The BEST Bond Store Tank Now? | World of Tanks 121B Buffed – Update 1.13 Patch Review

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Source: DezGamez

Bond Shop Tank Buffed in Update 1.13. World Tanks Gameplay, Tier 10 Chinese Medium Tank. World of Tanks 1.13 Patch Update – HE Shells Rework, Artillery Rework (New Ammo), Buffs and Nerfs. World of Tanks Update 1.13 Preview, New Ranked Battles and New Equipment Units, Battle Pass Season 5 and More.

► Information from:
– Official update 1.13 patch notes: https://worldoftanks./en/news/general-news/1-13-CT1/

Test server for the mega update 1.13 is finally here, featuring many new features and tank buffs. Is this now the bond tank?

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. The Beast from The East is definitely a contender now… It felt very good on the test server. What do you think? Have you tried it out yet?
    Also… Guys, just wanted to say that *I freaking appreciate all of you A LOT!* Stay awesome! 😉

  2. Have u tested M60 too?

  3. anonymous beaver

    Is this on the live server??

    • Sabbra Cadabra420

      No it’s on the test server but the “recon mission” event with the new maps is going to start on the live server in just a few weeks so keep an eye out on that

  4. I have >52K bonds and >30 X tanks 8 of them R meds, the only X tank I would like to get is the Chieftain T95/FV4201

  5. It’s hard for me to bite the bullet on anything that cost 15k bonds unless it’s obviously amazing >< I'm always afraid after I spend that much they will bring a better tank in to the bond shop.

    • Wait till you hear about the bond auctions for the chiftain and 907

    • I got the m60 already for 15k bonds…. Going for 121b next m60,s gun handling is feckin god like! And supprised it’s as fast as it is aswell

  6. 5° gun depression is holding this tank back

  7. Does anyone else see the trend here? Russian bias and now Chinese Bias, hmmm.😎

  8. But, wich tank is the most relevant right now? M60 or 121b?

    • For me 121B because I have the 122TM with good crew. I don’t have any good crew on American mediums so M60 isn’t for me.
      This can be for you to or the other way around. It is even possible that you don’t have a crew for either of these tanks, thus would be smart choice not to pick one.

  9. Damn just got top gun on the wz 120 🤔

  10. I died long ago

    i love the maps you’re showing Dez, also the tactical view is very useful now the playing field is even for those who use mod and those who don’t ✨💪✨ same as always great content

  11. Drop the optics and equip this tank with turbo and it can bully many fast and armored tanks. 121B does not need optics to reach max VR as it has 420m base VR. Forget about accuracy because 350mm cHEAT pen can ‘virtually’ pen anything. Turbo+improved vents+improved rammer.

    350mm heat pen in a high dpm platform that goes 60/28? Yes please. This tank is broken lol

  12. Dez: I have the highground

    My head: It’s over Anikin, I have the highground

  13. Question is do they level the hidden stats in recon mode?

  14. The M60 and 121B are now both really good options.

    The M60 has better frontal turret armor than the m48, so you can work a ridgeline really confidently from medium ranges now. 290+ on the cheeks, however you have the tumor to contend with.

    The 121B is like a tier 10 T55A, the turret checks are also 290+ beside the gun so its way more effective, but lacks that flexibility that the m60 has on ridges.

  15. Ricardo Carmine

    Fine Dez, only 12k Bonds to go

  16. ive been hoarding bonds since 2018-ish…
    55k bonds

  17. wasn’t that zoom out a mod that will get you banned 2 years ago?

  18. i hate how wg didnt buff m60..m60 still the same…

  19. Thomas Ritzinger

    That Wolga map is exactly the same as that tier 1 map Province, just a bit bigger 😉

  20. Why use 121b when you have 140 or 430u use purples equipment on your 140 it will be god tier tank better than 907

  21. think giving it a better gun depression to 7 and little better gun is better than overbuffing the armor butt this is WG after all

  22. Dunkel CtankWIE

    2 problems with this game, arty and cars… glad they semi fixed the arty, because 50% of the problem in this game is better than fixing 100%, not saying over all those are the only flaws in this game, but they’re both very broken, they both needed nerfs and shit, but they focused all their tiny brain power on arty only. 😀

  23. Why they dont Buff the FV215B 🙁

  24. social3ngin33rin

    Russian bias!!!!!!
    We all know Chinese tech tree is basically expanded Russian tech tree (to gain the Chinese market)

  25. Butch E30 M3 s14

    Basically a big boi 122TM 😍

  26. Although it’s like Mines, I thought that map looked pretty fun lol

  27. Dez: clearly hits the side of a paper ruski tank
    Weegee: buh thatta bounce

  28. Retropaintball clips

    Is it 121b that’s buffed or is it both 121s?

  29. What is the dif? I have the 121. The 121B is just black right?

  30. I just think lately the game is gone to shit get all your team going down one side of the map you know it’s a loss in the first 30 seconds and I don’t know about you but I find it’s hard to make points what is it world of tanks need some money so the rig the game want to make extra revenue they better smarten up or people are going to play other games that reward your time a lot better than world of tanks does

  31. When this patch is coming?

  32. Gets a buff…proves to be too popular …..ends up getting nerfed …..can see that coming , like everything else WG fuck up !

  33. Looks nice, but that’s the turret armor buff I’d like to see on 121

  34. I don’t understand why this season’s 3d style for the 121 doesn’t work for the 121b
    it could be good
    Continue Dez

  35. The rhino is by far the worst tier X I have ever played for crap rng. It bounces off everything with standard ammo.

  36. The “music” was a bit annoyingly loud 😥

  37. Nice accent, where are you from? from Uganda?

  38. Still dpm îs low and gun depresion…..

  39. Is anyone of you, content creators going to draw attention to the nerf of all premium t8 light tanks, 90% or premium medium tanks, 40 % of the premium heavy tanks – mostly Americans/French/Italian and 80 % of the premium TD in game after the new HE mechanic in 1.13?
    Or the fact that the Frontline will be open for T9 as well as T8?
    Or are we just pretending it isn’t happening?

  40. We need kv4 kreslavsky with buff video

  41. The hybrid between 430u and 121

  42. Best in tier viewrange, great camo, great accuracy, hesh rounds. Now after the buff also great turret and bouncy front plate when angled, good speed and great dpm. B-but -5 depression!!! Come on people you cant have it all.

  43. I bought M60 a month ago

  44. U post this the day after i buy the m60

  45. last summer, they said that they will change the tanks in the bond store more often… I’m still waiting

  46. Actually MINES is one of my favourite original maps ❤️… they can delete Provence anytime now…🤢
    Fields is great as well 😘

  47. man how can u joing in the test server i cant connect like servers are not online or something

  48. that second map looks like old Erlenberg

  49. why would you play this when there are russian meds in the game? like 140 and so on?…

  50. What about buffed IS-5 review?

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