The Best Medium Sniper in World of Tanks | The Leopard 1 Gameplay

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World of Tanks Leopard 1, Tier 10 German Medium Tank Gameplay. World of Tanks Medium Tanks. World of Tanks Most Accurate Tank in Game, Best Dispersion.

Today I am going to with The Sniper medium tank in World of Tanks – Leopard 1. Boosting the gun with some juicy field modifications and equipment units makes it absolutely MAD.

Enjoy show!


  1. the most versatile tank is the one used by a noob. a maus can be a sniper, arty can be frontline and light tank will be upside-down.

  2. Conment for the algorithm

  3. Leopard 1 is just such a lovely tank, do you agree?
    Also, giveaway winners will be announced in the next video! 😉

  4. Fun fact: Leaopard was a amphibius tank, now imagine u sniping with your leopard in the sea where no one can go.

    • Are you sure? I could not find any mention about this(which is very rare for MBTs). Beside this-to fire gun from the water🤔.

      P. S: all tanks has water crossing capacity. But they usually drive literally thru the water(on the river bottom ie) but in that case gun is sealed.

    • Fun fact: Leopard 1 and 2 arn’t amphibius. They are built to drive, up to 5 meters, under water and they can’t shoot under water… It’s called depth wading.

    • @Henrik Hansen yep, just as I thought.

    • @Henrik HansenOops my bad,sorry i konw he coundt float but he could go undewater whitch some modifications.

  5. Hmmm how about k91 for best sniper tank?

  6. …but only if you tap that 2-key xD at least for me.

  7. dez we all know that the best sniper medium is the type 5 heavy, oh wait it is a light tank

  8. WOT the most manipulative game ever created!

  9. and the field modifications? no changes?

  10. Whoops, I miss clicked the dislike button with my 1 click a day mouse

  11. Best Sniper?? My Grille15 have also 0.21 acu

  12. Adalbert Hansavritson

    this game is as fair as lukashenko’s foreign policy , and he treats people the same way , refugees pay him for transport but still don’t get no west their chances are marginal , it’s the same in the game , you pay a rng , mm , rubs you in the mud

  13. Very nice, at least it’s not a tier X premium.

  14. This is the hardest game I’ve ever played, it’s hard to get the hang of it,it seems like I’m always the one out of position or something, but I like playing it for some strange reason

    • A lot of the reason why we like playing the game is called “slot machine syndrome” or RNG addiction. When everything works together, it makes you want to duplicate it, regardless of all of the factors that can affect you. You know… Matchmaking is not automatically screwing you, teammates pull their weight, your tank is fully upgraded, good map rotation, etc.

    • Its hard to play because it’s a broken game. Just don’t take the game seriously and DO NOT spend any money on it and you’ll be fine.

    • Play cursader kings 3 on hard difficulty and change your mind

    • That why I keep coming back
      I’m lost and I will be always like that
      No battle is same to an other
      I’m feeling I’m always the noob

    • @ragtop63 I think it’s probably hard to play because the playerbase is quite mature and have been playing it for a long time, so there are a lot of good players which will punish newer players for mistakes they make.
      I’ve been playing since beta, and I swear people used to be way worse haha

  15. I really like how u take only 8 premium shells even though you could play full gold

  16. Jean-Philippe Morin

    Why not using the vent in mobility slot to boost even further first setup?

    Leo is an awesome tank.

  17. 13 crew skills OMG!!

  18. “no facts” at all

  19. Stronk tenk

  20. e50M has better gun handling than leopard1, am I the only one feeling it?

  21. Ive never seen such behavior in the WarRoom Before

    russian last stand is just a meme? klaus cries in corner

  22. GG dude, great games. I play console but just noticed how amazing the maps look on PC 😍

  23. you cane not talk like this or they will destroy your joy, that’s what this game is about,what are you doing..?

  24. Great gameplay

  25. Oh yeah, it is. The Leopard 1 A5 in the Tank Museum in Munster is great 🙂

  26. Can you do the same video, but with a K 91. I’m curious as to how they compare when you can use the bounty set up

    • Tarabas The Comander

      There is no comparison with leopard 1 you can actually play aggressive, not aim at all unlike he does (I got 7000+ games with Leo pta/1) and u move like lightning, the best way to play with Leo is aggressive tbh and with k91 u can do that in diff universe

  27. hi boss any ideal when can we have discount on consumable n equipment

  28. K91 is better sniper i think

  29. love the vid man, got the mastery badge on that tank but i’m 47% ish in my gun mark 🙁

  30. The best equipment I have found for my Leopard is bond vent, bond rammer and standard turbo (in the mobility slot).

  31. The good old days

  32. Or, you know, you could have best of both worlds by ditching the vstabs?

  33. No Revenant 3D style? Downvote.

  34. As someone who maximized the Grille 15 to 0.21 i can totally relate to say it is truly mad too.

  35. Not only are “Critical Hits” worth nothing but WG wants you to give 7 critical hits in one game for completing some daily missions. WHY? lol

  36. K91 is better for sniping as it’s shells are the fastest in the game

  37. 3rd game: The other Leopard 1 at same position as you just achieved 1.3xx dmg – so it is not just the tank that made that damage, it was better skill + better rng 😛 RNG and Matchmaker deciding if you have a good round or not

  38. Comment for YouTube algorithms also cut up another thumb for it

  39. Leo 1 is my favorite tank. I like it with all tier 10 games. It really sucks in the tier 8-10 games since any lower tier tank can pen you anyway.

  40. Still waiting for WG to lower the RNG % or totally remove RNG. Because it’s ridiculous, for example hitting a Hellcat in the side where it practically has no armour with my Emil fully upgraded t8 and RNG says critical hit.

  41. I really love to hate the leopard, I’ve had some of my best games in it but then again if this thing ever gets caught with its pants down its usually over 😅 I really feel like they should atleast give it some mantlet or front turret Armour to atleast contend against other mediums

  42. DPM vs RNG – better to hit than miss imo

  43. Dez, i fully agree on that “critical hit” voice line. They should have changed that long ago.

    Could u explore with ur WG contact why they dont work on this nonsensical voice lines?

  44. Respect for the 140, who didnt drown his self after stranding

  45. god, i love when german commanders scream: “hah, der ging voll durch ihre panzerung!”

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