THE BEST TANK in World of Tanks?!?

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The has the best win ratio of ANY tank in World of Tanks and today AreUReady is going to show you why!



  1. Is this map still in the random battle que? I haven’t gotten it in forever

  2. Tbh that E75 was as good as a bot

  3. No turrets not flexible not reliable armor when i see tortoise its like a maus some juicy free farm for me please do more vidéo like these so i can farm thanks

  4. Love the trail of death gg Ru ready

  5. You should make a video on the Tiger II, id like to hear what you think about it right now and how could it reach its full potential

  6. The problem with the Tortoise is that they took a quiete well balanced tank and made is super OP for no reason at all, while the Jagdtiger, a TD that actually needs some buff is left to be basically the most useless tier IX TD for years

  7. I recently quit my 5years of blitz Beacuse people have gotten so evil can’t get a single game without people cursing at others and me. And iam an acceptonal player 5 star

  8. So much for Russian bias lol, best medium is German, best heavy is American, best TD is British.

  9. This guy is a gamer.

  10. that tank is practically broken, unless you have god like pen it’s front is un penetrable. It’s stupid

  11. I have been playing the Tortoise for the last week or so I can say I like the Badger better the Coplia on the top right of this tank sucks also the little gun on the left side of the gun can be penned easily also the Badger doesn’t have that problem. I do like the Tortoise over the T-8, AT-15 by miles.

  12. I think what’s more shocking than how great this guy played was how bad some of the other team played. For instance, shooting at the front of the tortoise and not going for that huge weak spot on top. Some people get so use to spamming gold that they feel they don’t have to aim well. And when it comes to tanks like this, especially when you are equal or lower tier, that’s just not going to cut it. Also how the enemy team rushed him from the front, through a valley. A little team coordination would have gone a long way and would have most likely secured a victory. Which I think points out another major flaw in some players in this game which is selfishness all for the sake of stats. A lot of people will forsake their team for the sake of stats as opposed to the other way around, which is how one should really play this game, especially if you want to have a decent win rate.

    • Pretty much every Kolobanov’s medal relies on the enemy team not being very skilled or coordinated. If it’s 1v5 and you’re going up against 5 dudes who are working together, you will die 100% of the time. That’s just how it is.

    • @John Eden I can vouch for that, both of my Kolobanovs medals came from poor enemy team coordination. The fist one came on Mountain pass where the enemy team wiped out my team on both flanks and i was at my base defending, i decided to drive across the bridge in the middle in a last ditch effort to cap, well i made it on cap and that must have triggered the enemy to turn around instead of push to my base and counter cap which would have won them the game. They spotted me with a couple seconds left on the clock but i dipped behind a ridge to finish off the cap and won the game. My second one came in an assault scenario and i was defending, long story short, time ran out and i had like 500 hp left and was surrounded buy multiple enemy players. I can only image how ticked off those players where. I imagine it was about as equal to how happy i was for such a win.

  13. There is no downside to using full premium ACPR vs AP if credits are not an issue.

  14. that E75 paid actor in the end was great
    Jesus how did he missed every periscope shot

  15. Gotta love how the Tortoise gets spotted after he shot and didn’t even worry about pulling back.

  16. AT15 is crap, so frustrating grinding that to get to the Tort. I prefer the T95 over the Tort, the weak points are smaller and the alpha is better. Just depends what style you like really.

  17. I loved it

  18. whats a reroll arty?

  19. Nice Ammo loadout

  20. About to get my 2nd mark. It’s so fun with a 5.05 reload

  21. omg i cant believe he loaded only gold, i cant believe he gave himself every advantage he could get in a game that is dominated by random number generation.

  22. Wow fired all gold no normal ap.

  23. If you pay to win and credits are not a problem, why not take only gold apcr. Its just a better standard shell. No reason to nerf yourself by using standard ap.

  24. He said he have not seen this replay.. 2mins later said we will see how tortoise will lock track of a tank..
    Bizarre 😉

  25. Yesterdays Wanted Man

    That’s what happens when you have a purple player against red and orange players , no the games not broken , not at all

  26. DISLIKE: due to the GOLD SPAM. That right there makes this game null and void and does not deserve to be highlighted. You claim to keep the GOLD round name because of the disgust it is, but now glorify a replay that uses nothing but it. Players who just load skill instead of playing with skill don’t deserve recognition.

  27. I hope WOT change the Crew like you can put them back to a lower tier tank without losing their experience and train them again, it’s so pointless because they’ve been used on that previous tank so basically they should remember how to operate that tank again, it’s just a waste of credits waste of time.

  28. Full gold = dislike 👎

  29. That all-gold loadout makes me nauseous

  30. I’ve been getting games with 5-6k dmg blocked but with little to no dmg delt

  31. All gold no skill. Doesn’t count.

  32. I wish i had these idiot enemies when i played slow tanks.

  33. Both cap, or 1 hide and cap and 2nd one shooting our Bigboi here in the side while going back to try defend / reset cap. Enemy team chat probably had the usual “no cap reeee”

  34. Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki

    Areyouready….for the gold spam

  35. “Irrelevant to the full gold loadout” … Seriously ?

  36. How can you get that 2D skin?

  37. ill just spam gold on that tank

  38. I disagree when I play against it it’s ez pen and when I play with it everything pen’s me even though I don’t play it wrong

  39. Nerves of steel shown in that last intuition reload.

  40. Not gonna lie, I lost all respect as soon as I saw he is just spamming gold.

  41. I would say the easiest tank to play honestly. Just go to a flank and shoot tracks while hoping the enemies don’t have HEAT.

  42. Great performance!
    But the gold is irrelevant????
    It never is. It totally destroys armour angling knowledge 🙄🙄😒

  43. i think if i survive and played for another 5 year i will spamming gold shell because you know that credit is becoming a mountain if i keep ot

  44. I have zero respect for players who spam gold at tank destroyers. Especially from the start

  45. Dear QB, I have nearly 7k gold left from buying 30 loot boxes which I got the Skoda T56 and nearly 17k in gold. I spent 10k on the Scorpion now have just over 7.5k left. Is today’s offer on the LT-432 for 6100 in gold. A good deal? I probably get it, as it’s the best T8 light to have with ELC second, I feel.

  46. Right now I at AT15. Ohhhhh that DPM. I love tracked enemy and fucked up them

  47. 8:56 QB Is born to make commentary videos. Keep going!

  48. This tank is a tier 9.5

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