The BEST German BR in War Thunder Tanks

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  1. The gun is really good…except if you use the god awful HEAT rounds.

  2. the 37 flaktrack is fucking OP as shit.

  3. JiMмץ᙭ᗪ Arriagada

    f2 ftw

  4. Yo baron


  6. “Fucking german Bias”

  7. Basically, at 3.3 in the F2, you’ll either be absolutely destroyed, or
    completely rek people.

  8. The 105 Sherman is pretty beastly against Russian tanks. The hull is 99%
    immune against the 76mm of the KV-1 and with a bit of of angleing it stops
    even the F-34 while the 105mm HEAT shell just cuts through their armor. Its
    also very mobile since its a M4A3 with HVSS. Only the turret traverse
    sucks, well and the shell velocity.

  9. BR3.7 actually..
    And yes, love this tank, used properly, it’s a serious headache for the
    enemy team

  10. Favorite BR? has to be 6.0 for the germans i think

  11. good video

  12. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Gun is feeling weaker after changes to amunition, like less fragmentation

  13. No. No no no no. I have a blast in tier 4. Jagdtiger for the win. And yes,
    sometimes you get uptiered but the other games are worth it. Kugel by my

  14. The Panzer 4 at 2.0 also dominates.
    And the Tiger 2 10.5 dominates at 7.0 :D

  15. can you play more command of war

  16. Panzer 3M with APCR is probs my favorite tank besides Panther D. BR is so
    great on it.

  17. PLANES:
    Tier 1 Bias: Russia (i-153)
    Tier 2 Bias: Britain (spitfire)

    Tier 1 Bias: Russia (played right, you have 45mm and green cammo default)
    Tier 2 Bias: Germany and Britan (pz 4 f2 and the 3ich gun)

  18. I like about 4.0 myself. dat churchill got me my Porsche tiger after all.

  19. my favorite BR for german tanks… 3.7, because I have a talisman on the Pz
    IV G. I get more RP from that tank than playing with my Tiger H1/Panther D

  20. Play the M3 Lee, and bind a key for switching the aiming reticule between
    the primary and secundary gun.

  21. M3 Lee ftw

  22. Have you heard of the allmighty M3 Lee?

  23. I do like the Tiger at 5.7 If your top BR its fun. But I’m a total noob at
    this so don’t do all that well

  24. we have our first tank that have more than battle rating of 8.0
    its called cancer

  25. Baron will you record with squire again?

  26. +BaronVonGamez Best BR for germans is definitely 4.3.. cause most OP german
    tank (KV-1B :D) have this BR.. I had brutal matches with >20 kills in
    arcade battles with that tank..

  27. exactly, we have habit, AND that is exaclty why sometime it’s really good
    to take other way our of nowhere, can save your life…
    defenitely need more AA games XD

  28. was testing this tank out, btw you can 1 hit kv-2s, and pen the back of an

  29. Baron, the ap belt ammo can pen all vehicles in training area and takes out
    t34s with ease lol

  30. @Baronvongamez take out the SU 100y!! Derp for Stalin! Send them to gulag!

  31. One shooting everything with the king tiger at BR 6.7 is the best (you need
    good aim skill though), and trolling all day long with the gepard at BR 2.0

  32. Man Baron, you are actually so good at War Thunder.

  33. MrJohnycomelately21

    can you not up gun the crusader from a 2pdr to a 6pdr??

  34. fyi. its the Berlin map it has ai spotter planes.

  35. BR 3.7 is my Fav with the F2 of course, great vid Baron thanks :)

  36. baron baron play the flakpanzer 1, 450 20mm hvap-t rounds a minute. 64mm of
    penetration at br 1.3. german bias confirmed.

  37. Playing with the Germans 2.3-3.3 is a good br

  38. Baron I honestly don’t know what your talking about….3.3 was hell on
    earth. Fighting t34s and kv1s….also the m4s are really good at there tier
    as well…if you ask me German tanks still suffer a defeat at this tier and
    I’m a German tanker

  39. Can u show me how to play the firefly

  40. “Definitely the thing you have to worry about is… ooooh look at that.”-
    Baron, 2016

  41. AAAAAAHHH German engineering cit. red orchestra 2

  42. The pz iv f2 is even good when it is against tanks upto 4.3 br.

  43. Wish I has this Game Or a computer
    I feel so dumb Not knowing all the Tank types and names

  44. I wonder how i get back to tier 1 matches even though i have tier 2 tanks.
    I have tried to not select them and send them on holiday but i still get
    into tier 2 matches!

  45. You should do a bt7 race

  46. Mine is 1.0 xD
    The Pz.II C with that 20mm… Oh man…

  47. what are your computer specs?

  48. The bad thing I’ve seen: t34’s turret is faster than… AA Sdkfz6/2 37mm
    turret !!!!!!!!!!!

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