The BEST T10 Medium Tank in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of buffed the Japanese medium tank, the STB-1, to a point where it’s possibly the best medium in the game! Here’s my take.


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  1. *laughs in russian medium Tank*

    *Especially laughs in ‘nerfed’ 430U*

  2. I don’t know about u but I get penetrated in the turret with the STB-1 by standard shells all the time

  3. You should not release such videos. Every tank you praise get nerfed. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. You do know why, QB. It’s because everyone here’s a massive weeb.

  5. We don’t talk about the stb 1 cos we like it doing well and don’t want it nerfed

  6. I have been playing wot blitz for 4 years, and now I’m looking at changing to wot pc. However, I’m finding it difficult to understand the mechanics of the game. So I’m wondering if you have, or if you maybe can make a video explaining some of the basics?

  7. Just nerf the alpha damage of premium rounds!

  8. yes there is something the tank can’t do is carry nub teams

  9. The Maus XD

  10. Cotne KavtaradzeTv

    i personally love Centurion Action X and Leopard in tier 10 Mediums.

  11. Well now that you’ve just said that WG is going to nerf it cause that is what they do!!!!……

  12. Lol i got permabanned because i wrote outplayed with another 50 people and QB wasnt even angry he explained what happened ect. We have some really stupid mods in twitch

  13. Ranked is good? Where? There is still no skill based MM at all.

  14. József Nyisztor

    I really like the STB-1 and I don’t think this is a broken tank or op. I would say that the Obj. 430Us are more annoying with their good gun, good armour, good mobility stats than the STB. It is a decent tank now and every other forgotten meds have to be improved, like Cent. AX, E-50M, ect. It gives a fresh feeling to the game every time I play it because there is a decent tank in the game apart from russians and some other tanks.(like the swedish tech tree tanks which are the best one)
    The STB is good but not broken, there was not STB which ruined any game for me.

  15. Julian Thrussell

    More videos about T10 tanks, wow thanks. Just what we did not need.

  16. Owning all 3 tanks (stb-1, progetto 65 and obj. 430) and being a decent player, I gotta say my ranking would be: obj 430u >= stb1 >>> progetto 65.
    The thing is, in my obj. I don’t have to try hard, 4-5k combined and 1.5k blocked is the usual when you just drive into the face of the enemie.
    In the stb1 you have to think about every step and mistakes get punished super hard but if you play it right it’s an insane tank.
    In the progetto… Well… Most of the time, games are so fast that the dpm of this tank really holds it back so much… You need way more luck that rounds aren’t done as quickly to have great rounds yourself

  17. oh arta loves stb in ranks 400+ dmg every shot

  18. Géza Radimeczky

    In my opinion the STB1 is not going to have the same kind of winrate if it will become a more popular meta tank. People will quickly learn its obvious weaknesses and take advantage of them unlike in the case of 430U.

  19. Talking about good turret armor, i got penned by a tvp, a leo 1 and a progetto multiple times straight to the turret and turret mantlet while they were firing standard ammo

  20. Where is 257 review???

  21. But doesn’t the STB-1 line suck alot

  22. QB have u ever thought to play some Starcraft 2?

  23. QB is absolutely right. Old stb was really meh but the buffed one is really godlike specially when its fighting in ridgelines. If you want to increase your wn8 you gotta have this tank.

  24. You can drive up to 30Kmh with hydro suspension active

  25. Im looking for friend in WOT pls Someone im tier 4 i need help xd. My name is Selmiric5

  26. I just grinded for the stb-1 and put all my bonds in it and my santa crew and its amazing. So QuikyBaby stfu because i dont want this tank nerfed😭

  27. Just nerf the gun hydro gundepression on it ffs, then its fine.

  28. Quickybaby I want to get into clan wars and get reward tanks.. but I feel its so hard to get into a clan as well as have time to compete. Can you speak to this or show us how?

  29. nice it just hit 69k likes

  30. Unfollow

  31. Thanks QB nerf incoming for STB-1 😎

  32. have been watching ur stream after long time and you still always blame other players. nothing has changed.

  33. I love my Stb1 even with my piss colour wn8

  34. Another bragging video!

  35. Surprised you forgot to mention the fact that they changed the alfa and reload. That to me is a big reason why it’s performing better. Sure you now do less damage per shot but it’s so much easier to get 2 shots in when trading with the other mediums.

  36. kelan tuet iski tilille

    also stb cant ram well

  37. no progetto 65? Why you miss me? just so suffer…

  38. I still love my UDES, and as far as I know the two tanks perform similarly. I’ll probably still play my 430U after the nerf, too… I got it because I got the christmas skin which I think makes it the nicest looking tank in the game…

  39. Next is WG is going to nerf STB-1 DPM and also the reverse speed. Progetto 65 an okay tank that got nerfed instead of the broken EBR 105. WG should remove the wheel armor on EBR and everytime that EBR gets hit on the wheels it should slow down to 50 + it should be a damaging shot. It’s clear that they’re milking the game now unlike before they’re thinking if a certain tank is going to destroy the game (*ehem* WT Auf E100). I’m so mad that Progetto 65 is getting nerfed just because GOOD players are playing it properly.


    Welcome to Ja*.com-buzz buzz buzz
    [ this user has been banned]

  41. We all know it’s the Obj. 430U, but for standard medium tanks, this is a good choice.

  42. oh yeah I am definitely grinding towards it, actually I started a couple weeks ago… am currently almost at Type 61, I remember I stopped grinding this line cos the Chi-Ri started to bore me 😀

  43. Buff m48 and m60 plz wargaming

  44. Stats don’t mean much when only the most dedicated and experienced players play these not so popular tanks, thus the high win rate. Same thing with the tier X British lights with high win rate and not many people playing them. Obj 430U kills this one in 8/10 situations. Seems Quicky just wants a slightly clickbaity video.

  45. “stb1 best tier 10 medium” , *progetto 65 joins the chat*, *progetto gets nerfed*, fuck it stb1 best now

  46. This is my fav med tank, I always do well in it more than other tanks, most recently the Swedish Med as well, as it feels similar to me.

  47. Best tier 10, muppet talking rubbish again, I’m english and I am so ashamed of this nurd being a countryman of mine,

  48. Check that math on the end plate QB… somethin is VERY fishy!!!

  49. They need to get rid of the overmatch mechanics and replace it with something more realistic

  50. How is doing IS-7 these days?

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