THE BEST Heavy Tank In The Game IMO | IS-3 Pike Nose (War Thunder)

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THE BEST Heavy Tank In The Game IMO | IS-3 Pike Nose (War Thunder)

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  1. *hey phellas thanks for using some of your time today over here on my channel really loving the support o7*

  2. ?all the maus-hurting in this video. Why is it 7.7?

  3. Why did they change the sound of the 122mm for the IS3

  4. Why is this 7.3?

    It bounces like a man lad

  5. Chicken Intelligence

    What’s the intro song Plew?

  6. I have found in certain tanks moving slightly as a round hits you can save you

    in other tanks that shit can get weird

    For example a panther A with a turret angle and hull at 30 degrees bounces like mad, but move and things just slip in

  7. IS-3 is same br is IS-6

  8. 18:00 lol I laughed so hard ???

  9. CAS players have the tiniest of PPs and IQs below their shoe size

  10. *cough* IS-7 *cough cough*

  11. cough cougn COUNQUEROR

  12. Uh, Phly… IS-3 stock is an absolute shitshow because of how horribly slow and useless it is because HEATFS is at 7.3 and APDS at that tier as well as being uptiered constantly to 8.0+ BR makes IS-3 pretty fricking bad to play if you’re not spaded… Just saying Phly, IS-3 isn’t that good like you’re giving off…

  13. Well it was never used in combat during WW2 so it was Tiger II.

  14. IS-6: “I am joke, comrade?”

    IS-3: *exists*
    FV4005: *wants to know your location*

    IS-3 running into uptiered Jagdtiger: “my old nemesis we meet again”

  15. the intro is amazing XDD

  16. Another IS-6 vid?

  17. Is the IS3 the best heavytank in the game? maybe…
    but are the heavy tanks best tank in the game?
    the answer is AUBL

  18. Did that Kugleblitz borrow stalinium from a Russian tank.

  19. is an Is 7 defeat a Is 3

  20. too many adds!

  21. Yes,.except for the fact that every tank at its tire cam lol pen it, or trap shot it. And 90% of the time, it’s a 1 shot even with only 8 shells loaded. The devs jaye heavy tanks.

  22. phly has been more and more memely

  23. The B1 bis and the m6a1 are pretty brutal tanks at ther tier

  24. Hahahahahaha excellent your Intro joke with the Power Rangers ????

  25. Phly I swear you take that back the best heavy in the game is the t-10m. See for yourself play the t-10 next!

  26. What are your game settings phly?

  27. F the IS3 i was cheering every time you died.

  28. Phlee! My man, I have a request. Please shoot down a plane with the FIAT 6614’s coaxial gun… stock. I know it is a big request, and I am merely a humble fan, but you’d be branded a god for doing so.

  29. Tank Only mode 2020

  30. King Neptunes Bastard Child

    Gaijin Hacker

  31. Warthunder still gives non-Russian AP terrible penetration vs sloped armor. Despite in real life the IS-3 was considered a terrible tank, Russia exported most of them and quickly moved on.

  32. Light Tonk T92 killing IS-3 in center of mass shot. “THE BEST Heavy Tank In The Game”

  33. Ofcourse Russian IS3 is great tank and balanced:)

  34. should get removed because its hard to balance like the maus

  35. I believe the tiger 2h Is a better heavy tank as its got great armor in the Hull, the turret face has some decent armor and it’s got a good penning shell with decent reload. Now I know alot of opponents can pen it, but I don’t know why but every time I see an opponent like a fv 4202 they seem to go for the Hull armor or manage to bounce on the turret face.

  36. I would go for the is6

  37. Love hunting heavy tanks in my LeKPz M41 max upteir or not it makes little difference having sabot and heat at 6.3

  38. Stalin is proud of you Phly 😀

  39. Can you kill 3-5 boats with torpedos ?

  40. The intro alone made me like the video instantly only 18 seconds in??

  41. IS3 is beast versing any tank without heat… But then again IS6 & IS7 are better by miles

  42. Most Russian tanks repair cost is under 4,000 sl

  43. How do you dial in the range like that?

  44. IS3 gun makes HA-DO-KEN sound and enemy vehicles disappear

  45. Maus:Am i Not the Best?

  46. you should chekc out He-112 A-0,,, one single 20mm,, BUT

    44 mm penentration, with ALL 100 rounds beeing AP lel

  47. Compare every single stat on the IS-3, *EVERY* stat, to the T29, which was 6.7 for years.

    Now tell me this game isn’t pay for advantage.

    • More like be ‘Murican for advantage. And I’m more concearned about HEATFS assholes, I’m not even that butthurt of facing APDSFS on my Maus then facing HEAT.

  48. Is7 is stalin car

  49. It was removed from the tree. I want E100 though…BAD

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