The BEST British Tank IMO (Debatable) | STILLBREW CHIEFTAIN (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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HARDEST BAGUETTE EVER | 500mm PEN ( Thunder AMX-40 Gameplay)


  1. 49k views in 8 hours? Nice

  2. Nice gutter shot in town

  3. phying moldy balls… i’m calling him that from now on

  4. C202EC attempt #11

  5. that RENAMED guy again. i wonder how many accounts does he have all name RENAMED but different numbers. i just saw the other renamed got banned because of cheating

  6. here here

  7. brendon hutchinson

    Tankdaily once again

  8. Change this YouTube channel name to moldy balls

  9. The National Socialist American Workers' Party

    They need to improve the damage model and remove the RNG bounce BS. Tired of bouncing off shit that would just crush under the impact of a large caliber shell. They also need to make the tanks more historically accurate, Tiger II H had a 140mm plate on the manlet not a 120mm. Not to mention that the Tiger I wouldn’t have the driver hatch open during combat. I don’t get why it’s necessary to have it as a weak spot when it already has enough frontal weakspots compared to a Jumbo or T-44 that you have to neck shot. Or better yet playing against T29/T34 that you can’t pen at all from the front and Super Pershings that have a tiny little machinegun port or a cheek shot if you are close enough and RNG loves you.

    There is also a Tiger I model that had a flat manlet that was 120mm or more that they could add as a premium as well as a closed driver hatch to help out when we get uptiered. Which at 5.7 is 80% of your matches because of everyone spamming the above mentioned tanks.

  10. here here phly, hatred of the sun glare is stronk

  11. Here here

  12. Tier 6 battle in a nutshell. I see a few moving pixels covered with bushes. shoot “THAT ONE BOUNCED”

    Wait wrong game

  13. DO IT T34 and AD-4 for the american fun combo 2

  14. Why use this 9.3 tank when you could use the better in every way challenger mk.2?

    • You also say the round is “only” 10mm lower than the challys, but the angled armor penetration is what matters the most if you look at the difference.

  15. Totally agree with the shades. Crews should be able to upgrade and get polarized shades.

  16. I thought the best British tank was the archer?

  17. Cover the turret of either the chieftain or chalky in bushes and it’s a hull down fortress

  18. moldy balls ???

  19. The crazy guy who plays YT

    I agree

  20. Use should do the M10 Wolverine and P-51D Mustang

  21. Here here

  22. in the first game, the second leopard 2a4 you killed was a chinese dude. i can tell from his name

  23. Is there gonna be a live stream tomorrow I hope Steveeeeeeeeeee I rlly want to see a live stream

  24. How dare you say the Chieftain is the best British tank? The best British tank is the Tetrarch!

  25. Why is the Leo A1A1 9.0 now?

  26. Gaijin: he’s talking about getting rid of parts, send in secret Soviet spy agent!

    Bubba: *meow*

  27. *Laughs in british

  28. 1000mm!!! That’s like 3.3 feet of armor. Holy crap….

  29. Take out the T-64BV or M1 Abrams ! Please you haven’t done T-64BV yet ! And you shoudl show how M1 Abrams is surviving in this update against 2A4-s !

  30. Peter Lo Yuan Lai

    I really want the chieftan Mk10 and the Challenger Mk2 but the grind is killing me …

  31. the tank i like to use is panzer 4 f2 i have like 1233 kills on it and i have gotten 600 wins in wt

  32. You’re nice to not killsteal

  33. What setup does you have to be able to play with 90-125 fps? Do you play in 2-4k resolution?

    I bought a 2k screen and I had to go down to the lowest graphics on 2k to be able to get around 70-90 fps. I have an overclocked i7 3770k 4.2ghz and a gtx 1080 :/

  34. Guys,today was my first time eating those American’s cereals(those colored rings). I never had them befire cause where I live,in Slovakia,there isn’t a shop that is selling them. But I am at holiday in Croatia and I bought them and ate them and they were horrible,but,after an hour I found out I poured old milk in the bowl !(it wasn’t that moldy) So I tried once more and poured a different milk and it was awesome !

  35. Moldy balls huh how do you live with that?

  36. how much is one shot?

  37. Its not a challenger 2 its still a og chally its just the 2nd iteration

  38. Matthijs de Witte


  39. Noice logo

  40. here here. and also repair costs revisited

  41. “Nuclear sun gives more life to game comrade” -Gajoobles 2016

  42. Challenge series idea: getting called tank daily too much? Refuse to play boring air rb game modes? Why not combine the best of both! Take any plane with gunners and land said plane in a tank rb game, try to cap a point or get a kill. Good luck )))))

  43. Agree to sun glasses:)

  44. Boomdabow

  45. OMG why is warthunder so pay to win

  46. hey phly, u should use the epic thunder sound mod on live.warthunder

  47. Hear, hear

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