The BEST or The WORST Time to Play World of Tanks? | VK 28.01 105 – Well Deserved Reward 2021

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks VK 28.01 MIT 10,5 CM Gameplay, New Tier 6 German Light Tank.World of Tanks Well Deserved Rewards 2021 – VK 28.01 105mm.

Time to grab your Well-Deserved Rewards in 2021. Amongst other free goodies, you can get VK 28.01 with 105mm gun.. So let's see how crazy this matchmaking can is going to be. 😉

What do you think?


  1. yes 7 years and always happy this time of the year
    eu sever

  2. i play wot for 2+ years but the game says i only play this game for 1 year
    but the rewards are still good

    name: henk_de_gamer_NL
    server: EU

  3. Hi Dez!
    I’m playing WOT for 8 years now. I think the rewards are ok. I am more concerned about the game state right now, you know, 2-15 in 2 minutes….

  4. 9 years. This one is not so much. S.Hellcat was the best.
    nigy EU

  5. I’ve been playing since march 2015 and i cant tell if the rewards are good since i havent played this game SINCE THE START OF THIS COMMUNIST PANDEMIC!!!! FUCKING HELL, I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME BUT THERE’S NO PC SHOPS OPEN HERE IN MY COUNTRY THAT HAVE THIS GAME INSTALLED!!

    TahongEspesyal – SEA Server

  6. Nice period to play with KV2 😛

  7. Badger101x EU – 9 years and it is always good to get some loot from WG 🙂

  8. I created my 1st account in 2012 when I was 7, I left the game for 7 years and in 2020 I returned to play it

  9. Played for 8 years but with breaks and better to have a choice IMO
    Marcus711 EU

  10. 2 years. I am a new player
    Username: Felixo95
    Server.: EU

  11. Been playing on and off since 2012 on the NA server. The yearly awardsos what brings me back. Name’s Geowolf

  12. I almost got a tank that I signed up for later in the game. I play 6 years. Jorgica(eu)

  13. I like the rewards even with the HE nerfs after playing for 9 years. EU drekal1

  14. It feel so good to receive those gifts from WG 5 years looks like nothing bro
    Brittai NA

  15. 9 years of service daddy_o NA server Thanks rewards are nice

  16. for me the best period was 2011 until 2014 but now i don’t play wot anymore there is to much sh*t

  17. Negrutu Robert Mihai

    I am playing for almost 2 years and i enjoy playing this game
    Eu server

  18. Meh, It seems like another tank that will collect dust in my garage 😀
    Name: BanjaLukaEasy8
    Server: EU

  19. shy of 10 years, just 1 month less :c
    dille1009 [EU]

  20. Gundore_destroyer server NA
    I have been playing for alittle over two years wish i started back when the game came out . But in them two years i have had fun made some friends earn some cool reward’s . All in all i like it. an wish they had more events

  21. Love the rewards this year, like to play derps even with the HE changes. DuckDecoy in NA

  22. 7 years
    Rudy1907 EU

  23. I have not been able to play the tank, but it sure looks like this tank gives joy.
    The rewards this year is nice especially with the tokens.
    Keep it up.


  24. I have played 3 years now and i stil love the game a lot!
    Name: zyvix
    Server: EU

  25. I started playing this game on Xbox 360 had alot of fun. ThexDemonxKing (NA Server)

  26. I love this rank I am playing this game for 5 years
    God_of_Zeus Europe server I love your videos

  27. Vladislav Tochanenko

    I played this game for more than 10 years with only 8k battles. I haven’t played on T-50-2, Hellcat, Super Chaffee and the old VK 28.01. These tanks are nice and quite interesting for me as they represent WoT history. However, these tanks are not that nostalgic for me personally. I remember the old T18 that was a tank destroyer with excellent gun; T1 with a machine gun; Pz1 C with super-fast gun, legendary KV-1S and a few more. Rewards this year are awesome. You can grab items for a total amount of 9500 bonds (5k equipment + 3000 + 1500) that is nice, especially for players who don’t play tier X games that often!

    Marshal_Vlad RU

  28. Played the game like 1000 games 9 years ago so getting decent rewards but actually played it for the last 3 years

    EU server

  29. Been playing for 5 years, this tank reward is hella nice. Keep up the nice contant.
    IGN: RabbitBOOM
    Server: EU

  30. Nice, tis Ok
    Name: karatista36
    Server: EU

  31. Been playing for 9 years now and I got to be honest, I thought this one will be bad due to HE nerfs but it is surprisingly fun to play with!
    banzai_boy – EU

  32. thanks for the giveaways, i played a while ago in 2012 and just cameback this year, and im loving the game

  33. 9 years , not so happy with the rewards. it seems that this year is lless then last year. alexht EU

  34. I have been playing since 7 years and i really like the rewards. It is amazing that we get to choose what additional rewards we want with the tokens. I will keep some for now since i am not sure what i will need ^^ i will think about it once i have finished my finals
    Snow_KnightLP on EU

  35. Well, i play over 10 years and matchmaking was always crazy then new tanks was released or the players got gift-tanks.

  36. Overall I’m satisfied with the rewards, but 3d styles could be cheaper. 6th year in wot.


  37. I actually started during beta so LOOONG time ago… The game was so different back then… This year well deserved rewards are quite nice. I like that we can actually choose our rewards too. Plus I haven’t been able to try out the original VK with 105 so it will be interesting to try it now in modern WoT.

    Username: Kubka4
    Server: EU

  38. Once people get back to playing regular tanks, it will not be so easy for VK to get so much damage in every battle.

  39. Looks like a special event xD
    Quite nice reward this year, not only the tank, but also the extra stuff like 3D style etc!

  40. I’ve been playing for almost 10 years, started in march 2012. Still loves the german heavies. EU server: Spiritx

  41. i am already playing 7 years (with some time-outs) and of course rewards are good, free stuff can’t complain.


  42. Very many rewards, much Wow! Playing since 2012. Ign.: Maibombe EU

  43. I hate the new token system. because of that I get less rewards. This whole thing is a scam like Wargaming always does. My main account is 4.5 years old.
    IGN: shumsugger03
    Server: EU

  44. Give away :O

  45. I like the Well Deserved Reward. But the first one was the best, it had the best reward tank and the best bond pay out. Seven years playing the game now. The one thing I would have liked to see is more bonds, those I can use more than anything else. Honestly, the tank is very Mehhhh, if not underwhelming. I have a feeling they decided on it and worked on it before the HE changes were put in the game, which if true shows a total lack of coordination about the development of the game. I will probably play the reward tank once or twice some day.
    Server: Nightshield_
    Server: NA

  46. Rewards are good. Nine years in and still playing!
    NA server

  47. I have been playing for 10 years and I am very happy with the rewards, I am very excited to test out this new vehicle and maybe one shot some of them in my kv2

    kwjn666 EU

  48. 7year playng wot for now the prizes are awesome


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