The Best Rammer in The Game? | World of Tanks Panzer V/IV, Rare Overpowered Tank Gameplay

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Panzer V/IV Ramming Setup Build New Equipment. World of Tanks Best Ramming Tank, Build Equipment Setup with New Equipment 2.0 System. World of Tanks Panzer V/IV, Tier 5 Tank Gameplay. World of Tanks Overpowered Tanks.

Today I am going to show you couple battles with the dirtiest tank setups I have been able to with for quite some time. came up with during one of my streams with my viewers ended up building a low-tier rammer.

Enjoy the show!


  1. for whoever is reading this, not considering the really big problems of the game, do you think that the game is dying?

  2. You need to take a bath in pure NaOCl.

  3. Imma put this build on the aulf panther when they put it in the game since its on the super test

  4. 1710 base XP is not enough for Ace Tanker…
    I don’t think even Pz. 2 J is that crazy.

  5. the fact that you got 1700 base xp and it was just a 1st class is saying a lot, I mean you should ace any tier X with that amount, but it just being a 1st class on a fucking tier V is just ridiculous… and yeah I think this tank with this setup might be the new most broken thing in WoT, I would say on the same level as Pz II J

  6. 99 standard shells and 36 gold shells… it hurts…

  7. Dez, you just pulled a Jingles. Its the PZ II J thats dirty not the PZ III J

  8. too bad its tier 5 since you tier6 for battle pass

  9. Yes the Ace sit very High. 2000 Dmg and 6 Kills ist not enough. Best tank on this Tier.

  10. wtf is going on 😀 you ramming everyone 😀

  11. Damn, I passed up buying this tank a while back, I was thinking “What do I need another tier V German medium for?” and now after watching this I regret that penny pinching moment… LMAO, GG!

  12. 3 Star Perfect Deer

    Whenever I play low tiers I fight these and they completely ruin the game for me because my team have no idea how to track it or pen it. But when I play it, the enemy team are just laser snipers that hit my tracks perfectly with 1 shot as I’m weaving then they all drill my turret. But my team just shoot its well slooped hull.

  13. Derty sacale level 69!!!

  14. WOW i need this Tank tell me were do i get one ….. русский друг… love your videos

  15. This build should work with KV-13 aswell and it comes with IS-armour.

  16. Mario cart game now…no thanks

  17. I hope that God will forgive you.

  18. Hi Dezgames, thank yougood heads up really do i wonder if this tip can be applied for other armored lower tier vehicle like Pudel or so..?

  19. I think kv 220 2 its the dertiest :p

  20. This tank is such a overpowered thing its Not even funny!!!!!!!!!

  21. work it on proggeto 65 vriend ???

  22. So you need a shower, cause you are thirty or thirsty? Where are you from so you can’t pronounce hard “D”?

  23. This is pc right?

  24. I think this tank is the dirtiest seal clubber vehicle in the game so yes dez you have to take a shower 😉

  25. 1700 base xp and 1 class? rly?

  26. Most Op tank in the game. Love it…

  27. Pz IV H is OP also.

  28. The_black_Frank_White

    Wööiillaaaa xD voilà

  29. pls make the tog II great again with more HP and turbo

  30. what about the t10 chinese light tank?
    thats what i am thinking of putting on that when i get to it

  31. elc t50 kv2 for the win

    Pls make some A32 ramming building

  32. gg Dez, funtime for u!

  33. 2 years old on black market yes but not last year 2019, waited every day to buy one still waiting to get one. For my German nerfed line..

  34. I want this Tank too, when come the next chance you think?

  35. No no the pz3/4 is much better in my opinion

  36. This tank is one of the worst tank in WOT Blitz

  37. i don’t think this tank is available and must not have been for a while because i’ve been playing for years and it shows up nowhere

  38. Do Hetzer derp please

  39. Please do one on the VK 28.01

  40. Charlesj HemphillIII

    Put that bad boy in the field.
    The only ones who want it out are unemaginitive sissies.
    Everything has a weakness or a vulnerable place.
    It just takes tactics.

  41. cancer build =))

  42. kamfpanzer 50t , just played a game earlier today , and rammed a amx 13 90 for 1200 damage on steppes

  43. I was wondering what to do with mine under equipment 2.0!! I hadn’t quite decided how I wanted to do this build again. I had set it up under Equipment 1.x as a Rampanzer and it was glorious. It also could bounce a lot of shots if angled right against other tier 5 tanks. And it has the same crew as my E-50 so those guys get trained up using it. The players at that level have not yet figured out where to shoot, and others just load up skill to pen.

    Dirtiest build for its tier? Perhaps if you are in a tier 5 battle it is. Tier 6 battle probably not the dirtiest build.

  44. My favorite tank!


    This is why i dont play World of tanks anymore, Pay to win, or spend half of your life to get a Teir V to batter noobs with your 1 million silver set up

  46. I don’t understand why you do theses videos and use tanks that are not available to the average player. Why not make one with one of the medium tanks that are on the research tree or the premium purchase tree so that if a player wants to do this, they can? It’s like saying…hey everyone…here’s something that 95% of you can’t do…but I’ll tease you with it anyways, just to show off.

  47. Why I see now on battlefield so many Panzers V/IV? Did they released it again? Or what is happening? I have never seen so many Panzers..

  48. i want that tank so bad!!!

  49. can you do full upgraded b-c 12t AP?

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