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Source: OddBawZ

Today I played an ONLY Premium Lineup in War Thunder. The T-72AV TURMS-T the 2S38 and the Su-25K. The 3 Horsemen of the Apocalypse all rolled into one extremely powerful lineup.

Why even play tech tree vehicles at this point?

Well, today… I’m going to show you why the best premiums come at a price in War Thunder! 🙂


    • I think we should all very politely go to overclockers uk’s various social medias and asking them to please fix your pc so we can keep getting our content.

    • You forgot the BMP2M mate… most people buy it since its cheaper than buying a premium…

    • Hey Odd,

      Good content.
      The reason why the tickets didn’t start bleeding after the last guy died is because Gayjin has changed the timer for “out of vehicles bleed” from 20s to 100s.

      They did it so planes have a chance to land, rearm and takeoff, should they want to keep fighting, but I think it just delays the matches.

    • Get a PC from build redux. Reach out to them maybe they’ll give u one!

    • Yo Odd … in last patch/update/fix (call it whatever you want) they changed the “No active player left” timer from 20s i believe to 100s …. so when you are in plane or heli getting fixed on runway it won’t start counting down before you take off.

  1. Bawz…my dude….why are you still buying PC’s from vendors when at this point you should be building your own? I don’t know what your price range is, but judging from the fact you make your living doing this and that your demands are probably high, you should be cruising a Threadripper and pushing an RTX 4070 Ti with 128GB of RAM. It’s not hard, my guy. Save yourself the time, money, and aggrivation, and stop paying someone to do it for you. It’s easy. If you want someone to show you how to do it, beyond the obvious YouTube how to’s, there is probably someone at a local vo-tech school who would be happy to show you how. You could get the basics of building your own PC down in about 2 hours. It’s never been easier.

  2. Thank you for keep convincing me it’s not worth to coming back to WarThunder. Really appriciate it

  3. The best thing about War Thunder is WW2 vehicles and WW2 CAS, 7.3 is the highest i go and that’s pushing it. These folk are seriously missing out on fun. “A P-47 just shot down a Ka-50”. Golden trophy moment!!!

  4. I had a game where all of the other team had left the game back to the hanger and it STILL waited for us to take their cap to do the ticket bleed. It never did that “no more active players on enemy team” message, was kind of bizarre.

  5. they should have built you a new one to the same spec, fixed the old parts and put them back into stock.
    Bad customer service.

  6. The quest for the gaming rig continues.

  7. Me seeing the thumbnail oh I have all of them

  8. the game hates you, because it has to balance you out somehow xD

  9. just build the pc yourself next time i swear lmao

  10. Everyone ive spocken to rave about PC Specialists

  11. Dude, by the time you get your new PC back you should be getting a check back for depreciation as well.

  12. YOU DO NOT PLAY 8.7-10 RUSSIA ABSOLUTELY FOR NO REASON. 10-50 lvl players running around with premiums, 100lvl with premiums that are completely clueless, none uses Spoting mechanics, everyone just uses W till he dies, or leaves after one death. Its by far the worst lineup by far. Tanks are good but the players are absolutely trash, then you get the gaijin bs with no spalling and fuel tanks that absorb everything, constant uptiers with premium jets, spacebombing f16s, non existent russia AA (except 3x 2s38 that they already died in 3 min) while constant Yah64 and china helis run around and spam missiles from 10km away… Pure agony as y said. you know you can pen and kill but you dont pen and die.

  13. The M3A3 Bradleys have lead indicators for aircraft now

  14. I love how it’s all Russian too 🤦‍♂️

  15. Trums should be 10.0, Su-24 10.3 , and 2s38 11.3 i dont give a fuck but it will never happened because they are top tier russian premiums

  16. I think the turms is one of my favorite russian premium tanks in the game. Besides the T55AM-1

  17. Never ever get a PC from these kind of prebuilt companies. They are completely inept.
    Go find a local guy who knows what he’s doing. The small local guys live on reputation.

