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  1. echogameadventures

    if you camp less, arty will shoot someone else. :p

  2. Excellent game, well done!

  3. That was definitely one hell of a game.

  4. well played, great commentary. thanks for the video 🙂

  5. Terrific Vid, LR. Thanks

  6. Why can’t I have enemies like that obj140. He finally decides to rush you when his teammate dies.

    • TheJoey99 ya bc thats why the game was much jealousy of others skill…

    • I never said that the only reason for this good match was because of brainless enemies. Great job coming up with that conclusion.

  7. Amazing game and nice analysis. Ty and grats!

  8. TheReal CloroxBleach

    I have games like this for breakfast.

  9. Great video and super informative commentary, but im even more impressed by the way u explain ur mind during stream and carry the game at the same time, just phenomenal, pure skill, take notes

  10. oh no lemming said four in german D= i thought you’re always reading tank names in english lol

  11. CONFIRM…..great game needs shit tons of luck

  12. God fking damn!

  13. BagelsGamingOnline

    Wow, Lemming I got my best game ever on Live Oaks in the Obj 140 too…


  15. “You can’t predict a south loss at this point”… The soft skinned T30 pushed across the river, half way across that little island on your side of south, and all those teammates haven’t killed it yet, you’re gonna lose the south no doubt…

    I’m bad, so I know bad, and that’s bad…

  16. WP GG man! Explained well too!

  17. dang, it was a good game!

  18. Saw that on your live stream…nice job!

  19. My favorite part was when arty got spotted and you killed him without him knowing where it came from. 🙂

  20. isnt a way to make light tanks good just give them 450m base view range but remove vert stabs and gld so it is impossible to equip that would seperate them from mediums

  21. Just an average game for skill4ltu 😉

  22. Love your content keep it up☺

  23. You clickbaiting now? this is like ur casual games.
    Yeah for me, it’s an excellent game, but after watching and listening to ur tactic talks on your past videos, you made this look like a casual ace

  24. The timeing in the end was perfect to lock u in a hulldown position 😀 gg

  25. Great game LR. The key was the 140 not finding you until late game…the number of times you said about expecting the 140 to be hunting you says it all. Good mindset explanations too.

  26. Great explanation and game!

  27. Andrzej Luxanna Roztoczynski

    Btw visit lemmings’s stream! Its as informative as his videos while you can also listen to him being passive aggressive about cpus, accuracy, or pershing! You can also do a lot of funny stuff like talking with him, trying to snipe him or even predict games like this one!

  28. I saw this on the Twitch stream replay….it was great to see it again. Awesome job and it demonstrates your fluid tactics have a workable basis just so the doubters can suck it up.

  29. Epic 1vs6 carry wp

  30. DrFanta - Tech - Games - and more
  31. xSupeRxNoodleSx

    I prefer the thought commentary (qb-esk) as it helps new players with their decisions.. rather than just playing a great game, which is great to watch, but not very informative.. I have now subscribed to you, keep up the good work.. you have great content and play really well

  32. Great game, little lucky here and there.

  33. Watched this game live. Very tense ending. Btw, the fire at the end was pure skill and that’s lemming’s specialty

  34. Masterclass!

  35. So to summarise the obj 140 on the enemy team threw by not running a automatic fire extinguisher! haha, good job Lemming 🙂

  36. So ez vs noobs

  37. Ben The Shrubber

    love that you didnt use the twitch audio for when you got that last shot ;p

  38. shout out from Dublin , Dam Bro , master class right there ,
    Great vid , great commentary .

  39. Far out.. there are no words how amazing/skillful this replay is ! Great work James ?❤


  41. #FreeTommy

  42. xDerangedLama69

    Your fresh if you shoot hesh

  43. 2 fires against 2 tanks right when u need it. Totally not biased. And, how much did u pay wg in total to get such good rng?

  44. Well played sir

  45. HE more damage xD

  46. Conscripted Freedom

    Easily the most educational and informative WoT tuber out there. Excellent stuff as always Lemming. Thanks for continually pushing my game to higher levels. ?

  47. Why the hell would you take a Foch into the town and then load a clip of HE? What on earth was he expecting to find in there, their lights and arty getting ice cream at the corner store?

  48. Either way luck or not that was a hell of a game ! Was it helpful ? Yeah I guess. It just shows me how much I suck lol. Your decisions are always gonna be much better than mine. I’m certain somewhere in there or maybe in several spots I would have over committed and thrown my tank away.

  49. Can you do some more platoon videos? It would be useful to know how you can not only play as a solo to try and carry but in a two or three, if you need anyone for platoon then hit me up 😉

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