The BEST T8 Premium in World of Tanks?

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World of Tanks – Progetto 46. Since was the Progetto 46 has been my go to tank for fast credits – here’s why!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download.


  1. Now i want progetto 46 but i play for free 🙁

  2. I would ban premium tanks from Frontline mode. Make it more enjoyable and not pay to win. Btw, I have like 40 premium Tier VIII tanks, so I’m fine either way, but prefer “fair play” just like they did with Ranked.

  3. why would u call that soviet lt an idiot?
    when u could move for literally 1 sec for him to shot the tank you tracked while you are reloading your clip? maybe he would of kept a tank tracked for you…

  4. yes
    this tonk is the best

  5. You should make a discord server.

  6. I am a fan since the beginning of time from the asia server.

  7. They should Nerf Prem tanks. Dgaf to those players who played that tank will get angry and want a refund because they’re not there for the game. They’re there for toxicity

  8. Remember when Skill just posted a video about the progetto 46 ? what a coincidence !

  9. This video is stupid, we all know KV-2 is the best tier 8. 😂

  10. dez and skill are unbearable to listen to, they’re so slimey its like pouring slurry in your ears… so of course the countries with *some* degree of decorum are going to prefer quickybaby over them lol

  11. Allways these references for the “pay to win”. Yes you can pay to win silver , but you don’t have to actually pay real money to gain that silver. Of course you pay with time for that, but it will also give you experience.

  12. it is truly the most broken tank in the entire game at the moment since anyone can buy one and it is so easy to play

  13. For myself it is progetto plus bourrasque. Different to handle but both with highest impact.

  14. My progetto doesn’t carry any gold ammo.

  15. One day I shall be luck to play against you

  16. I really enjoy playing the CS-52 Lis, fits my play style thoroughly and have the best performance out of it than any other tank.

  17. the Italian line got a nerf? no wonder, since I am doing this line, once again I will not play the tank I liked what it does during the battle only its poor version. ehhh … WG

  18. Марио Петров

    “The best Tier VIII tank” should be deleted from the game …. there should not be such op tank in the game

  19. Dnt agree. The scorpion is the best tier 8 premium

  20. Ever seen Clan wars in tier 8? Its only premium tanks…

  21. The only money i’ve spent on wot: 4€ for the progetto (90% discount), real stonks

  22. I guess similar video for EBR 75 is coming

  23. Why you copying skills vids brah? Nah jokes love it.

  24. Make more QB Funny Moments cause its good and funny

  25. this tank have the thing most tanks dont with exception of russian tier X mediums and that is flexibility for every situation you can be so good in 90% of encounters where heavy or something different is on 50 % that is what this tank make good but problem is most of the players that play this are wallet warriors which buy this and dont have more then 1k games and dont know how to play it

  26. I was in platoon with two members of my clan this weekend, I was playing the Panthera top tier and we have been destroyed (4-15 or something like that) in 5 min by a platoon of 2 Progetto and 1 Bourrasque, they were full gold obviously… That sums up all the wrong things in this game today : unbalanced MM (this Sunday was incredibly awful), faster games, OP premium tanks never nerfed, gold spam… If i could go back in 2013, I would do it for sure even if it means becoming a total noob again and having to learn all the mechanics.

  27. come on … you have PH fan base also !!! booooooooooooooooooooooooo

  28. In blitz too

  29. Just imagine wargaming releasing tier 8 premium arty with auto reload mechanism lol
    2020 black market 100K gold

  30. Agree the progetto has to be one of the best if not the best

  31. I play on NA, and I feel like if I’m not in a decent tank. I can be the “general” and command people to victory with strategy!

  32. i can already see it coming they are going to buff the defender and 703 2

  33. Pay to win? some players can’t win even they’re pay to win.

  34. Stephan Chrissostomidis

    My Most Hated Tank in World of Tanks. Every time i engage such tanks or meet them with other tanks i focus them so hard and try to harm much as possible, because they are so overpowered. Yelling every time or just being happy taking out this tank.

  35. Thanks for the honest review and keep speaking up.
    Unless we combat this pay2win tendency, there’s no future for WoT…

  36. It is not only the best preium Tank, it’s also the strongest tier8.
    I like to play the Lor40T and tadaaa the T34-3 .

  37. Fake tanks and OP premiums is why I stopped playing this game half a decade ago

  38. Khang Nguyen Duong Bao

    Pls showcase the premium tanks that are not that good, we need to see their gameplay too

  39. We need more maps on console…
    I just got this tank last week.

  40. i sold my p44 after the nerfs and buffs to the prem. before 1 now 1 proj 46
    2 proj 46 2
    3 p44 3
    4 4 p44
    ( yes i know, those are nice looking graphs)

    • also my friend that bought the 46 asked me why i sold my p44 , of course i told him because of the nerfs and buffs, then he said “bUt ThE P44 hAs GoOd aRmOr”… he never played the p44

  41. If only people could get this tank. Still doesn’t make up for how OP it is

  42. If WG was interested in a balanced game, they would create a matchmaker where noobs do not encounter unicums (as the extreme case), let alone those two where the noob drives a tank two tiers below the unicum. It is just ridiculous beyond measure.

  43. A tank so popular and OP that WG has never released it in the premium shop since it’s mission marathon, unlike other tanks like the Bourasque, Renegade, etc.

  44. World of proggetto 46

  45. NA server likes the water, particularly arty

  46. “Premium vehicle” sorry but thats where i left since I’ll never give Wargaming any Money for their Game

  47. how can i buy this tank?

  48. Of course you have more viewers from NA. Most idiots from CZ/SK/PL have no idea how to speak english. They also have no idea how to play this game, but that’s another story.

  49. This is not the greatest tank in the world, no.
    This is just a premium 😉

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