The Best PANTHER KILLER (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Gameplay – British Centurion Mk 1, The Killing Tank ( Gameplay 1.67)

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  1. king voluptuous

  2. It might have been better to use apcbc because of possibly high fragmentation.

  3. KV-2 King Sneezer

  4. Professor Anticlimactic

    I was going to recommend “Kraut Vanquisher” but people already have 10x more clever ideas…
    Might as well try though.

  5. KOD (pronounced like cod) (King-of-Derp)

  6. Thorbjørn Ragnar

    Duden your heat round cannot go through a tiger 2 H you know :p

  7. King Vladimir the second

  8. Killer Vodka

  9. Hey Baron, you should show them Nazi’s a good ol’ American one-two, The heavy hitting M10 Wolverine, and the P-47 Thunderbolt Whould be a fun combo.

  10. Hi Bron I’m new and I am loving yo vidoes make more please

  11. With this thing at 5.7, wtf is the point of playing the Black Prince?

  12. KV-2 = Lord of Derp / Derp lord.

  13. Revolution For COMMUNISM!

    Komunist Vodka

  14. kv-2 must be king Vladimir.

  15. the shots you shoot make me question life baron

  16. Mernferd Bakowsky

    You want trains?! Play rails of war. Another good game is skies of war.

  17. play the last geremy atgm launcher

  18. King Valdamir’s 2nd Child

    BTW this is talking about the naming of the KV2

  19. king Vladimir the second

  20. kv2 king of derp

  21. secret weapons over normandy was a bad ass game for I think it was ps2 that had a few attack mission on trains

  22. King Vengeance , Kapa Varushka, Komizar valiant 2

  23. bf1 train combat. cmon slickbee.
    dont care about quality of train combat, but it is there.

  24. King of derp

  25. he did the HE round thing again!

  26. king of the derp gun

  27. mauricio hernandez Hernandez

    I’m still very confused why you are using HE on a Brit gun

  28. ChattyvonGamez

  29. Baron, I have an unusual request. Would you do an instructional type video on how to set up a line up to get a specific BR range in a match. I have tried to explain it to a friend of mine and I’m not very good at explaining it. It might be easier for a WT vet like yourself to explain it. Then I can just have him watch the vid.

  30. king of deep that’s the nickname of kv2

  31. king Vladimir II

  32. R3dNeckRevolution YT

    I waited forever to try out tanks now I’m hooked like a bass on a hook.


  33. This tank is OP as Fuck

  34. Cyka blyat

  35. theaxgame studios

    King Vodka the second

  36. King victory

  37. King of DERP

  38. Derp– fires HE at tiger 2 and wonders why no pen ? — p.s love you baron

  39. The Legionary Romanian

    Everytime i hear him shoot that gun.. That familiar sound…. I GET THE FLASHBACKS!
    Every panther driver out there will understand me, those british guns are terifying

  40. You used a Centurion tank.

  41. AlexanderOpBrood hi

    Why does the centurion mk. I have the turret of the comet?

  42. KV-2 = King of Derps

  43. name for the KV 2 how about Kliment Voroshilov……2?

  44. EL DESTROYER 1000

    King Vodka

  45. King of Derp and the Fv2002 is the Emperor of derpt

  46. plz play t 70 with a starter bird plane

  47. Stephen Fiasconaro

    lord derpious

  48. honesly you never played t 70 with a birdplane plzzzzzzzzz

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