The Best Premium 3-Marked in Style! | World of Tanks Skorpion G Premium Tank Gameplay

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Today I bring you a battle which I was able to get couple days ago while I was streaming. I am going to show you my final battle with Skorpion G which gave this tank a 3rd Mark of Excellence.
When happened, many viewers were saying we finished it in Style, as a bottom tier, in a tier 10 battle, so hence the name! 🙂

Enjoy the show!

Happy Holidays!


  1. There are many changes in 2019. new maps, new tanks (premium and tec tree), new matchmaking etc. Overall did WG a fairly good job on improving the game. It is more fun to play than before. But there are still some improvement left.
    Username: Rinusbruh
    EU server

  2. I am quite happy with World of Tanks in 2019… I have started playing again and it is much improved from 2018.
    IGN Killer0005
    NA Server

  3. Hardly happy at all.
    Username: Seriously_Bad
    Server: Asia

  4. Username: boomboom231
    Server: NA
    Wot has been a good year some interesting yet controversial additions but not for the worse.

  5. Superdude, Asia server.
    I think WoT is moving in the right direction. Lots of good changes like the new premium account ….but also they continue to sell overpowered premium tanks and struggle to balance new tech tree tanks properly. It’s still not a game I would recommend to many people. Gold ammo needs fixing for a start.

  6. Thanks for the great content in 2019 Dez, it was a good year.


  7. I am mostly happy with the work WG did. I would say tho, that bringing EBR tech tree into the game with stats they have atm was simply stupid.

    Nickname: GoldNoobMaster_
    Server: EU

  8. Username: LieutenantLickMeee
    Server: EU
    2019 was the best year for me! I started playing Wot again and i am absolutly in love with those graphics! Also,i turned 18 also so i managed to get my driving license! Yess!

  9. What he says about not carrying for MM, annyone els feels like when you go in your no armor td you want to be tier8 or higher? I always feel shit when toptier in a no armor tank

  10. Username: Zaijtsev
    Server: EU
    I’m only pplaying for a few months, so I only know WoT 2019. I really like the game, especially from tier IV when the campaigns and rewards start.

  11. Username: phoenix573
    Server: eu
    One of the best years thus far. Black market is one of the best things to ever happen.

  12. 2019 was a good year since it’s my first full wot year (was playing mostly wow before ?)
    Meldonator / EU

  13. Username: VolksPanzerSchreck
    Server: NA
    Answer: I really don’t like that 6 arty in a match is a thing now. I don’t remember this happening pre-2019…

  14. Wot was good in 2019, lot of new events like return of frontline. So yes I’m happy

    Server eu

  15. Hi Dez,
    I Love this game just that the developers of this game are so adamant and dont listen to their players, list to do for the game
    1. Dont touch the HE shells.
    2. Show some love to IS4 as you promised ( failed ) , tiger 2, T110E5 etc.
    3. Please introduce the premium shell balance.
    4. Make better Match making by making it +3 and or -3.
    5. Please remove the Artillery for the GAME.
    6. Remove any vehicle with tyres from the GAME.
    7. Introduce day and night matches with active weather conditions.
    8. Please make frontline battle events short and for all tiers or even better for a certain class of tanks.
    9. In ranked battles allow only the tech tree tanks no special or premium tank allowed.
    10. Please introduce modes like shell impact after the battle and introduce commander camera ( Birds eye view ) in the game during the game play.
    I am pretty sure they will not do any of this 🙂
    Anyway Thank you Dez 🙂 I hope you read it and agree to any of them.
    Asian server

  16. Merry Christmas to all tankers. Am Good for 2019 with 4.800 games in WOT but Frontline was too tiredsome to play, too grinding. Still love my skorpion G, progetto 46 and Lorraine 40t and know almost got to tier 9 in most nationes. Your

  17. I liked Wot in 2019. We had really great events. FL was the easy money, but I enjoyed the Steel Hunter mode a lot more! And I was so happy that tank race came back!


  18. Username: Aishbaby
    Server: Asia

    2019 wot is amazing, june when i met my girl here! At this game, im playing wot in a internet cafe cuz i dont have my own pc, then yea when i got there i saw her playing this game then i tried talking to her then so on and so fort, then yeaaa! 2months of happiness thank you Wot tanks!??

  19. Usernames: Nasirnsr
    Server: Eu
    In 2019 wot gameplay has become very fast. Battles are only lasting for few minutes and specially they kind of fu***d the gameplay by puting ebr branch to be honest. They said they will do changes to E100 but they didnt which is very disappointing because i love E100 and everyone loves it. They aren’t doing anything with american tech tree o new branches no new tanks. I don’t know what they will do in 2020.

