, but good enough against ground targets.
    You just drive on and hit people in the side, one shot each

  39. Anti-fair gun.


  40. Bahadır Şahinkaya

    Insert Sakkijarven Polkka

  41. Ist at 3.7 BR now

  42. NO. Its useles.

  43. Didn`t even know about that thing. Quite a knocker I must say.

  44. Swedish warfare is something else man

  45. These thumbnails are ridiculous and I love it, lol

  46. its a 2.7 but also requires 26k research points so yeah

  47. I’ve used this tank extensively and I have never once gotten a tank kill with it. Did it get buffed within the last 3 months?

  48. Day 28: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk I. High-yield, low-tier bomber goodness.

  49. It took me foorrrrrreeeeevvvveerrrrr to spade this about 6 months ago. I _do_ _not_ remember the SAP hitting that hard. Buff?

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