The BEST T10 Light in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I'm showing you why, in my opinion, is the best in the game!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. best time to watch this, 1:40 a.m.

  2. What a stupid replay,Maus even play.

  3. Reclassify the Leo1 as a light tank.

  4. Bc25t need more shells

  5. Could you do a video on the person? I’ve just gotten it and would like some tips

  6. I did 11500 spot and assist with my kranvagn

  7. Well played

  8. Yesterday I have got battle with 7k dmg I am lucker I have got when battle end 10shells And 3k spot

  9. GG ???????

  10. Actually, quickybaby, BC 25t is a medium tank, not a light tank.
    I hope you will do some research next time.

    If you didn’t understand, THIS WAS A JOKE!!!

  11. hello quickybaky with quickybaby tshirt on,making a quickybabyvideo for the quickybaby fans.

  12. Would agree. Because light tanks are pretty mutch useless on over the half of the shitty mappool theese days.

  13. Thanks for the continuous uploading QB, i love watching your videos

  14. Awful team.

  15. 5:03 next time you pray to RNGesus

  16. In Wot Blitz BC-25t is a LT 🙂

  17. History Gaming Verified

    “I am gonna work this bush!”

    Never, ever say that while going down on a girl…

  18. Aufn EU Server ist der BC25T kein Light

  19. oH Is IT ?!

  20. THE best light tank t10 is THE


  21. When you are keeping the eastern front by yourself easily….and when you are leaving it,to flank, it felts in seconds!!! That’s my life in wot by 50%

  22. You forgot the obj 268_FU

  23. Just quitted WoT not long ago
    The Frustration is just to much

  24. im gonna work this bush…… and thats what she said XD

  25. Quickybaby is on fire today with the daily content!

  26. Aleksandar Novakovic

    WoT is dead !!!!

  27. I would chose Obj. 140 or this beast.

  28. I ride and die in my IS 3

  29. Pay no attention to the others, they lie, I am THE REAL first comment.

  30. Well its actually a medium tank

  31. The light tanks except the 100lt and maybe the 13 105, they all need buffs, specifically more view range so we don’t have to carry optic…
    There are so many things that can be done for light tanks to make them useful against this heavy armor meta but they’re too afraid to buff them to the point where they become OP cuz of the camo mechanic.
    I hope one day i’ll be able to play on my 5 skill crew Wz132-1 and not get outspotted by tier 9 meds because I decided to put a spall ligner instead of optic… This shitty view range on all the light tanks just removes gameplay variety, i wanna go ram light tanks to death with my non-autoloader shitty camo light tank, why can’t i do that?

  32. The b c 25 t ofcoarse because if it is a maus you get its side and run rings around it

  33. Play WT please

  34. you are right QB i sold all my T 10 lights coz they are underwhelming and useless

  35. Quick, can you test something…I think the Cannon Lock-on, is abit changed..seems abit harder to click on..

  36. IΩI ogoguel / IS_33 IΩI

    Elc even 90, best tier VIII Heavy Tank

  37. i think i feel pretty confident in Progetto 45

  38. Look, QB has fewer normal rounds than gold rounds. What a noob. [/sarcasm]

  39. Best all around tank? VK 1602 Leopard. I’d choose it over KV-1, ELC AMX, T67 and Lefh all day.

  40. they need to buff the bat chat :)) a few more shells would do… any given time 😀

  41. Lt 100 soviet can you do review

  42. Hey QB, i recently got the e75, maybe a idea to get a vid about that? Really don’t know how to play it

  43. SHOCK A 3-5-7 MATCH :O :O :O

  44. I would use the TVP T50/51 for a 1v1

  45. Nathan Kobe Torreda

    I remembered when this tank was our LT during Clan Wars.

  46. you would think the BC and AMX would have gun stabilizer…considering the dates they were made..

  47. The saddest thing in wot, when u drive a maus and every retarded player using gold against you. Its a shame. I report every enemy who using gold, cauz the gold is a weapon of noobs. Dont be retard. Use your brain instead of gold. Thank you.

  48. Now having 1 ring on my BC… Then my pc decides to crash… Haven’t fixed until today

  49. Honestly for pure spotting it’s better to just play a light not the bat, lights keep their camo on the move and can get closer than the bat which makes them better for it.

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