The Best German Medium Tank

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Source: Spookston

War Thunder players love discuss the infamous Tiger or Panther, but I think the various Panzer 4 variants should get some more attention.

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Various Command Conquer: Generals Tracks

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The Best German Medium


  1. (Sorry to ask but) Video 98 of asking for AMX-50 Foch or CA Lorraine Gameplay IM NOT GOING TO STOP

  2. I miss the days this was at 3.7-4.0 with the H and the J versions. When they were rank III i had such a blast doing events because It was so fun to play full Panzer IV lineup. It was my favourite tank, i wish It went up again into rank III

  3. Man are you michael wittmann from war thunder 🤔?

  4. I remember the satisfaction of The F2 Pz IV. That was godly

  5. day 37 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  6. play the m18!!

  7. 10:52 it does that for some reason probably tge transmission suffering

  8. 15cm tanks are goated thi

  9. Holy hell that is one powerful 75

  10. Panzer III L and M are even better imo

  11. I love the Panzer IV’s. Even if not especially the later ones. I know the tank like the back of my hand and I love the playstyle. It’s not just “dur dur mein Kruppstahl is better let me not angle my tank against this 76 Sherman”, I have to actually consider my position and can afford to take a lot of hits.

  12. “Ohohoo… that’s not good… …thankfully he was disabled.” Spookston, 2012

  13. every time he plays the same tiers i do i look at all the usernames as if im in the vid even though i havent played in like 4 months

  14. 9:42 whats the difference between 1 and 2 50 cals except for number?

  15. Your meme are too fast, i have to skip back everytime to watch.

  16. Stop at the H, and I agree with you. The J has been abandoned

  17. Panzer IV is the best

  18. i just erased one with the spjfm. but that was at a range of like 20 meters lol. im almost useless beyonnd that unlike this pz4

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