The Best Scout in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T-100 LT. Today I’m playing what in my opinion the best scout in World of Tanks the T-100 LT!

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  1. T-100 Tier 10 light tank 390m base view range. 105 LeFH B2 tier 5 SPG 370 base view range. (mine’s at 490 with binos) LOL

  2. If you mean the T-50-2 that is a rare tank on console, which is actually rare. It is not generally held in high regard by console players who complain about it’s low dpm, and poor track traverse. If it isn’t OP most console players ignore it, but then complain about the tank being OP. I have it, on my console account, and don’t see what the problems are for them. But console still has light tank +3 MM, which is why I enjoy playing my Type 62 on PC more.

  3. I’ve been out spotted by t-62s. Probably cause my crew is green. Annoying though

  4. At least i’ts not a tier 8 premium……..

  5. T-50-2 is still on console love playing it, you ever play on console??

  6. QB: Yeah, it has .46 accuracy…

    but QB, it’s *RUSSIAN* accuracy, the bigger the number, the more accurate it is.

  7. Russians get the best Heavies, the best Mediums, the best TDs, and the best artillery. SO it surprises no one that they get the best light too.

  8. you finally got to that? Late

  9. Russian .46 accuracy means +46

  10. 5:40 why dont you finally get that they nerfed the dispersion….its now a lot worse than in the fv215b and even worse than on a lot oft medium tanks

  11. Are you gonna shoot anyone already?

  12. Damn I thought by the title that this was B-C 25 t video

  13. Quickybaby plz make a review on the latest patch

  14. T50-2 is currently a premium tank on the PS4

  15. T-50-2 is on console m8

  16. after the update rhm pzw will be the best scout

  17. გიო ღლონტი

    this tank doesnot have best traverse t21 has +13degree

  18. 1stTime (Yes I'm Global)

    Getting ace tanker before using it to farm wn8, eh?

  19. Prokhorovka & Fairy Silent are unfair for the south side. The south team get less possible area to operate their plan.

    Mines is another one unfair map for south side.

  20. Bat Chat !!!


    The first map is so stupid, is all about vision

  22. Play4Stats…..

  23. Russian OP Tank. Strong Armour, strong PW.

    Totally unfair.

    German tanks are so underrated now, an E50 M vs Object 140 would lose any time.
    Not even talking about E100

  24. The tier 10 lights are just so disappointing

  25. i dont have the t- 100 but have the 132-1 from what i saw in ure video i think i prefer still the 132-1 t-100 look good but i think 132-1 is more fun

  26. The best scout in wot is LTTB

  27. Lets count how many times QuickyBaby says ‘Ludacris’ this game!

  28. Luckily the t-100lt have bad gun accuracy,damage and penetration or else it will be too op

  29. Thank God, WG will buff it!

  30. The only tier 10 light I own is the Sheridan and I really enjoy playing it. Awesome mobility and 420m base viewrange. I also take optics with it to bump it up to 480m viewrange ( not even with cola or the best crew). I prefer playing my lights over my mediums. Not because they are the underdog, but because of the fun you can have playing them. They also really rock in late game situations and open maps

  31. QuickyBaby .. Do New Video on ultimate KV-2 ..Please..

  32. The T-50-2 was my favorite tank back in the day❤️❤️❤️

  33. Oh, he didnt get ace Tanker in First Game

  34. Surprised you haven’t got cancer from this game yet QB

  35. show some city map with ur scout kvaki bejbi?is it good then?

  36. The T 50-2 is on console as a premium. I don’t know how it compares with how it was on pc, but it’s a decent little tank. Plays up to tier IX. Lightning quick but bleeds a lot of speed on the turn making clutch braking and off road driving essential. 85 average damage is pretty grim but god’s own rate of fire. Pen is about what you’d expect relative to damage even firing prem. 390m view range. Camo rating is (I think) mid 30s. It’s one of those tanks you play because it has character.

    Us console scrubs never had it in the tech tree as our version began with what you guys remember as the 8.6 build. We had the old Chaffee but never the T 50-2 until WGCB decided to sell it. God I miss that Chaffee. Putting that thing in tier X games was brutally unfair… To the tier X’s.

  37. *stands back* Not ludacris speed! *Dark helmet replies* YES! that’s it engage Ludacris speed!!

  38. The ap rounds have maybe just 18mm more but they also angle in for 5° and not for 2°

  39. High speed + good turret armor + accurate cannon = clear balance

  40. how is it compared to RHM spahpanzer tier 10 german LT? in Clan Wars open map purposes.

  41. I mean its not… The Rhm. Pzw. has better base mobility and view range than the T-100 LT which would in fact make it a far better tank for the role of scout where these two characteristics are of paramount importance. I think the only advantages the T-100 LT has over the Rhm. Pzw. from a scouting perspective is its ability to get up to top speed faster and also the slightly better base concealment… But the Rhm. Pzw. has a higher top speed.

  42. thank god its not a tier 8 premium

  43. look, there’s a carpet , just ignore it

  44. Sebastian Florentin Dudău

    This tank is bullshit i don’t like it.

  45. wut? the traverse on this tank is bad! where did you get your stats mate?

  46. Ah nothing more satisfying than watching clickers get rekt

  47. Why, oh why do you ALWAYS say RheinmAtell instead of RheinmEtall? You, sir, hurt my ears with that for more than 3 years and today is the day I’m saying it

  48. Tier 10 ELC AMX

  49. This is one of the few tanks remaining in the game i would like to own. But thanks to WGs terrible moves lately, OP Premium tanks, and so many other premiums, Russian T10 medium spam etc i can no longer play the game.
    Uninstalled 1 1/2 months ago and dont know if i will return, uninstalled World of Warships too.
    Hopefully Quickybaby will consider the state of the game before he get completely turned off to the game, Im not watching as much since I uninstalled but would definatly watch him play other stuff, and his Tank videos are good so im here now and again.

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