The Best Light Tank In War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

The Soviet light tank is probably the best of its type in War Thunder, at least in my opinion. This 7.7 vehicle is stabilized, has a very fast , and APHE rounds that can take out just about anything in one hit. I think Gaijin should move back to , it has no business fighting 6.7s.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals – Makin' A Sweep, Search And Destroy, Fight For Peace, In The Field, Comanche Down
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Crew Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: )

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The Best Light Tank In War Thunder


  1. CaptainGroovyKaboom

    Hey spookston. I been trying the Jpz 4-5 but I cant really do well with it, id love to see you use it in a future video especially now that it got a small BR buff

  2. Oreos from an Oblivion

    everyday, I log onto war thunder and wish that I got enemies as incompetent as the ones in spookston’s video

  3. Light tanks are good for flanking stationery and dumb enemies with no situational awareness? I am excited for the weeks to come.

  4. We need a T-shirt that says, ok, alright.

  5. MASSIVE undertier, as common with russian trash

  6. 6:07 definitely not russian Bias, comrade

  7. “assorted gummy bears” -XD

  8. This video basically highlights Gaijin’s Russian bias. The 906 is basically a Lorraine-40t stripped of its armor, and armed with a stabilized cannon that fires an APHE shell that has better performance than the T-54’s top APHE shell. And lets not forget that the 906 can also fire a 300mm pen HEAT shell when something really heavily armored shows up. An absolute joke that this thing is 7.7 in RB and 7.3 in AB.

  9. Can you make a video on the somua s35? it’s my favorite tank!

  10. OLLlaJIeJIblu_KoPHeT

    Meanwhile pumas and bulldogs:

  11. You need to try the t80um2

  12. 3:10 sure it might be one of the worst shermans in the game chassis wise, but with my experience with the M4A4s running in 8.3 (7.7 might be a bit more difficult), they can hold their own. you just needs some intelligence to use your wasd in order to flank the enemy

  13. It’s a type of heroin that breaks your skin down with lesions around the injection site that look like crocodile scales. It’s usually called Krokodil, but it’s actual name is desomorphine

  14. It’s a big problem in Russia

  15. Could you tell me what your graphics settings are?

  16. God forbid gaijin nerfs a russian tank

  17. @Dovahkiin Whats thats?

  18. 7:55 Krokodil is one of the nicknames for the Mi-24 btw.

  19. I feel we need a vid on the sav 20.12.48 since it was available for purchase again not long ago and at 3.7 and around there’s tonnes of ’em. And you know… good vid.

  20. Has Gonzalo Lira really become a smoke meme?

  21. You should try playing the Ikv 91 or the CV90120

  22. @Hex A drug

  23. bro l swear at this point youtoubers are all cheating . first of all l dont pen anything with that thing (they randomly richo me everytime).
    Sec all my maps are sniping ones where they all have stabilizing guns and apfsdc and l dont.

  24. Could you try using the American M56. I have it and I thought it would be a good vehicle but so far it’s just kinda sucked. I can’t tell if it’s me or the vehicle.

  25. This is like the new swedish tank, 120mm gun with APHE and a autoloader AT 3.7

  26. most fair and balanced midtier Russian vehicle

  27. Lmao best light tank is Centauro.

  28. in my opinion the best light tank is the americans , both russia and america focused on fast mobility tanks , but i think america came on top , depending on the BR , but overhall ags is a pretty nice light tank to use , very fast , mobile , low profile turret , unmannet turret , thermal , that’s pretty good for a light tank

  29. 1:02 is this rasism
    Why are you raceist
    3:00 Again?

  30. Soundtrack from C&C Generals Zero Hour?

  31. hey Spookson you should play the Russian SMK heavy tank

  32. glad you decided to talk slowly

  33. What are you talking about with crocodile having a new meaning in Russia? Is that the ka 52 nick-name?

  34. I would like to see ‘Spookston’s ”Oh my lord…!” montage’

  35. Roborovski Hamster

    My very first game in this I got 10 kills and never died. I didn’t even think to check during the match but that could have been the only time I managed to get enough spawn points for a nuke. Shame I never came close to replicating that even after unlocking upgrades :/

  36. 6:04 bro got Gaijin’d

  37. 7:54 yes, narkotik kal

  38. You could have just stopped and said it is Russian. It pens more. Survives hits that would kill any other nation. Oh and it is under BR.

  39. It shouldn’t go up in br, up tiers are theft…

  40. whats the name of the sound effect used at 1:28

  41. Play the French ELC bis

  42. your videos remind me why I will never play this game again

  43. what does crocodile mean in Russia nowadays?

  44. This tank is a solo mode

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