THE BEST GAME. EVER. in World of Tanks.

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Roll the end credits.
Why havent you subbed yet?


  1. You’re welcome. 😉 This vid might not be available everywhere because of music. Will have a non music one up tmrw and i have send jingles the replay. <3 Why are you not subbed to my channel yet? Yes, you, in the black t-shirt.


  2. Best game ever

  3. Still think the Waffel clip was more eipc 😀

  4. Skipped throught the video to see what was so amazing. Didn’t see anything. Then i watched it back and saw you do 1000 damage to an IS-3. I looked down and saw the memes. I instantly facepalmed and then liked 🙂

  5. the music is always dank tho 🙂

  6. I’m getting to hear the music here in the U.S. atm but maybe they haven’t noticed yet?

    Some great choices btw.

  7. LOL nothing makes me smile in this game more than high-caliber HE damage

  8. i was there !!! im proud.. Hi Mom !!!!

  9. congrats on winning wot circon! 07

  10. The most ace Ace ever.

  11. That IS-3 shot, lol.

  12. monster game, 15 shot fired, a medkit and a prem consumable –> 15k credits, if he run non premium account he would lose 8000… Holy shit…

  13. Chris Cornell…come back, come back….

  14. Click on video, hear Like a Stone. Well done Circon.

  15. Oh Circon, you shouls have upload the review you did afterwords on stream… this was the BEST stuff ever!!!

  16. why am i never there to see shit like this live?

  17. Last night was a great stream….. I thought you are gonna upload the version with the glasses 🙂 when we were all watching the replay

  18. UltraBruiser!! Show the module damage done from that game.. =)

  19. The Jg Pz E Foch 155 is gut ja

  20. now, send it to jingles

  21. this takes me back to the HE Waffle

  22. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    You played WTE100 with HE only before.

  23. This are some serious HEMES

  24. That soundtrack though: The Who “Love reign on me” <3
    Haven't heard that one in a long time 😀

  25. the music almost almost as good as the gameplay

  26. Almost as good as the WT E100 game on ruinberg with full HE….

  27. click bait

  28. When you roll the memes

  29. Can anyone tell me the name of the first song? And the name of the last song?

  30. At the rate these HE memes are going on , Wt e100 and noe this shit , Jingles is gonna have to watch his old ticker .:-).

  31. It is like type 5 heavy with autoloader :))

  32. Finally, somebody beat WoT, we can all go home now!

  33. Circon went full Akoakko

  34. What is the song’s name in the beginning of the video?

  35. Now you should do an all HE Jagdpanzer E-100, could be fun!

  36. my favorite ammo HE and my fav song from my fav movie on my fav yt channel – im done;)

  37. Is this the new meta?

  38. So it’s proven now that HE does indeed more damage. xD

  39. This was the most glorious set of memery I’ve seen this year. Circon, you are now Man of the Year 2017. Wear that with pride. Because that was motherfucking brilliant.

  40. Autoloader KV-2 with mobility and all armor plates moved to the front

  41. Circon making it look easy…. as usual.Waiting to see Jingles reaction…

  42. This is why I only load HE on all of my tanks, it does the most damage.

    (I’m joking, relax)

  43. here we see Circon playing with Foch trying to penetrate as much as he can

  44. The memes!

  45. AP is overrated anyways..

  46. Jérémy Compiègne

    you are a genius guy !

  47. This is it. Anyone want to beat that?

  48. 155 HE nerf confirmed 😀

  49. Hol’ up! What about that match when you penetrated an entire HE clip in the WTE100?

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