  18. overclockers up to there old tricks still… yep there known to do stuff like that… as well as selling manufacture 2nds as new or returns non working as new….
    try to get your money back… but i know they will keep playing games untill you use the someone that knows the law on them…..
    then use a diffrent company like scan (don’t even think of getting anything with the word dell on it)

  19. Overclockers are terrible, yes they have a good rep but as soon as you get a problem they are helpless

  20. Any UK lawyers here? Do your thing and help ODD out with a quick phone call to these clowns.

  21. M3A3 wasn’t eyeball’ing it, they have IRST nowadays

  22. Was wondering why, despite being insanely strong at it’s BR and its american equivalent the A10 going up in BR, the Su25 is still at 9.7.

    But I’m starting to think that they are keeping the Su25 at 9.7 to keep the 9.7 ground premium lineup strong.

  23. 9.7 right now is literally 90% premiums, and some random backups. I saw US mains getting deleted in their XM1s and going into hellcats XD

  24. You should use the 76sherman and xa-38 with the t55e1 got a 19 kill game first time I tried them all together and love your content keep it up 🎉

  25. I regret picking to play Germany frist. I’m almost at 10. But the people who play on Germany are idiots. It’s very rare that we win a game. Even if I have a bad game and get only 3 kills or so I’m still top 5.

  26. Glad I’m seeing a whole comment section in agreement to Russian bias and their game being completely awful lately. I’ve completely abandoned the game and I’m doing a lot better I feel lol.

  27. f**** this line up

  28. hey oddbawz i have the same problem with my pc doo you maby no what the problem is?

  29. Could never imagine having such a lineup ;P

  30. am i the only one i want to play an other tank in the match me going god mode and making 5 kills


    So why are you not contacting the company directly or just revoke business with them altogether and get your money back

  32. 11:11 i strongly disagree. i think CAS is still viable especially at that BR because most missiles are IR guided and can be spoofed if you don’t lead them to your engine with a flare chain. Also you’re only really better off with russian helicopters, and maybe the German tiger. all other helis IMO are kinda meh, hellfires and their equiv are very hit or miss literally

  33. Not a great endorsement for overclockers…. I’ve gotten multiple PCs from cyberpower and everytime I’m happy with them.

  34. I hate all 3 of the vehicles. So OP needs adjustments

  35. DeadInside film studio

    I have only bought two premiums, IS-6 and ZUS-32. I love old vehicles

  36. This little session of yours only reinforces why I refuse to play RB, and why I refuse to play anything past 8.3. Shit in RB and 8.3+ is just so unfun.

  37. I am sorry odd but you just asked a war thunder player if they could be normal 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 no🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Noooo, why are you celebrating this bs

  39. 9.7 is literally the worst BR in the game to play and what is so frustrating is it is such an easy fix. There are so many low skill completely noob players running around in 9.7 prems. The fix is to apply minimum number of applicable battle types to the purchase of premiums depending on the rank. Example: rank 1 = 0 battles and scaling up to rank 7 = 600. Players not meeting the minimum battles can still buy the premium but they cant play it in Arcade, Realistic or Simulator battles until the reach that minimum. If they put it in their lineup, it would just be locked and the game would not recognize the BR and default down to the highest qualified vehicle’s BR. To prevent malicious behavior like joining a battle and leaving to meet the minimum, Gaijin could easily place a minimum qualifier on battles such as earn at least 100 xp or be in battle for at least 5 minutes.

  40. I would commit murder against people who play any of those three vehicles

  41. i got all these 3 tanks lol… i know im so bad lol

  42. I went to OC’s shop to buy parts for my mates new PC, when I asked for some RAM, the guy at the desk looked at me like I had just pissed on his kids and had the worst attitude ever!

  43. dont forget bmp2m lol

  44. unsurprisingly all russian

  45. They sound like a right bunch of monkeys who’s got your PC. If they cant be bothered to fix it you should get your money back

  46. Idc, i’ll keep clapping them crybabies

  47. Complete agony? Agony is second to last place in the second match having no kills and dying three times. I know cause thats usually my score at this BR lol.

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