The BEST Sniper in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – 103B. Today SlashCrasher is going to show us why the Strv 103B is the best sniper yet in World of Tanks.

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  1. What happend to the tank better series?

  2. Playing known total OP tanks – check!
    Spamming gold-ammo – check!
    Having a good MM with terrible stupid enemies – check!

    Hard to take any “skill” videos serious in this pay2win game. Even
    (Fake-)RNG is just another tool of WG to feed payers with non-paying

  3. Whats with the whole camera zoom in and out constantly as hes driving? Just
    like one scroll in, one scroll out, back and forth.. Is it a replay bug, or
    quickybaby, or the tanker?

  4. did the 9.17 overmatch changes get implemented

  5. this is now one of my favorite tanks, sadly the alpha dmg was nerfed from
    400 to 390, its accuracy got nerfed frpom 0.2 to 0.23 to 0.25, its rate of
    fire got nerfed and buffed but is still slightly lower then at the very
    beginning but it also got some buffs, including the spaced armor plate on
    the bottem, smaller ammorack hitzone, better vision and faster siege mode

    i always loved my leopard for its accuracy, accuracy is what i care about
    the most in wot, this being the most accurate with a fast firing gun like
    the leopard, i just love it. i can now buy the tier 6 TD with free exp and
    maybe even the tier 7 but ill try not to use any free exp whatsoever. im
    really enjoying this line :)

  6. Cubical_ Illustrator

    taking all the angling off the armor, it would be basically an archer at
    tier 10 with faster forward speed, unless im mistaken

  7. Svedish tanks are totally TROLLS and OVERPOWERED. The reason is that
    Wargamin wants people to BUY. All WG is doing is to EARN MONEY.

  8. Lol! Everytime QB says “slaschrasher”, all I can hear inside my head is
    “buttscratcha” (with Peter Griffin’s voice)

  9. I see a nerf in this TD’s near future…

  10. hey man love your new before it was Nerfed videos you should do one about
    the vk 30 h before wargaming slapped it to death with the Nerf stick

  11. UDES could really use that 10km/h in siege mode…


  13. wow…just wow

  14. there are some huge problems with this swed tds controls are horrible and
    you can use this tank only on 3 map rest of them are city maps

  15. I love the flexing potential that the tier V lkv103 affords, I aced it on
    my 8th game, can’t wait to get to the higher tiers
    Frag_Tard NA

  16. why do u post vid of people using auto aim cheat mods u think someone can
    snap shot with that td and 1 secs from that range

  17. He got very low exp even though he scored more than 10k damage.

  18. I wonder what the fastest reversing tanks in WoT are. Probably just the
    Swedish tanks really. Interestingly enough, the lumbering Tiger (P) would
    be up there with a 35 kmph reverse speed if WG had bothered to model it

  19. Op as Fuuuuuck, tu WG for another OP piece of shit

  20. Kv-2 is stronk tonk no need to aim Stalin aims for you

  21. it is good. I am grinding, currently at tier 6

  22. HawkStable (xtremedoge)

    TaateliPuu! that’s Finnish :3

  23. Interesting channel

    Subscribe to me channel

  24. haha 667 comment

  25. why there is maintenance on website???

  26. is the advent callendar still going?

  27. replay on a good map i wish to see the same big game on city map :)

  28. taatelipuu = date tree

  29. lol finnish names seem so hard when its easy for me

  30. Darko Stojkovic Stojkovic


  31. Too bad that case mate tank destroyers are so, so hopelessly outdated in
    today’s WOT meta.Especially the zero armor ones.Yes you can do well in a
    very restricted number of maps and situations, other than that, not so

  32. basically two strv 103:S cant kill each other frontally

  33. kv2 is best sniped once i hitted 6 shots in row and 2 oneshots distanse was
    500m lol

  34. I was supposed to be playing world of tanks but this one guy keeps kicking
    my ass

  35. Taatelipuu……..there’s some finnish for you meaning date tree :D

  36. That was a great battle! Has to be one of my top favorites anyone has

  37. I noticed on the test server that if your engine is damage sieg/travle mode
    takes more time to activate

  38. For me strv103b if peace of crap. I dont like TDs and especially this
    camper made ones. I will never play this boring tank. My oppinion.

  39. This TD looks so great!

  40. 28k games, 660 WN8. Seriously everone with WN8 below 700 should get an
    instant ban after 5-10k games.

  41. taatelipuu xd the way u pronounce it is funny

  42. I’m so sad i can’t really play the new tanks as the sea server connection
    is broke atm so i cant play under 200 ping

  43. QB want to say something about WG what was it what? And why he had 5 HE it
    is stupid with low caliber gun…

  44. “The most accurate tank in the game” uhh… quickybaby everyone knows that
    the KV2 with the 152mm gun is the most accurate tank in the game cuz of the
    russian bias and the stalin guided shells

  45. In the test server i found that shooting HE at the top of the tank near the
    commanders hatch was very effective

  46. PLS make a video from t95e2 because lot of people dosent know how to get
    itt! When im in my t95e2 people ask’s me how i got this tank? Do you have
    it? :)


  48. Ahh, one gotta love WG Logic. Removing the E-25 from the shop for being a
    super fast, super accurate, super stealthy, low alphadmg borderline op tank
    and then introducing the strv 103b, a super fast, super stealthy, super
    accurate, high rof, low alphadmg tank. Either they just dont think about
    balance in their desings or they just dont give a damn. Seeing this really
    kills WOT for me.

  49. Lakupiippu!

  50. Is the Type 59 worth it?

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