The Best Heavy, Medium, Light Tank and Tank Destroyer in World of Tanks: The Object 430U

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Source: DezGamez

All in One – The Heavy Tank, Medium Tank, Scout Tank Destroyer in World of Tanks. 430U (Объект 430У) , Tier 10 Soviet Russian Medium Tank Replays / Best Battles.

Are you in a need of a heavy tank? Or a Light Tank? Medium tank maybe? How about take one get all using the mighty Object 430U… This tank can literally do everything very well!

What do you think about it?

Battle player by: vurdass7544
Thanks for sharing that replay with us!


  1. this guy is a bot, he don’t know how to lead a shot on a moving tank, but still tank is so good that he done a good game

  2. I might be the only one that thinks it’s not really that good. Sure it’s not bad but the derpy accuracy is annoying and the armour is overrated

  3. the best heavy medium is E 50 M 🙂

  4. Russian tenk balans = tenks play like dynasty warriors.

  5. just another oneshot tank for my fv 215b 183…..

  6. And WG was concerned with the 300 extra hit points and higher dpm on Maus and the “OP” derp cannon on the Type 5. The hypocrisy of these people knows no bounds. Just keep nerfing whatever the unitards tell you to and keep watching paying customers walk out the door.

  7. i don;t like it,it;s too rigid.i love 430 but this one….no mobility,no gun depresion.when all are pressing the 2 key it has no chance,so stop complaining so much.anyway,thumbs up for this guy who didn;t spam prem ammo;)

  8. wow, that is impressive. 6.6k bounced damage. I guess this means I have to concentrate on finishing grinding the Object 430.

  9. When you got the notes i was laughing my ass off

  10. WG still grinding toward WoT ‘broken’.

  11. Im grinding this tech line im now on Obj430 and maybe in 6 months i can have the Obj 430u

  12. it is a russian proggeto 65 with no autoloader and overpowered stats

  13. Fucking Russian bias…..they have never had any tanks that are the best in the real world. I don’t play Russian tanks because of the Russian bias in the game.

  14. what’s not to like about +/-2 mm? who doesn’t like playing against tanks with twice the armor, speed, track traverse, DPM, and view range?

  15. Maybe you didn’t notice DEZ, but WG doesn’t play there own game. So they don’t give a fuck about balance. Its all ran by the marketing department. More money more money is all they care about.

  16. All the chinese lines were not that literally good (just okay, not that very very competitive) before this tank line was released. And when this 430U line was released until now, boy oh boy I can still smell 121, 113, and even 5a’s stink in the trash bin.

  17. Just played 13 games before work, won the first, lost 12 in a row so fuck wot!

  18. Best tier Mt is 113, unfortunately it’s not Russian, no muscles like every Russian number gaynerator

  19. It has better armor than the object 277 that is easier to angle

  20. its not overpowered, its “working as intended” da

  21. It’s so broken it has almost the same effective Alpha as the IS7 and like double the rate of fire…

  22. If a bot can do well in this tank (replay) then there is seriously something wrong.
    Also loved when you checked your notes dez *paper noises* intensifies lol.
    Keep it up bro!

  23. Lmao…. that russian tank can do everything (alnost), what a shitty game, i dont know why im still subbed to channels related to this game if i dont even play this game since 2 years ago, this game is just a dead carcass of the game i used to play

  24. I suck in this tank – because when I go to side scrape, etc., folks just go out of their way to gold you to death!

  25. FYI chieftain is better kappa

  26. that players needs to learn how to lead his shots asap

  27. it is the best tier 10 beginners tank but not the best tier 10 medium. I would take the stbeast any day over this, or the obj140 or the leopard1

  28. The 430 FU is certainly one of the best tanl in game right now, it feels really good knowing your armor hold up agains so many guns. In term of wn8 im only 1k2 but hell i did way better in my 430 FU than in something like the Weak E50M. Wg pls buff E50M

  29. Like they said with the V4, *Flank it.*

  30. You’re right, damn that guy would have died 2 times over in other tanks. Fair to say it’s scrub friendly?

  31. The shots he penned on that IS 7 aside from the tracking shot were absolutely disgusting. How the hell did he pen those???

  32. he comes and other tanks just reverse…….wot (6 tanks)

  33. why are you promoting this bullshit? this tank should be nerfed and you know it. who wants a garage filled with only russian tanks to be able to play and win effectively. 18 hits and only 2 penetration 😀 😀 😀 piss off with that bullshit

  34. And then there is my Obj which doesnt bounce tier 8.

  35. This guy has no clue how to lead he’s shots

  36. Nice vid das, love this type of humour 🙂
    PS: what microphone u use ? U sound good did u change it recently?

  37. I was going to get the 121…. but then this tank came out…. now I have the Obj 430 xD

  38. Featuring t10 OP tank in a top tier 3,5,7 MM is just wrong… of course any slightly good player will kick ass… If you want to feature it properly do it in t10 exclusive…

  39. It would be quite easy to balance the 430U. Make the cupolas actual weakspots and lower the dpm or mobility a little bit.

  40. When I saw this I thought it might be a replay I posted as it had the same title but a completely different Russian tank lol

  41. When I used to play this game 3 years ago I used to argue that the Russian bias was nonsense but these days it’s hard to argue otherwise. I started playing again and the tier 8 Chinese 110 is absolute trash. Slower than IS3, worse armor, less alpha, less pen and horrible gun handling. I miss tanks by so much that all I can do is laugh and then cry

  42. Do a 430U comparison with the others tier 10 meds

  43. omfg the gun sounds are fucking garbage in this game

  44. if they nerf it what about the clan wars op vehicles ? i think this should stay in the game just for that reason

  45. And this tank while having the exact same gun and a way smaller turret than the IS4 it has a shit ton of ammo while with the IS4 you can barely finish a match!

  46. Gosh this funny Caern Act.X really tries to pen the coupoler of a 430U. Guess he is pretty new in the game….

  47. Remember the day when 113 dominates all of the clan wars?

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