The BEST Autoloader in The Game?🔥 | World of Tanks T57 Heavy Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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Today I am going to play with one of the best Autoloading tanks in the game – The T57 Heavy Tank. This bust is actually crazy and ready to send enemies back into garage very quickly.

Enjoy the show!


  1. This is such a beauty of a tank, the more I play with it the more I like it… What do you think about that?
    Also, do not forget to take part of yet another massive DEZMAS action featuring 100 boxes: 🔥
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    Have a nice day, beasts!

  2. What mod pack do u use for the % of the tank on the side

  3. Dying2kill

  4. I have a similar set up on my T57 heavy gun is slightly trollish

  5. I think t57 heavy is very good tank with dirty gun but great DPM reloader , 2 stabizalers and 3th eqimpment is vent hardering or turbo 🙂
    Name: mirothedevil
    Server: EU

  6. Had this tank unlocked for years but never purchased it. Xmas grinds for credits is in full swing for me.
    Name: Hazardz

  7. I battle to make the t57 work.. Earnestemu NA

  8. Merry Christmas Dez! Personally the Kran is my favorite autoloader but the T57 heavy was my first baby.
    Username: Lowenkron
    Server: NA

  9. Well tier 10 tanks take 280k exp. So you can research 1-2 tier 10s with that amount. So you pretty much just grind another tier 10 tank with your tier 10 lol.

  10. Well. That’s actually a tank that needs it. 👌

  11. i still suck no matter what autoloader i play… fastjam NA

  12. Name: BoHarper
    Server: NA

  13. I didnt get the american Autoloader-Line working for me (up to Tier9), i didnt have the t57 in the garage, i wait to get him cheaper, maybe the t57 works for me.

    Server: EU
    IGN: Lefteyehawk

  14. ‘Indecision’ ws the word you were grasping for Dez. Great vid as always, loved the T69 haven’t ground the line out fully yet but this has made me want finish it off.
    Server: EU

  15. In current Meta, 57 is at the bottom of the tiers… simple reason: very poor survival ability. yes, it can delivery tons of damage in seconds, but, the chance is rare…most of the time you need first consider how to survival…

  16. Was always curious about the T57, though i don’t know just how handy i would be with an autoloader, i’ve not really played a lot with them.
    As for loot boxes… well, no one wants to pick a bad luck charm.

    Tikky_ @ NA server

  17. Love you Dez. The t57 was my first auto loader was a derping monster!
    Name KrAzYCrAcKeR
    Server NA

  18. I have the T77 at tier 8 and it’s a good trainer for this beast, can’t go wrong with autoloading American heavies.

  19. Indecisive

  20. I wished I wouldn’t get banged always playing this tank… 🙄
    Wundyboy @ HK Server

  21. Planning on grinding the line next
    Name: MrDoc97
    Server: NA

  22. I always have good games with t57. I wish it would be as fast as amx
    Username tankistaboj
    Na server

  23. Retropaintball clips

    Have had in 2 years and barely any good games in it, especially now with turbogames, getting suicide run over etc etc. It’s to slow and my opinion is that tvp tier x is the best autoloader in the game today

  24. Dimitris Doulianakis

    Anyone knows what MOE mod Dez uses?

  25. Dez, I miss your streams! Are you busy during the day and that’s why you can’t stream in the afternoon and I am unable to watch?

  26. I liked the video with T57, I can’t wait to get to it too, thanks for the motivation!


  27. ive had the 57 for years and never played it on my account, but i have played it on my brothers back before the gun handling nerfs and massive heat pen, good times

  28. I decided once that I will go for t57 heavy. But then I checked t57 to 277 which was my tier 10 and it’s gun can be pretty derpy and after comparing it’s gun to 277 i thought not go it. It can be very dengerous in certain situations.

  29. I can’t find the link for the giveaway 😢

  30. One of thé best autoloader tank of the game i love him.

  31. Žygimantas Petryla

    I like T57, I have second marked this tank and I am not near the best player 😀

    EU server

  32. The t57 is old Love Name: _lebras Server:Eu

  33. I’m not a good player but I still love my T57

  34. I love the t57 heavy tank 🤩

  35. Nice tank as always

    Serv : Eu
    nick: Fromagene

  36. wierd. usualy 3 out of 4 bounce no matter what

  37. I really like the T57 Heavy, and I’m looking forward to play the line.
    Your content is awesome ✌️

    Username: Litchi_Faye_Ling
    Server : EU

  38. i recently put a turbo on my t57 and it feels like a new tank. Rest equipment is vents and stabs. You could actually drop vents and go with rotation mechanism i guess, cause dpm is good enough.

  39. Kranvagn is better?

  40. Yes, i got the tank for a while ago and saw the RNG in action… but when it says YES! it’s so funny to play with 🙂

  41. What about tvp 50/51 ;(. It was 6 years when you last made a video about tvp

  42. Happy Christmas holidays to everyone! ^^

    Name: Gurken_Queen
    Server: Eu

  43. @DezGamez,
    first ty to do this with the huge give a ways for all !?
    for me no way to win i don`t us the (Fratzebook) Facebook and the other for young Boy`s and Girl`s so important Sozialmedias.
    But i wish all a Happy Christmas and goooood Luck !

  44. love this tank

  45. I guess I know my next tank to research. Your look into builds that are outside the norm is refreshing. Keep up the good work. GealicWolf. NA

  46. i like the T57, however i’m always getting focussed and never last long

  47. T57 Heavy was one of the first tier 10 tanks i had. I don’t know if I can find the date for purchase, but it is many years ago. There was just french autoloaders and the T57 Heavy.
    And I still love it. When I schall play heavy tank in the clan in Stronghold, I always play my T57 Heavy.
    I am GoldBack_Eagle on the EU server (yes, I’m not very good, but I have my reasons).
    Thx for the good videoes 👍🎅🇩🇰

  48. This tank is clearly a beast, i love the sound of the rack loading the shells, sounds like a scream !

  49. One of my favoite tanks such a dps monster
    Name SPYDER_EDY_1

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