The Best Premium Tank in World of Tanks?

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Source: DezGamez

The Premium Tank in World of Tanks, , Tier 8 French Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks Bourrasque Epic Gameplay.

Time for a bit different style of . I am going to show you some of the highlights from my 3-marking session which I had with one of the best if not the best tier 8 premium tanks in the game – The Bourrasque. I have not played with this tank for YEARS actually, I knew it is broken, super tank, but oh boy… it can do so much!

What do you think?



  1. I have not played with Bourrasque for years actually, after it first came out… Stream requested to 3-mark this, so I had a go in it.
    I always knew it is epic, borderline Broken… But man, I forgot how crazy this tank can be!
    Enjoy couple battles which I had during the marking session and let me know if you would like to see more commentaries like this. Much Love, Legends!

  2. I’m not great at the game but I’ve had a handful where I carried *hard* and all of those were in the Borat. This thing can be totally busted. You can even run a CVS loadout with bond optics and really bugger teams on Prok if there is only one LT, if there are no lights, then you will feast so totally that you will be too engorged with XP and Credits to even drive back to the garage. You will have to be carried there by a crane as the team chants your name and lays wreaths of laurel upon your mighty cannon.

  3. Damn i have so work to reach you skill level !! GG

  4. OP tanks doing OP things

  5. Epic, was a show to remember.

  6. Yeah it’s broken. and it’s even worse when you have to use a T6 to face it and get 2 shot. Or it wouldn’t be a premium or reward tank. WG has that great policy of leaving this kind of OP tanks in the game to just let their paying customers enjoy steamrolling f2p trying to climb the tech tree with crap crews once in a while for the extra dopamine so they spend more. This is just one of them.

    • Its not broken, it’s op in the right hands. Chieftain and 279 are broken. Bourrasque is very strong, but only in the right hands

  7. I can (at least a bit proudly) say, I’m also owner of 3 MoE on Bourrasque

    • I only got 2 marks on it because the reqs dropped but over 200 on the NA server when it was sold again lol. Getting the 3 mark is slow and steady progress

  8. this tank is not op .it hard to play . just if you are great player i suffered to get the 2nd mark i play with elc equipements it is so nice to be light in med tank … … unlike that bz176 just slap everyone with that op tank

  9. Ah, Bourrasque, the best T10 light tank in the game.

  10. Dez OP, plz nerf

  11. borat is op and they say BZ hahahah. This tank has mobility camo dmg speed

  12. Congratulations on your 3moe 🙂
    Bourrasque is awesome, I bought it for huge discount on marathon and it is worth every penny, zero regrets for buying this.

  13. of course its Borat again…if WG make Borat available in the tech tree/bond shop, imagine the chaos in the MM it will cause.

  14. Gratz on 3rd mark, Dez!
    I also 3 marked it using CVS as secondary setup. There are so many battles today with no light tanks and on the baguette (as I call this tank) CVS works very well.
    Oh, I forgot. I really do like these kind of commentary videos. Editing out boring parts (travel/camp) aswell. Great job

  15. Loved it!

  16. Balanced tank

  17. the first tier 10 premium tank. move over, BZ-176

  18. The best trilogy Borat games !!! GG Dez

  19. this tank has the worst gun also has the worst ammo pen he cant pen tier 8 and 9 HT even with gold ever so please dont trick people to buy this tank you can use it for spotting its good but not for shooting tanks

  20. Luís Augusto Panadés

    I everytime do bush covering with Grille 15 but no mater how many bushes have in front of my tank if Grille shoots it gets spoted. It is a piece of shit in everything. Even a tier VIII destroys easily this piece of shit. It low 75mm of HE pen seens 30. This vehicle is simply ultra crap and here is another video prooving this.

    Compare 60Tp cammo and Grille 15 cammo and its lost of cammo after shooting. A big why will light in your mind. Grille 15 is a vehicle of big whys?

    Grille 15 has worse terrain resistances than Obj 268v4 even weighting about half, why? Why that atrocious resistance on soft ground? Why that so bad gun elevation? It is a vehicle of big whys and all of them are for the bad. There are any good thing on that piece of shit.

  21. is 19GB for a 10min video a lot?

  22. i like these type of videos but i hate the Spam of premium Rounds, i rarely use them myself, i know 3 mark and stuff but i 3 mark tanks without golds and im not a pro player, would be nice to see some classic gameplay if u know what i mean :), GG wp

  23. My single favorite tank in the game, crazy burst and firepower with one setup, better scout than even 90 with another

  24. Pppfff..nothing beats BZ-176…..

  25. The best light tank in the game. Hard tank to play, but not as hard as progetto. Combination of camo, viewrange, mobility and firepower. Absolute beauty.

  26. If I had to get rid of all my premium tanks except one the Borrasque would be the one I kept. And yes I have a BZ.

  27. I loved this upload alot.
    Awesome comment and a learning tool.
    I really love to see more.
    Maybe a little to long and could have made 2 uploads???
    But concept 100% Awesome.

  28. Playing with gold is op, but as fp player its okay.

  29. Eh, while Bourasque is certainly OP at Tier 8, The BZ-176 is absolutely ridiculous, and SHOULD be Tier 9 FFS.

  30. Hey!

    I do not remember the name, but I think it was from the Warhammer 40k collab.

  31. Ah yes gun of a TD body of a MED camo and mobility of a LIGHT

  32. Pls always share your equipment setup thks

  33. It’s funny, when I used to play I found the hardest/largest part of improving was learning to lay off “just one more shot”, or learning to be a bit passive when it’s necessary. Sometimes not taking that immediate shot can lead to you getting many more shots a bit later and such.

  34. I hope the Covenanter gets the same treatment when you 3 mark it eventually!

  35. This is the best prem tank period. Then the t56

  36. What is the camo?

  37. Mārtiņš Viļums

    without gold spam and food it is not so broken…as credit making tank im never using food and gold ammo with borask.and 1/2 shots shots are bounce or hiting the ground.but i never losing credits.

  38. I just wish I could afford to keep trying to 3 mark mine, it just kept loosing me credits, I was on 93% when I gave up for a while and went back to grinding credits in tanks that don’t need to spam full gold.

  39. What is the point of having enhanced experimental equipment in the first two slots when the slot equipment type bonus has the same value? You could use that enhanced ventilation and aiming mechanism elsewhere

  40. Its a monster tank , when most thought oh its gonna be super meh or balanced when in the past most can get this tank via marathon the one thing i realized is the 720 in 2 clip in 2 sec is insane so most look down on that now look who is laughing xd plus its like LT camo that makes it even more formidable

  41. In my opinion, Bourr is the best premium (medium) tank and I wish I had one…. Its not overpower but most balanced tank in WOT

  42. I do like the live commentary with voice over it was cool and the added stream elements like chicken dance give a little more hype haha

  43. I like the commentary style videos 🙂 I dont get why the bourrasque gets so many snapshots in, shouldnt it have horrible gun handling?

    • It doesnt really snapshot well at all. Sometimes you get lucky, but most of the time if you dont fully aim you will miss the shot. The gun handling gets much better with food and bond eq tho

  44. Does anybody know which mod is this that shows you MoE percentage and is there one for Ace tanker as well?

  45. dont play the game no more but im happy that i can buy it back and got it completely for free.

  46. gj man

  47. Where can i get the moe mod?

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