The Best German Tank Destroyer

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Source: Spookston

The Sd.Kfz.234/4 is one of the more vicious TDs in 's tree. It is also known as the Pak Puma. It's fantastic, but the teams are less so.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Various Command and Conquer: Generals Tracks

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The Best


  1. The Warthog noises for the Puma was glorious

  2. Day one of asking spookston to play the m103

  3. PLEASE do a video on the LOSAT I beg of you

  4. Can you stop whinging every time you die?

  5. try the 15 cm sIG. 5.0 br in a 1.0 br body

  6. day one of asking u to play cursed tanmk sim

  7. could you play the valintine 4

  8. Please do a video with the m6a1, I’m no good with it and need to learn from a professional

  9. Do you know what other tank destroyer has great speed and can absolutely wreck enemies, even in uptiers? That’s right, this is the one hundred seventy seventh video asking Spookston to make a video on the Spj fm 43 44.

  10. Day 7 of asking spookston to play the DF105 (8.0 with a 5 sec reload and 400mm pen)

  11. Day 36 of asking spookston to play the t-35

  12. Riccardo Toneatti

    Day 9 of asking Spookston to play the italian P40

  13. day 6 of asking spookston to play z-10

  14. When panther 2 video?

  15. The part with the Halo sound effects over it was very nice

  16. Day 63 of asking for SU-100P, great for br and has amazing pen, also has neutral steer, would love to see you play it.

  17. Love the Kelly’s Hero’s clip at the start 🙂

  18. Calling ARTY RNG is hilarious.

  19. Wanna be a gremlin to both land and air targets Spooks?
    Play the Kugelblitz

  20. What’s the song at 3:15?

  21. i love the pakwagen so much its unreal. now play the class 3 P. small gremlin armored car frfr.

  22. that halo battle ambient was fucking fire lmao

  23. 12:46 the most situationally aware t34 player

  24. how your games go is exactly how mine go except i get way less kills

  25. im more surprised that you didnt mention the lekpanzer with stock apcr

  26. day 4 of asking you to play the soviet milk truck

  27. Never mind artillery. Isn’t dieing to RNG standard when you shoot someone and the shot is absorbed by some weird volumetric magic?

  28. I love bringing full lineups of fighters and spaa at mid tiers just to kill cas.

  29. yeah i noticed my EBR is super slow in random places now for like no reason if it was mud yeah ok i can see it but dry earth where heavy machines have compacted the ground already should not be slowing something like a EBR down

  30. Definitely messed up roads – my puma was driving like it was going in thick mud on a paved road last night

  31. asking for breda 501 day 75 pls

  32. It’s always cas because any threat on the ground you just kill. You’re hardly shooting down 5 planes before getting successfully bombed.

  33. Bro that sherman that just stared at ya was definitely a paid actor cause no fuckin way he just let live like that

  34. What is the title of the movie we can see at the beginin ?

  35. I wish I had the pakpuma, but at least I have the paktrack

  36. Bruh i see that tank in 2.0 so how is it a 4.7

  37. Fun fact a hard counter is a “rat” vehicle the r3 20

  38. nick xl manou 1577

    Play the ARL44 day 8

  39. I wonder when he will play some french tanks like arl 44 on 5.3

  40. Can we see 7.7 isreal linup?

  41. Where do you get this tank I can’t find it?

  42. Cas needs a point nerf to be able to get in one

  43. i love all the halo sound effects throughout the video!

  44. I keep coming back to Germany all the low tier stuff is so op and fun to use lol

  45. I always feel bad for sherman firefly players I’ve never seen one do well 😢

  46. day 52 : you should try the jagdtiger sometime. it’s extremly slow, doesn’t have a turret, gets uptiers all the time, and most importantly, you’ll have to play with german teams. the very definition of suffering.
    (i know he saw this comment, but imma keep at it until the Jagdtiger video is out)

  47. day 27 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  48. 9:20 “I feel like a tank destroyer shouldnt be doing the leg work”

    Welcome to my world where i regularly play 4.3-4.7 germany and usually on top with a Sherman or jagdpanzer

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