THE BEST of the WORST – War Thunder Gameplay

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  1. My snail penis brings all the slavs to the yard

  2. Is the russian stuff still OP in this game?

  3. Is WT worth going back??

  4. PLAY NASHORN and fw 190 a5 with rockets

  5. spawn campers are skrubs

  6. Of course we went to your spawn. We got tired of waiting for you to come
    out and fight! lol tanknology

  7. Baron u don’t know what the worst is

  8. Please Please Please do more of these type of videos. (or at least the
    commentary, and speaking of the commentary you sound a little nackered)

  9. try age of strategy a mobile game free to play please try it out I think
    you would like it

  10. hmm…imagine War Thunder with the physics of Beam.NG Drive.

  11. baron you need to play endless war defence it is the best tower defence
    flash game ever

  12. I doth think Baron was a titch distressed….Awesome match.

  13. Jagdtiger 501st DiV

    t34 op

  14. Michael Kirkpatrick

    Oy Baron take out the cheiftain next time I wanna see what Britain is realy
    capable of in warthunder

  15. SO DO YOU MEAN THAT I WAS “DANGER CLOSE” hahahaha. I almost got you, was
    90% reloaded, thanks for that good game Baron

  16. Spawn campers have been increasing in number this past week that I’ve
    played. Takes the fun out of it just at the beginning of the match. Later
    on towards the end yeah I can see that, but right around the start really

  17. Drake Tamer (EnderDragon24)

    Actually the Mission failed thing is just saying that you ran out of time.
    Neither team wins because the objectives were not completed.

  18. More Russian bias…

  19. DINGLE BUTTS!!!!

  20. “Salt is coursing through my veins!” -baron

  21. I gotta say, in ground battles, planes are cancer. If you’re in, for
    instance, a T-34-85, anybody can just meander into a plane and decide you
    aren’t playing the T-34-85 anymore, no ifs, ands or buts.

  22. Whyyounogoodgaming !!

    1:05, the truth has been spoken and baron, it is killing war thunder as a
    game, spawn camping, suicide bombing spawn, racing to spawn early game,
    that’s all war thunder is now and it really needs to stop before it gets
    too much and the community gives up on game completely….. sad
    disappointment emoji… lol

  23. Barry plz, play the brrrrritish Tetrarch with the mighty swordfish!!

  24. Gajin wipes out its snail penis and slaps ya in the face xD

  25. Fucking T-34-85’s are annoying as fuck in this game.
    They have magical deflector shield armour. Unrealistically quick and
    accurate aiming.

  26. These are probably %80 of my games, 8-0 or 8-1 or higher and a capture or
    two and a handful of assists and we lose. And look at the stats and it is
    usually me and one other player holding the team afloat while everyone else
    just rushes in to their death until they run out of vehicles.

  27. For a game that’s supposed to be realistic tigers are waaayyy too weak

  28. times like these i feel like Gaijin nerffed the Tiger’s front armor too

  29. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Baron at his saltiest.

  30. Snail penis

  31. T34-85 best tank of world war 2

  32. The salt is real every time I play against the US and Brits with their
    plane spam.

  33. Lazy Squirrel Gaming

    I just got war thunder tonight and I must say I’ve been missing out. Doing
    quite well so far. Got a double ace in one life in a p-26 peashooter. And 6
    killsteak in a tank after a flank. Anyone have any good advice for me?

  34. hats off to you , you are the man despite outcomes

  35. can someon sub 2 me i want to reach 30 subs

  36. I have a question. When i play this game i didnt have to use steam and i
    try to play now and i have to use it. That is a change or a error in my

  37. 1:08 did that round go through the drivers head?

  38. If they had AI anti-tank defences around the spawn this shit wouldn’t
    happen as often.

  39. i cant find the box you can tick in the setting’s that stop’s Aircraft in
    tank battle’s, i dont know if it’s just me even in Tank AB its like fucking
    spam if the other team get’s the upper hand, i had a match last night i
    spent half of the battle in one spot repairing from repeated ramming, thats
    no fun lol

  40. Isn’t ammo supposed to EXPLODE once it is destroyed ? So much for your
    realism gaijin…

  41. Is recording war thunder gameplay really that blurry?, yesterday i watched
    Slick’s video and a tiny bit of blurry-ness happened

  42. spawncamping jumbo’s is a real problem at 5.0 :/

  43. bob the disabled train

    play the m4a2

  44. When i bust out the t-34-85 i apologize for the fact of OP being brought

  45. Master Baron the queen has requested that you acquire some rare teas! She
    has recommended the Avenger accompanied by the Tempest Mk.V (Vickers P) for
    this evenings tea….simply smashing

  46. Ahhhh that turret traverse smells like Russian Bias

  47. How can be possible to kill a Tiger tank with one shot? are you kidding?

  48. The Penatrator 9000

    Dingle Butts

  49. Baron will u ever play town of Salem again I’ve been enjoying playing it

  50. Q -Baron – What’s the difference between ‘Getting Ping – Ponged’ & being
    ‘Gang Banged ?

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