The BEST BRITISH Tank | Long Range KOs (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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The BRITISH Tank | Long Range Snipes (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. Pretty sure Phly is now on some British watchlist for Crimes Against Teakind.

  2. Артём Саблин

    The best spy ever – m22 on top tier.

  3. Aren`t you HOW TO BASIC? xDDD

  4. I feel attacked with that opening

  5. Good job phly..

  6. Top vídeo

  7. Phly = HowToBasic confirmed

  8. Got killed by kugleblitz

  9. i was thinking that howtobasic is making tea 😀

  10. no stockholm syndrome Phly, continue with indiscriminately killing Maus tanks

  11. I always make my Tea like you phly ?

  12. It’s been so long since I’ve played WT, I don’t know what the symbol was after the first shot he took in the first battle is.

  13. BalisticAssualtRifle

    Haha to bad i can easily take it out with a T29

  14. Antony Theocharidis

    I can’t be the only one who can’t watch this video because it just seems like playing on easy mode right?

  15. What march is that at the beginning? I’ve never heard it before; I need to increase my patriotism levels!!

  16. Hey phly may you please play the German do-17 Z-7 with the tiger h1 or your preference

  17. Watching too many top YouTubers was what finally put me off WT. I still watch the videos, but I no longer play the game. There’s some tea drinking limey irony for ya, Phly! I didn’t have the time to “git gud” (salt in the wounds of a pissed off player), and got tired of being cannon fodder for the level 100’s and the close air support abusers.

  18. Mark William Reid

    For loving the unloved… FV4005 British Derp

  19. Please read the message in messenger.

  20. So enjoyable to play Maus nowadays vs all these buffed to hell APFSDS-demons and brits.

  21. You fucking peasant, milk with earl grey. You should be hung drawn and quartered.

  22. Nicola Corradetti

    Omg at first i tought u turned into How to Basic..

  23. This is. This is not tea. This just won’t do.

  24. disturbing how you make tea 😀

  25. does howtobasic play War Thunder??

  26. You massacres that brew *rages in british*

  27. Dear god lol

  28. Phá hoại :v

  29. So triggered after that intro!! Pretty sure you pissed off every single one of my countrymen!!

  30. Syver Olai Elvestad

    The fuck did you do with the tea… Bish

  31. As a honourable Englishman, consider yourself to have successfully enraged me to hitherto unprecedented levels.
    This is beyond cold, used teabag stuck in the sink plug hole!

  32. yall need to leave the bag in for a lot longer than that and more sugar

  33. the intro looks like How To Basic daily tea making ‘v’

  34. The intro part is fucking blasphemy

  35. Praid black ☕ tea akaiaiiaiaiaiaiiaaiaayayyayayayyay

  36. potato aim is over 9000

  37. The intro kind of reminded me of howtobasic

  38. Why did you teabag that poor mug?! What did it ever do to you, made you coffie?!

  39. The real howtobasic

  40. hello phlydaily i have a challenge for you ie shoot down the plane using bullet smoke. how do you receive?

  41. The queen is going to sue you

  42. how do move the measuring lines to the redical like that?

  43. T-10M composite armor confirmed!

  44. فهد الشمري

    Why there is no Arabic translation ؟ ?

  45. I am a ‘newbie’ player with low tier tanks only, but saw this in videos quite a few times now, what is the icon that is ‘Loading’ all through the time while you are playing? Same as Repair, crew replenishment, but this one looks like ‘pool balls’ lol . Anyone can explain please

  46. Is this howtobasic?

  47. why do u always play realistic why dont you play arcade

  48. *HowToTenk*

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