The Best Premium Tank In War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

French is an amazing . It doesn't have great armor, but its armament is fantastic and it's very responsive.

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The Tank In War Thunder


  1. BTW I do have some historical videos in the works, just been having trouble juggling everything

  2. Play some war thunder mobile

  3. Dog muncher The third

    Can you do a video with the semivente 90/40 m41

  4. 13:27

    Truly, the ‘Colonel Wilhelm Scream’ of Disney 🤌

  5. Speaking of Somua.. It’d be pretty funny if you played some of the French low tier tanks, like the S.35 and/or its angled cousin, the D2.

  6. Day 2 of asking for the somua s35

  7. Can u play sherman IC”Trzyniec” ?

  8. Brawl Krazy HaruHaru OwO

    hmm, i kinda wonder if the duo weird Pattons…. T54E1 (Revolver M48) and M60A3 (Metal slug M60) are good for todays meta.

  9. Please play the JaPz.K A2

  10. What editing software do you use? I love the editing!

  11. i really like the crew voice for France

    especially the *_CIBLE TOUCHÉE_*

  12. M60 AOS (Age of Sigmar)

  13. Pls play type 3 ka-chi

  14. Day 2 of asking spookston to play t-28 (1938)

  15. day 1 of asking spookston to play the t26 e 1 super pershing

  16. Hey Spookston!
    Quick interesting little thing I noticed about War Thunder gameplay. I was playing the IPM1 (yes I died a lot to Russian top tier because of BR changes) and I took a hit, killing my loader and making my commander orange. After some time my commander became my loader, when I returned to a base cap to replenish a crew member, my orange commander wasn’t replaced with a new loader, but instead I got my commander back. So interestingly enough, I think you can in fact have two commanders in your tank considering how crew experience works in agility. Just a thought, although would it be possible to explain this?

  17. you should talk about the changes to German tech tree br for many tanks at 7.3 br and up

  18. can you play the T32E1

  19. It was fun to see you doing a heavy tank, you know what else would be cool? A Churchill take. Make this video 29 of requesting a Churchill.

  20. You should play the mkpz M-47 G in German tree

  21. bro this is not the best premium tank in warthunder

  22. How much do you make off these??

  23. Listen, its one of the few things that bounce any conventional round head on from jagdtigers and stuff, that upper plate is strong im telling you

  24. Day 21 of asking for the t32

  25. 4:30 how did you know

  26. I once played top Tier with my t-34-57 and this Thing was my First Tip Tier kill

  27. One hundred fifty fifth video asking for the Spj fm 43 44

  28. When o watch you play its like the enemies are brain dead, but when I play, they are across the map peaking above a rock.

  29. Claritin D sucks. I prefer Benedryl because I can power through the sleep effect or Zyrtec and Zyrtec D. I don’t know if it does anything but I switch it up between Claritin D and Zyrtec once in awhile.

  30. Day 1 of asking spookston to give some attention the the apporling model of the Challenger 2F amd TES

  31. I used to use claritin for years and thought it was just me cause I have really bad alergies……. Then I found out there are medications that actually work. I swapped to nasal spray and just take a whiff before bed every day…… No massive allergy attacks anymore and it only costs around $30 for a pack big enough to last a year.

  32. Uhm…. I suggest anyone who owns this tank should enjoy it before Gaijin sees this and decides maybe to either nerf or buff this thing.. which I hope they don’t do. I hated vs Russian tanks with stabilizers and APFSDS when I played this thing. So I’m hoping nothing happens to this tank.

  33. can you try the amx50 foch, its a menace on urban maps when you dont need to worry about side armour

  34. Versuchsträger VT1-2

    Why does that tank look like it has graphics card coolers on the back of the tank??

  35. I love that spookston himself knows of the bingo card 😂

  36. Day 8 asking to play the Shturm S

  37. Can you play the marder 1a3,

  38. I just watch spookstons vids for the small mini halo references🙃

  39. when this is lower BR than the amx 50 🙁

  40. spookston video bingo for today
    – full uptier right away
    – cas (you know where the cas was)
    – randomly bad damage (bulldog driver snipe)
    – forshadowed positioning of enemy (vietnam)
    – random scorpion (vietnam)
    – feeling out of it (allergies)
    – sounds like something very scary (BKAN on vietnam)
    – comedically timed death (cargo port)
    – do we hear 2 for the random bad damage (T34 can’t remember the map)
    – random CAS crash cut (same map as T34)
    – instantly recognizing tank based on engine noise (poland)
    that’s 3 for random a$$ damage (AML poland)

  41. Thanks for posting buddy

  42. Indochina was lot lot bigger than Vietnam . ( Laos , cambodgia , Vietnam and part of Thaïland )
    Frenchs foughts on huge territory … Not like americans

  43. day 4 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  44. ” Cible touchée ” is ” Target Hit ” in english

  45. This thing is absolutely crazy. Amazing gun with absurd autoloader, cracked ass mobility, good survivability especially if they cant hit the neck weakspot.

  46. it would be pretty cool if you played all the russian t-34’s from oldest model to newest.

    (day 16)

  47. Arthur Black & Red

    “looks at tank icon” I am very surprised this has not STAB 7:38

  48. After the latest BR changes do you think the Puma at BR10 is any good? Is it now just cannon fodder adding to ‘Germany Suffers’?

  49. Play the kv2

  50. 27th time asking Spookston to play the Tortoise 🙏

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