  20. Username: alf2499
    Server: NA
    2019 was pretty nice, got a free t8 premium from FL

  21. Username: Hikiset_pallit
    Server: EU
    2019 was a decent year

  22. Answer: 2019 was very good
    Username: iSpiritc
    Server: EU

  23. Username : Range_Ace
    Server : EU
    Answer : 2019 was a very succesfull year for me, played frontline, steelhunter and others. Got some premium tanks for free, and was very happy when wargamming add tanks for bonds. ?

  24. 2019 was a tough year in real life, but I found your channel and got back to WoT so its better 🙂
    IGN: Rona_
    Server: Asia

  25. Username: djapekm
    Server: EU
    2019 hmm was a good year

  26. Dez love your Vids. But if u can block certain ads to show for your viewers on your channel? Because there is that DroneX pro ad, which is a scam.

  27. Well i have to say it is super hard to 3 mark it, i am working on the second mark and hopefully i will manage that but the 3 mark will be a pain for sure and maybe impossible for me, im glad for you hope you have alot more of good games in the next year, my username is d3ky44 EU.

  28. username: vasfugony
    server: Eu
    about 2019: 2019 was an interesting year for me they changed much things in wot i dont like changes, but this time i was fine with it.

  29. I’m not that happy as I would like to be. I’m really disappointed, that some things, which were announced for this year, didn’t happen. Where are the vehicle rebalances that should happen this year? Where is the ammunition rebalance? They announced really important things for the game, but in the end just a few of them really happend. This game has still so much potential in it, but it seems like WG is still most interested in premiumtanks than the actual game balance, which is really sad in my opinion.

    GammaGecko, EU Server

  30. name Boba051
    server EU
    2019 was fine for me

  31. I can say 80% I got blackdog from the blackmarket and got Sta 2 from Frontline so it was Fing good for a F2P player, but some bullshit happened too.
    Merry Dezmaz!
    Server : EU
    Name : szjoco

  32. IGN: SepsisOG
    Server: NA
    2019, was good. I discovered WoT in 2019.

  33. Name: zmogustapke
    Server: EU
    not so much, esspecialy boxes this year for me was very unlucky

  34. Anonymous_Pigmy
    How happy am I?………..i really don’t know how I feel about the game because I am now institutionalised and am crazy from playing so many games. f the game improves or not it doesn’t matter because my mind is shot!

  35. Alen1977
    EU server
    2019 was interesting at least, a lot of new premiums, as we all wanted, no IS4, E100, etc. rebalancing, worse xmass fest…. but i watched a lot of great games from you and skill and you made it again.
    Thanks Dez

  36. user: cruisespeed
    server: eu
    great WG is still investing in this ‘old’ game

  37. Username: Count_Gorgonzola
    Server: EU
    After 8 years im finally unlocking all the tier 10 tanks, so im happy.

  38. Nightcore/Anime Lover

    I’m kind of happy with this year’s WoT but I absolutely disliked the marathons. They were even harder and more time consuming than last year…

    IGN: megacool111
    Server: EU

    Nah, just kidding. I already have that tank, feel free to pass it onto someone else if I win 😀

  39. Богдан Соломатин

    Username: Xzyrex
    Server: Ru
    2019 it was good year

  40. Username:Scorpion_003
    This was good year but meybe more stuff for free to play players

  41. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    Username: ariliquin
    Server: SEA
    Answer: it was a good year lots of fun

  42. SamSammo
    Twenty nineteen was decent. I like how the game becomes more f2p friendly with all the events where you can get additional cash, equipment and XP to climb up tech trees faster

  43. hmm, they did good and bad things but i will always love this game anyways
    Name: DerEnthusiast
    Server: EU

  44. a good year for me in wot . joined a fun clan learned a lot playing in strongholds and advances improved my personal game (and rating). deanwooddeano eu

  45. Username: DOREL_BOBOC
    Server: EU
    2019 for me….. lets see…..i m new in this game and i m super happy becouse fond you on twitch.. lerrn more stuf and…aboud this year ,was ok something was nice something not so much.

  46. Username – Hazardz
    Server – EU
    I am semi satisfied with WOT. Is still fun in randoms but prem ammo is still a problem and the EBR 105 is totally broken and should never have been released.

  47. It was a very good year!
    Username: marci_pilota
    Server: EU

  48. GunnerG100
    EU server

    I got a bit bored with the game mid year and played other stuff, but enjoying the end of the year at the moment.

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