The Best & My Favorite American Tanks! | World of Tanks American Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

My Favorite and The Best American in Game. of M54 Renegade Gameplay. World of Tanks T95 Gameplay. World of Tanks M48A5 Patton Gameplay. World of Tanks 2020 Anniversary Rewards.

You are going to see quite a variety of tanks, so let’s jump into the action!



  1. my best american one is T54E1 , 1000 battles with this tank ,and 57% win rate in this savage tank

  2. My favorite American tank is the t71 DA

  3. Do you guys know when test server could open?

  4. E3 is a really OP TD tank if you knows how to use the armor!

  5. Šešin Nambr 1

    sorry for my question…but are you daltonist

  6. My only love Is the T95 xD
    Still love youre videos

  7. 15-0’s usually happen for either 1 of these 3 reasons;

    1) One team is just a lot better and more experienced vs a bunch of not so experienced players, which is just a broken Match Maker and no chance of winning.

    2) They have an OP tank that your side doesn’t thanks to the broken match maker again.

    3) The other side SPAMMED more PREMIUM AMMO than the other side and they just got penned every shot and never traded very well.

    You can literally select one of those 3 for every single battle.

    • Christiaan Carstens

      First battle, 279e.
      Second battle, mongoloid team mates.
      Third batle a win and a nice game.
      One out of three, why I last played with berlin event.
      Pos game.

    • There’s another posible options, both teams have OP tanks, but one of the teams OP tanks yolo and die within the first 3 mins, or just stay in the back, happened to me yesterday, both teams had an ebr 105, our ebr was camping in the back, their ebr spotted half my team and his snipers killed us all…

    • @Petrol Veins exactly my point in number 1 mate. More Experienced players know how to play! That is, Regardless if both teams have OP tanks or they both don’t…. the outcome is still the same!

  8. MEME123Insanity

    In the latest episode of the “Simpson’s” Independence Day is banned for being “racist”. F**k this stupid upsidedown world we live in.

  9. im sorry i dont celebrate 4th july im english why would i 😉

  10. Alexander Stoyanov

    A win is a win, even in the a** – enemy team in second battle

  11. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Liked for the content. Hate the holiday

  12. Christiaan Carstens

    First battle, 279e and a roflstomp, not surprised.

  13. JDizzle The Weirdo

    Your into is cool 😀

  14. Hey dez did you play any Canadian tanks on Canada day?
    Enjoy your “pre determined tank entertainment” Like Wrestling…

  15. Hello there dez senior, what motorcycle do you have? I was wondering
    And when new motovlog

    • Kawasaki Z-1000, hopefully this summer! 😉

    • @DezGamez Nice bike! I hope I can get my dream bike in the future which is the MT-09

    • Finally im hoping topass my exam this wednesday.
      Ive been looking at my bike for 3 months now waiting there in my garage, so tempting to take it out for a spin. But ill have to wait a ccouple more days to drive my aprilia

    • @Stinky Llama for a 1st bike id reccomend something lighter like 3-400 CC 600 tops

  16. social3ngin33rin

    Does the T57 suck now? lol

  17. I have times where i shoot and nothing comes out. Thought i was the only one xD

  18. Russbot Apocalypse 2020

    Really not the T110E4?. I’m an average player with a 61% wr in the T110E4. I see WOT content creators making vids of that tank winning matches in it with 7000 dmg saying “so I don’t really like the T110E4”. Can someone explain that to me?.

    • T110e4 is pretty weak atm, only thing it has at his favour is a “turret” and slightly better mobility than e3, I got both e3 and e4, and I can tell you e3 is 5 times better pick than e4, now, I’m not saying it’s a bad tank, I got a 67% win rate atm I think, but it’s just way more frustrating and boring to play than e3

    • Russbot Apocalypse 2020

      @Petrol Veins so you have better than a 67% wr in the e3 and avg more dmg per match in the e3?. I’m getting 1100 dmg high rolls frequently and seem to have a lot of omg moments with the e4. YouTube “e4 best moments” replays, the guys playing it don’t even know how to use HE and are passing up 1100 dmg HE kill shots for 350 dmg ap low rolls lol.

    • @Russbot Apocalypse 2020 on e3 I’m at 59% if I’m not mistaken, but on e3 I got around 600 battles, on e4 I got around 50, and they have the same gun, only difference is e3 has better aiming, reloading and I think dispersion aswell, so you can also roll for 1100 on e3, imo, I enjoy t30 way more than e4, fully rotational turret, and not so big weakspot at the top, and yes, average damage per battles is way higher on e3

  19. Dávid Vihonský

    Are you actually colorblind or?

  20. Congrats on your new title Papa-Dez! Just a thought, why not start Dez tank-school?

  21. Estoniaaa

  22. politie_jip 112

    Yes christmas music

  23. Răzvan Partebună


  24. Whoo! New B-day today Dez! USA! USA! USA!

  25. King of the Low rolls again with that T95 match today

  26. i get ghost shells as well it super annoying when your at point blank range and the enemy doesnt take any damage

  27. Estonian using USA tanks, what a wonderful irony of NATO. xd

  28. I love this channel! DezGamez is my favourite WoT content creator. 😀

  29. Arty is so ridicouless strong

  30. Umm Dez u became Daltonist?

  31. Dada dez!!

  32. Much DezLuv from the USA!

  33. :’D

  34. I hope you guys get the pen buff that the t32 got on console

  35. T95 equipment 2.0 mobility setup.

  36. Glad to see I’m not the only one that has loader that accidentally loads blanks

  37. Dez you really need to get in touch with Skillz dad, he always gets the map and mm he wants.

  38. My most played tank out of 10k battles and 6 years, The T29 comes in with over 400 battles played and I recently got my first ever 2nd MoE!

  39. Evaldas kačkis

    personally i hate american t8-t9 mediums 😀

  40. Holy crap, at the end battle results I saw that I was in the first game (Obj 430U). I remember this battle, since my game has crashed at the start and by the time I logged back in, the battle was already over. Sorry Dez to not contribute to a fairer result. I hope we meet again on the battlefield some other time. Take care.

  41. only playable american tanks are: T29,T34,T28,T95,T110E3,T30 and M53/55 – T92 HMC other american tanks are waste of time

  42. Nice first battle. Fort Alamo scenario. Fits the episode theme. 😀👍

  43. Nice video. More top tiers video’s please, of other nations!

  44. How come that PapaDez owns the m48 season skin while still at level 27?

  45. Thomas Sneakers

    Can you do the same with french tanks on july 14th ? 🙂 keep up the good work dez!

  46. I dont like WG push armour of tanks through the roof. They just want to “convince” you to shoot gold ammo.
    Why the f medium tanks have so much armour?! And I think “new balance 2.0” wont come cause the would loose their money…

  47. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Happy 200k subs Dez!

  48. Thank you, Dez. Have fun with your son.

  49. How did you get the camo?

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